India Is The Most Attractive Automobile Industry Marketing Essay

Indian Automotive industry

India is lifting as the most attractive car industry sourcing several car constituents. There has been a important growing in the car industry in the last few old ages. India ranks to be the 4th largest rider vehicle maker in the Asiatic market. The car companies are quickly distributing across the foreign markets every bit good. The best illustration for such participant is the Tata Motors which is spread outing quickly into the foreign markets through partnerships ( Automotive, 2006 ; IBEF, 2006 ; Sankar, 2006 ) .

Tata Motors Limited

Tata Motors is the largest car sector in the Indian market with gross over Rs. 70, 938.85 crores in the twelvemonth 2008-09. This company is the first to be listed in New York stock exchange. Tata Motors uses environmental friendly engineerings in the industry of the both electric and intercrossed vehicles ( Sankar, 2006 ; Mishra, 2010 ) .

Purpose of the survey

It is really indispensable to analyze the perceptual experience of clients towards certain trade name. In this manner, one can pull significant deductions for selling and besides for future researches. There may be several factors that contribute to consumer perceptual experience over a trade name. Thus it is ever required to bring out those penchants for the farther growing of the industry/firm.

In this survey, the client perceptual experience towards the Tata Motors has been studied in specific as it is the taking car company in India. It is a extremely competitory company with both local and planetary markets. Besides the consumers in India are more sophisticated, intelligent and demanding in recent clip. This served to be the intent for this research.

Problem Statement/Objective

The cardinal aim of the survey is to find the client perceptual experiences towards the trade name “ Tata Motors ” in India. Some of the purposes of the undertaking are to find if the company ‘s history and proficient designs have an influence on its clients, to happen the influence of the quality of service offered by the company on its clients and besides to find the impact of the promotional schemes on the perceptual experience of the clients on its trade name.

Research inquiries

RQ1: Would the proficient specifications and the design of the cars impact the perceptual experience of the clients towards the trade name?

RQ2: Does the quality of service offered by Tata Motors have an impact on its client perceptual experiences?

RQ3: Does the promotional schemes offered by the Tata Motors impact its client perceptual experiences?


H1: The proficient specifications and the design have a positive impact on the client perceptual experience towards the trade name.

H2: The quality of service offered by the Tata Motors improves the client perceptual experience towards the trade name.

H3: The promotional schemes offered by the Tata Motors have a positive impact on its client perceptual experiences.

Literature Review

The power of trade names can be determined by the influence of its image and repute on the heads of the clients ( Katsanis, 1994 ) .

Brand Essence

Brand in general is a name, design, term, or a symbol that is used to place the services or merchandises offered by one company or a group of company. It helps to distinguish a company from its assorted rivals ( Wood, 2000 ) . The extra value that is obtained as a consequence of the difference between the merchandise and the trade name is the 1 that is being experienced by the clients who use the branded merchandise. Therefore this value depends on the perceptual experience of the client and varies between each client ( Sherrington, 2003 ) . Thus the trade names are termed as the critical success factor of any company. A company must endeavor difficult to keep a stable relationship between its trade name and client. There is a necessity to do the clients understand that there is a meaningful difference in each trade name of the same merchandise class.

Brand repute

Corporate repute, as defined by Fombrun ( 1996, p. 37 ) , is “ the overall appraisal in which a company is held by its components ” , so it is “ the net affective or emotional reaction -good or bad, weak or strong- of clients, investors, employees, and the general populace to a company ‘s name. ” A positive repute enables in the addition in the fiscal stableness of the company. Reliability by and large refers to the quality of the merchandise that is being offered by the house in conformity with the claims that has been confidently demanded by the clients.

Brand Loyalty

Brand trueness enables in constructing a successful relationship between the trade name and its clients. Harmonizing to Baldauf ( 2003, p. 3 ) trade name trueness can be defined as “ a profoundly held committedness to rebuy or repatronize a preferable merchandise or service systematically in the hereafter. ” The client based trade name equity theoretical account illustrates those stairss that are required for the edifice a strong trueness. It includes three stairss such as the trade name saliency, public presentation and imagination ( Keller, 2003 ) . The pyramid besides contains the trade name opinions and trade name feelings that brings out the perceptual experiences of the clients towards a trade name. Credibility by and large deals with the functional expertness of the company and besides trust offered by its trade name ( Reast, 2005 ) .

Consumer perceptual experiences of trade name

Harmonizing to Randall ( 2000 ) , it is seen that there are several troubles observed in finding the purchasing determinations of the clients as there are different unknown variables involved in the consumers ‘ head and the purchasing forms that are developed in an person can non be changed. As per the 80/20 regulation, 80 % of gross revenues are obtained from 20 % of clients ( Greenberg, 2001 ) . The consumer ‘s perceptual experience on a trade name by and large shows the attitude towards a peculiar merchandise and besides the involvement in buying that trade name ( James, 2005 ) . It is common to cognize that the sensed quality and the perceived value are positively related and this sensed quality is the lone ground for a client to choose for a merchandise. Therefore sometimes the clients are besides willing to pay a monetary value premium ( Monroe & A ; Krishnan, 1985 ) .

Brand portfolios

For a successful portfolio direction, each trade name must be managed individually for its distinguishable individuality care so as to pull off the trade names thereby avoiding any issues in the company ‘s image. Harmonizing to DelVecchio ( 2000 ) , the two chief features that are necessary for the trade name portfolios include the entire figure of merchandises and the discrepancy in their quality.

Research Methodology

Beginnings of Datas

Primary Beginnings: Interview and Survey from persons ( Sekaran, 2003 ) .

Secondary Beginnings: Information refering to company, latest diaries and academic documents, online dependable resources that would supply the latest development in the field ( Sekaran, 2003 ) .

Research Design

The research begins with a Quantitative survey where the mark population is surveyed given a questionnaire ( Saunders, Lewis & A ; Thornhill, 2000 ) . The respondents are those people who have knowledge about the car industry. This method enables in obtaining standardized informations that are analyzed utilizing diagrams and statistics ( Saunders.etal, 2000 ) . This is followed by the Qualitative attack where few people are interviewed ( Bryman & A ; Bell, 2003 ) . This helps in the proviso of a holistic position about the survey. Thus an in-depth cognition about the survey is obtained which supports in the apprehension of the findings obtained through quantitative research.

The research begins with the quantitative research that is started by October or November of this twelvemonth which is accompanied by the qualitative method. Although there are assorted methods to roll up the study responses, the mail study and the personally-administered study are the recommended 1 for the research as they are the most convenient and the effectual methods. Inspite of being clip consuming, these methods are widely accepted as it enables in obtaining the instantaneous responses. Similarly a face-to-face interview is recommended for the qualitative attack as it provides accurate consequence due to the resonance between the interviewer and the interviewee.

In instance of the quantitative survey, the study is conducted on 100 people between the age group of 25 – 60 as they have the sufficient cognition about the survey. The clients who are interested in the car merchandises are given precedence. Hence the Random Probability trying method is preferred. This method is preferred as there it is indifferent and every person in the population has equal opportunity to be included in the sample.

For the qualitative attack, the Snow-ball sampling method is chosen. This is a method where an initial set of persons who meet the specific set of standards is selected. Then based on the referrals given by the initial set of people, more respondents for the interview are chosen. It is a suited method as it involves in turn uping the coveted population with decreased cost ( Saunder.etal, 2007 ; Trochim, 2006 ) .

Datas Analysis

For the quantitative survey, Bivariate analysis is chosen as the relationship between the client perceptual experiences and the proficient specification, quality of service and the promotional schemes are studied in H1, H2 and H3 severally. The consequences are tested in SPSS package to acquire the quantitative consequences.

Upon questioning the mark population, sum-ups and descriptions are provided. This could be the best manner to acquire the appropriate consequences. Once a response is obtained, it is required to look into for its cogency among the different response groups to see if there is consensus in the consequences. Summarizing helps us to look into the cogency of the response. Finally a descriptive study is written for a good apprehension on the influence of the operational efficiency on the buy backing determination of the clients. The descriptions are analysed exhaustively for its dependability and eventually the decisions are obtained.

Significance of the research job

This undertaking will enable in the development of a rich bond between the company and its loyal clients. It will assist to analyze the assorted mark sections and their influence on the company ‘s trade name.

Potential application of the findings

Some of the possible application of the findings includes: The research would assist the company in choosing the appropriate publicity schemes that would better its growing farther ; it would assist the company ‘s direction to work on its service better to pull more clients and serve as a guideline for the proficient expertness to come out with advanced designs in close hereafter so as to do the trade name more attractive.

Anticipated deductions of the research

This research would enable the house to derive more interest holders and besides better the resonance between the major and the minor interest holders. One can besides make a comparative survey of the assorted car companies and happen out advanced engineerings for the growing of the administration.

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Research Proposal


Introduction & A ; Literature Review


Research Methodology


Data Collection


Datas Analysis


Recommendations and Decision


Concluding Submission