Implications of Maori Social and Cultural Values on their Healthcare

Undertaking 1.1

  • Feeling INADEQUATE:

This means the client is non really confident about his/her wellness. Some of the client could non experience them physical tantrum which may do them experiencing lonely and unequal. This can besides do many effects on them: they will pass on less, they will take less portion in day-to-day activities, client may besides be sad or concern, they may eat less and they will non portion their feeling with others, which may can impact the clients wellness.

  • Shame:

Client may experience shame when a male physician gives a female organic structure cheque. The client may experience like person is non esteeming him/her. The client may non collaborate good with the physician in this type of state of affairs. So doctor or RN should explicate them clearly everything what they are traveling to make with them.


When a client bash non make task good or if they can non make their undertaking in proper manner, they may experience self degradation. Some client wants to walk, eat by their ain but that is really hard for them do that because they are ever dependent on others. They do non desire anyone aid and they think they can make their work themselves.


This means fail to understand person and acquire the information incorrect manner. Sometimes we communicate with client rapidly they can non understood us decently. For illustration: When a physician explain rapidly why they want to eat that sometimes they can non retrieve that, so they became misunderstood.

Undertaking 1.2

  1. One to one audience with a wellness worker:

There are some things which are secret to person, so it is one to one audience. Such diseases like: HIV, malignant neoplastic disease, encephalon tumour, the client thinks that this type of diseases are shame to state everyone. They might believe that when they talk about that disease to their wellness worker, they might give them negative image of that, they might be small spot concern of sharing this diseases to them. They try their best to conceal disease until it became so serious. This makes that disease excessively late to handle. So the heath attention worker occupation is to state them that would seek to screen out their job instead than to know apart any disease. They should seek to maintain secretiveness and they should seek to assist them of that disease.

  1. Group audience with a wellness worker of a different gender:

For illustration: When a female physician negotiations with the group of male clients about how to forestall AIDS OR carcinoma of neck womb. Some clients may experience diffident to hear that, so we have to sort the subject which is female physician talk with female client and male physician talk with a male client. This can assist the client to take their shyness.

  1. Consumer study:

Presents, every installation have a consumer study which can assist us to roll up consumer sentiments and it is easy to work out any job. Without consumer study it is difficult to better the installation. After that client easy cognize about the installation. The installation should hold all the equipment, the old should be renewed. That can increase the quality of life of the client. There should be a good environment in the installation.

  1. One to one audience with a wellness worker of a different gender:

For illustration: If a male nurse help a female nurse organic structure cheque. Even thought we know the nurse or physician are professional but still the client feel diffident and want to retreat. To work out this job we need to sort if every installation arrange female nurse aid client and the male nurse help the male client so this job can avoided.

Undertaking 1.3

Adverse socio-cultural factor 1: for illustration some Maori populating criterion is non excessively high so they may be non understand the doctor’s linguistic communication, because they can’t understand proper English. So they might be unable to understand what the physician or nurse said to them and the physician or nurse thought that they have understood. Then the Maori usage incorrect manner to handle their disease. They didn’t retrieve in the terminal they get more serious than earlier. So the physicians should cognize their linguistic communication so that they can understood them easy.

Adverse socio-cultural factor one ( 2 ) : Some of the Maori have their ain manner of populating a life. Some of them have a particular tattoo in their organic structure. That is Maori traditional civilization, it is hard for them who don’t know it. Maori traditional facets or civilization may consequence the health professional feeling. They might be feel scare to handle them because they tends to hold civilization difference and they need to cognize their cultural facets and their faith.

Adverse socio-economic factor ( 1 ) : Some of the Maori are populating in rural countries they might non hold adequate installation: infirmaries, wellness attention Centre. They find hard when they are in the aid, as more of installations are in a urban countries. It is difficult for them to see a physician or nurse because they have to go a long distances. It can impact their wellness due to less installations. So the authorities should give more installations to them.

Adverse socio-economic factor ( 2 ) : Some of the chief jobs in a Maori civilization is that the people are less educated, due to the several jobs. So they gain less instruction and that causes large job in life and hereafter. They don’t acquire good occupations due to they are less educated. Some of them besides suffers from many physical jobs.

Undertaking 2.1

NEGATIVE OUTCOME ONE ( 1 ) : Self degradation: when a client see that he can’t make his/her work by their ain, they feel self degradation. For illustration: Some of the clients eat their nutrient by their ain, some of them can’t walk. So they feel shamed and they think that we can’t make anything by their ain. In some state of affairss they doesn’t wants any one aid, to take attention of them.

Negative result two ( 2 ) : Feeling lonely: In some remainder place and wellness attention centre some of client feel lonely and sad every clip. They may believe that no 1 is with them or no one support them. They might shout at dark or forenoon clip. Some of the clients may non pass on, they don’t eat plenty. So this can besides effects they appetite, they will non take portion in day-to-day activities, they will ever retrieve their household and it can impact their wellness.

Negative result three ( 3 ) : Shamed: Some clients may experience shamed when a female or male nurse or health professional change their dressing. They will seek to avoid them. Some of clients eat or drink less that they will necessitate to travel to toilet less clip. For dressing they try to by their ain even that it is really hard for them to make. This can besides impact their organic structure.

Positive result one ( 1 ) : Every installations have their ain activities besides tell them to take portion in day-to-day activities, so that they may acquire review all twenty-four hours. Like do speaking with them, promote them ever so that they may experience person is closer to them.

Positive result two ( 2 ) : Always handle the clients like a household member like they are of import to you. Try to construct a good relation with them so that they comfort when you are with them. Supply them a good nutrient. Always make them experience like they are non off from their place. Always let their household member visits twice a month so that they feel good.

Positive result three ( 3 ) : Promote them to imbibe more liquids like: H2O, juice. Some of the clients like a milk, so give them a milk or that merchandise. Make certain that they don’t experience diffident in forepart of you, and construct a good relation with them so the client ever trust you and take attention of their personal things and demands.