Implement halal meet throughout UK Mcdonalds branches

Measurable so that a mark can be set and reviewed. Every step will be taken to pull more clients particularly for Muslim clients with implement of halal meat.

Agreed: Is to pull more Moslem clients presently figure of clients in McDonalds are bulk non- Muslim. Main focal point with this aim will be Moslems

Realistic with implement of aims into every individual subdivision ‘s in UK has to accomplish instead than being a mark that everyone.

Time specific significance that there is a clear clip skyline by which the mark should be achieved and another undertaking to be considered while concentrating on clip is budget.

4.1 Scheme:

To set up an nonsubjective, scheme is a compulsory. A scheme is a program puting out on how to accomplish the aim. As shown in the figure 1.1 below, the scheme for McDonalds is to establish new merchandises.

Market incursion

Existing merchandises

Existing markets

New merchandise development

New merchandises


New markets

Existing merchandises

Market development

Figure 1.1 – the scheme to establish new merchandises

Market incursion occurs when steadfast focal point on their existing clients and sell their existing merchandises. As by implementing the nonsubjective the policy, criterion and the supply of meat will be the same for non-Halal Meat. This has taken with all necessary planning and stairss sing Non Muslim Customers. As incursion will be with the same bing merchandise and market, the lone difference will be the internal. However, the gustatory sensation and the monetary value with this execution will non impact them at all.

Market development occurs when houses target their merchandises at new sections of the market. As for this nonsubjective chief mark is to develop market by increasing the client on different location with the bing merchandise.

New merchandise development involves an investing in invention and research and development. Sing the aim as a nucleus program there is no new merchandise has been developed.

Diversification occurs when houses move into wholly new countries with new merchandises. As shown in the figure 1.1 for this program there is no merchandise has been decided yet though new sections of the market have been assigned for the bing merchandise.

5.1 Literature Review:

“ The strategic selling planning procedure is concerned with the development of schemes that are based on the planning squad ‘s appraisal of the market and perceptual experience of managerial outlooks and organisational capableness. ” ( Gilligan.C and Wilson.R, 2003 )

From this we learn that scheme means placing your ends and make up one’s minding your best path to acquire at that place. This can be learnt more from the following diagram which will function as a footing for the selling program.

Fig 1.2 – Selling Plan

As shown in the figure 1.2 comparison to other fast nutrient eating house in UK every meat served is halal such as Subway, Sam ‘s, lily-livered bungalow. And late MCDONALDS introduced Halal meat in some of the UK subdivisions. Due to which client are attracted really much. Harmonizing to official research collated from The Times, the Muslim population in Britain has grown by more than 500,000 to 2.4 million in merely four old ages. The population has multiplied 10 times faster than the remainder of society, the research by the Office for National Statistics reveals. With an increasing figure of Muslims in UK, McDonalds seems to be a barrier for them to buy nutrient.

McDonalds ‘ aureate arches i.e. the symbol ( as shown in this undertaking ) are the universes biggest trade name with much higher to Coca-Cola. Any kid, a child of five twelvemonth old can acknowledge the symbol of McDonalds and point to their parents. McDonalds is invariably presenting new merchandises, normally for a limited period of clip. This is because direction recognize that consumers like assortment every bit good as a continuance of good merchandises such as Large Macs and Cheeseburgers. But at the same clip the drawback comes when its being discussed about the meat. Besides, they are good cognizant that if McDonalds has excessively many merchandises running at the same clip so the velocity of client service will deteriorate. Figure illustrated above in the figure 1.2 can be explained as follows:

Phase 1: Where are we now?

At minute, we are considered as one of the universe ‘s biggest and largest fast nutrient eating house concatenation. McDonald ‘s operates its ain eating houses and franchises its trade name to local business people. We serve more than 47 million clients per twenty-four hours functioning different bill of fare for each person clients. We serve breakfast, tea, Burgers, salad, ice pick, juices, etc. We are recognized worldwide with same symbol and name and gustatory sensation. Major states such as Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria, etc serves halal meat for the full state.

Phase 2: Where do we desire to be?

McDonalds purposes to supply its clients with nutrient of a high criterion, speedy service and value for money with a satisfaction. And wants to function halal meat for every client in UK. Basically leting Muslim population to bask the repast as non-Muslim enjoy eating Big Mac Burgers and chicken nuggets. Its been statisticated that Muslim clients has got merely limited option for the choice to eat such as fish or vegetable. And to equalise with each and individual bill of fare we provide this program has to be considered and put into the action.

Phase 3: How might we acquire at that place?

In order to implement halal policy, the halal poulet should be accredited by the Halal Food Authority ( HFA ) , one of the most widely recognized organic structures in the UK and overseas. Which does n’t intend the criterion or the quality of gustatory sensation will be alteration, we will guarantee that we continue with the same gustatory sensation as have been making since past few old ages.

Phase 4: Which manner is the best?

Ad, administering cusps, media has to be announced for implementing the undertaking. Pre-survey has to be considered for guaranting people satisfaction about this thought. The best manner to pull clients for halal meat should be with particular offer, verifiers or monetary value to be reduced for the first twosome of hebdomads. To guarantee and do non-Muslim Customers understand that there is no difference between halal and non halal meat.

And for assurity HFA ( Halal Food Authority ) logo will be displayed corroborating Muslim ‘s clients, halal meat are served.

Phase 5: How can we guarantee our reaching?

It can be possible if HFA provides, continues distribution to all our subdivisions through out UK to the appropriate meat demanded each twenty-four hours. Training for the bing and the new staffs has to be considered for functioning halal meat.

6.1 Planning:

Planing procedure are the waies which the administration should follow in order to accomplish its aims and ends.

Puting the aims

Listing alternate ways of making aims

Develop planning premises

Choosing the best option

Explicating of supportive/ derivation programs

Put the programs into action

Follow up

Fig 1.3 – Planning procedure

Puting the aims: As shown in the fig 1.3 above, the planning procedure is to put down the aims to be achieved. As the aim is to implement and function halal meat in McDonalds through out the UK. In order to accomplish the nonsubjective McDonalds has to acquire authorized with HFA.

Listing alternate ways of making aims: To signup with HFA McDonalds have to look into all the subdivisions where Muslim population are high in Numberss and those subdivisions which are far off from the Muslim community. This is because to apologize the client service in Muslim and non-muslim subdivisions.

Develop planning premises: Planning premises means premises about the nature of external factors impacting the organisation. External factor would be the environment.

Choosing the best option: At this phase all the options are evaluated in footings of expected cost and benefits. Evaluation of planning premises is besides done at this phase. If due to any fortunes if a subdivision clients are non satisfied with the aim or if the clients graph has gone low, the following option would be to go on and to halt functioning halal meat.

Explicating of supportive/ derivation programs: In order to accommodate the aims certain stairss have to be considered such as utilizing a technique called ‘stun-to-stun ‘ – a hurting free procedure that makes the carnal insensible to trouble and enduring. Staff preparation will be another derivative program for both bing staffs and new staffs.

To set the programs into action: As shown in the fig 1.3 above, one time the programs have been developed the following major and indispensable measure will be to set the program into action. The McDonald will be effected straight from the planning procedure, after this measure.

Follow up: After seting the program into action, changeless monitoring is every bit of import whenever necessary. The programs could be revised harmonizing to altering concern environment and demand.

7.1 Selling Environment

“ The footing for our full concern is that we are ethical, true and reliable. It takes clip to construct a repute. We are non boosters. We are concern people with a solid, lasting, constructive ethical plan that will be in manner old ages from now even more than it is today. ” ( Ray Kroc, 1958 )

There are certain forces, inside and outside an organisation that affect marketing direction ‘s ability to construct and keep successful relationships with mark clients.

Business environment can be divided into Micro environment and Macro environment.

7.1.1 Micro Environment:

The set of process for an organisation that have direct impact on its ability to function and command the organisation. Marketing Mix:

Marketing Mix factors are as follows Company, Supplier, Customers, Competitors and Public.

Fig 1.4 – Selling Mix


As shown in the fig 1.4 above merchandise is one of the factor which means goods and services combination. Therefore, McDonalds have planned to set up with functioning halal meat sing the demand of halal nutrient from different locations. McDonalds has ever been on the top for the best services provided. McDonalds will guarantee the merchandise and service served will ever be the best and will acquire more better in future. McDonald ‘s knows that gross revenues of merchandises on its bill of fare will change at different points in their life rhythm. As shown in the fig 1.5 below, the bill of fare will change at different points in their life rhythm. Introduction phase is when the merchandise is freshly launched into the market, growing will be the peak phase where the merchandise has to turn with both sale and clip and adulthood is where the merchandise raises to its bulk on success. And diminution is if the merchandise tends to be a loss it ‘s a diminution with gross revenues and clip factors.

Figure 1.5 – Different points in their life rhythm

Monetary value

Monetary value is the sums of money clients have wages to obtain the merchandise. McDonald ‘s, the universe ‘s largest and fastest turning planetary eating house concatenation. Price plays the full function, one of the chief factors of McDonalds being fast and celebrated fast nutrient eating house is due to the monetary value for the standard quality nutrient. Customers are ever satisfied to pay and eat McDonalds. This stands biggest advantage for McDonalds, the monetary value is low-cost comparison to other fast nutrient eating house. And due to alter of economic system or societal or any other factors the monetary value remains changeless. Even for the aim planned will non alter the gustatory sensation or the monetary value of any repast.


Promotion means activities that communicate the virtues of the merchandises and carry mark consumers to purchase it. McDonalds was non much concentrating on advertisement but now they are doing much attempt on advertisement through electronic media like Television and newspapers. They are besides publicizing through hoardings, cusps.

Topographic point

Topographic point includes company activities that make the merchandise available to aim consumer. As shown in the fig 1.4 above, topographic point is one of the factors of marketing mix. Topographic point considered to be the chief constituents in advancement and spread outing the concern. The cardinal focal point of growing is were the subdivision is located, presently mcdonalds are in really high streets, roadside locations, shopping centres, retail Parkss, leisure centres, motorway service countries, railroad Stationss and in airdrome terminuss and this is the cardinal focal point of growing. Micro-environment Issues are as follows:


McDonalds is the transnational company that has concatenation of fast nutrient eating houses all over the universe. It is turning quickly, by holding their strong relationship with their clients and the trust, which they have developed, in the past few old ages, employees ( staffs ) are the chief key participant for the company, and so they are really much concerned. The company has really organized cheque and balance system, which is used for the rating of the employee and the single mercantile establishment as good.


As McDonalds can non compromise on the quality of nutrient they provide, so dependable providers are really much of import to them. There are two classs of supplies. The Dry nutrient supply and the Frozen nutrient supply. Dry nutrient, like Bread or buttockss, they have established their ain warehouses for dry-stores and frozen nutrient for different part. In order to treat through halal meat, company will hold to purchase from a reputable provider which have been audited and accredited by the HFA to guarantee that their systems and processes to the full comply with halal demands. And the slaughtering company has usage of a technique called ‘stun-to-stun ‘ – a hurting free procedure that makes the carnal insensible to trouble and enduring. A poetry is besides recited from the Quran at the point of slaughter by an appropriate individual and the domestic fowl will non come into contact with non-halal meat at any point in the supply concatenation.


It includes five classs. Consumer Markets, Business Market, Resellers and International Customers.

Consumer Markets: McDonalds has big concatenation of consumers. McDonalds has great environment for their consumers and households. They are concerned about the comfort and satisfaction of their clients. More new and bing clients will be attracted.

Business Market: Business markets buy good and services for farther processing or for usage in their production procedure. Business will increase due to increase in demand and due to demand increase supply will increase every bit good. And so at that place will opportunities of gaining net income.

Resellers: McDonalds is covering in fast nutrient, and so they do n’t hold any resellers as such.

International Customers: McDonalds is transnational company. They have mercantile establishments, about in every state. So they have international clients all over the universe.


McDonald ‘s has two types of rivals in the market. They are as follows Direct Rivals and Indirect Competitors

Direct Rivals: Direct rivals are those rivals which produce the same merchandises or provide the same services as McDonald ‘s does, such as Burger King. Burger King is biggest challenger for McDonalds to the day of the month in UK, which operates a sum of 11,500 eating houses inA 72 states.

Indirect Rivals: Indirect Rivals are those rivals which produce one or more than one merchandises that try to win with McDonald ‘s merchandises and therefore it states of being a menace to the company such as Nando ‘s, Friday, K.F.C. and Popeye ‘s. MCDONALDS conveying the biggest challenger as late starts functioning halal meat, and due to which Muslim population prefer eating MCDONALDS as an Halal meat instead eating non halal nutrient.


Public has been defined as follows: Fiscal Public, Media Public, Internal Public and General Public

Fiscal Public: McDonalds is an independent company.

Media Public: McDonalds spends its gross and resources on advertizements. To hold more advertisement, they are of the position to increase their advertizement. High resources are utilized for the advertisement the nutrient.

Internal Public: The employees are greatly compensated by McDonalds. Employees get regular fillips and other benefits which are based on their public presentations. Employees are assets and we reward them greatly, McDonalds says. Particular badges and pins are assigned to employees.

General Public: McDonalds wants to cognize the attitude of the public about its merchandises. McDonalds ever recommend clients to give their feedback or suggestion about the halal meat.

7.1.2 Macro Environment:

This involves factors outside of the direct control of the concern. These are non controlled by the company and are environmental forces such as the economic system, authorities policy and societal alteration. It includes Demographic factor and Cultural Factor

Demographic Factor: McDonalds will function halal meat harmonizing to gustatory sensation of population. It depends upon a community stands if the Muslim population is at bulk and demand much of halal, penchant will be given to the higher demand community foremost. It has trades for households every bit good as trades for the kids. They besides visit their rivals to hold better thought about altering tendencies and gustatory sensation of people every bit good as their rivals. McDonalds reconsider its bill of fare and gustatory sensation after every three months. McDonalds ever encourages feedback and suggestions from its clients ( National Statistics, Snapshot ( 2001 ) . As shown below fig 1.6, there are 52 % Muslim population which means more than half of the UK population is Muslim. And 49 % of population is non-Muslim which made McDonalds as biggest consumer market.


Beginning: Snapshot ( 2001 )

Figure 1.6 – UK Population in Pie Chart

Cultural Factors: McDonalds ever concerned about the civilization and ethical values of the community. McDonalds considered selling meat being fast nutrient concatenation in the market and attract people of local civilization towards their different repasts. PESTEL:

PESTEL analysis for the macro-environment. There are many factors in the macro-environment that will impact the aim of any organisation. Macro economic system varies with many fortunes such as alteration in Tax, new Torahs, trade barriers, alterations in authorities policy, demographic alteration. To assist analyse these factors directors can categories them utilizing the PESTEL theoretical account. This categorization distinguishes between:

Political factors: The international operations of McDonald ‘s are extremely influenced by the single province policies enforced by each authorities. It consists of Torahs, govt. bureaus and force per unit area groups that influence or limit assorted organisations and persons in a given society. But McDonalds has its ain strong links and political relations, it is non been influenced by any external factors. No force per unit area groups are at that place indoors and outside organisation to supercharge in any facet.

Economic factors: These include involvement rates, revenue enhancement alterations, economic growing, rising prices and exchange rates. McDonald ‘s has the inclination to see adversity in cases where the economic system of the several provinces is hit by rising prices and alterations in the exchange rates. Higher market mark with the altering environment. Tougher competition between the other fast nutrient eating houses such as Burger male monarch, etc.

Social factors: Changes in societal tendencies can impact on the demand for a house ‘s merchandises and the handiness and willingness of persons to work. McDonald ‘s provides quality and the best service to the clients.

Technological factors: New engineering creates new merchandises which consequences best service. In present state of affairs McDonalds will implement to function halal meat into the UK subdivisions and to make so, McDonalds have to purchase through a reputable provider who will audited and accredited by the HFA to guarantee that their systems and processes to the full comply with halal demands. McDonalds will Developments can profit consumers every bit good as the organisations supplying the merchandises. Machines and boilers are harmonizing to latest engineering and criterions. After every six months, proficient medical examination is conducted and that equipment is replaced which becomes useless. Efficient charge system is implemented, to extinguish the redundancy and keep the day-to-day leger history

Environmental factors: environmental factors include the conditions and clime alteration. The turning desire to protect the environment is holding an impact on many industries such as the travel and transit industries.

Legal factors: these are related to the legal environment in which houses operate. Legislation for merchandise. Recognized logo is one of the biggest factors. SWOT

To find McDonalds must see for the internal strengths and failings of their organisation and compare these with the external chances and menaces. This procedure is known as SWOT analysis. SWOT consist of Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats are as follows:


Deriving new clients, with the bing clients. It will let new clients to seek our bill of fare with complete assurance and satisfaction. it will give opportunity for already bing Muslim clients to seek our other repasts apart from the fish and vegetable delite.

Market gustatory sensation enlargement due to high figure of clients there could be opportunity of introducing new merchandises.

Strong Financial Position and public presentation.

Creation on more new Job chances. it will make more occupations, as more of Muslim staff will be recruited for functioning Muslim clients.


Time devouring on preparation staffs. It will devour more clip as preparation will be provided to both new and every bit good as the bing staffs.

Huge investing in advertisement. Ad, cusps, billboards and media have to be done. Much of resources and investing will hold to be done. Literally for the same merchandise.

False feeling of people with gustatory sensation of repast as though it will stay the same.

Unhealthy and debris nutrient image.

Opportunities of recreation of clients towards the rivals


Low cost bill of fare and halal will pull the clients

Increasing the poulet merchandise such as poulet wings, etc due to client demand.

Diversification and acquisition of other quick-service eating houses.

Opening more subdivisions around UK

Online ordination and bringing thorough cyberspace and telephone.


Health professionals and consumer militants accuse McDonald ‘s of lending to the state ‘s wellness issue of high cholesterin, bosom onslaughts, diabetes, and fleshiness.

McDonald ‘s rivals threatened market portion of the company both internationally and domestically. Domestically such as Burger male monarch, etc and

Menaces from other fast nutrient eating house to function halal meat

8.1 Risk analysis:

Hazard analysis is a method to place the factors which causes hazard for the success for accomplishing a end. This is done in progress for the future class of action. It involves finding of aims to be achieved every bit good as the activities required to accomplish the aims. This done to fix for any alterations or for any fortunes mensurable measure helps to specify preventative steps to cut down the chance of these factors. These besides help you to make up one’s mind whether the schemes you could utilize to command hazard are cost-efficient.

Hazard analyses are categorized into two i.e. quantitative or qualitative hazard analysis:

Quantitative hazard analysis is designed so that the security steps can be implemented, and this will let the cost envelope to be implemented every bit good. There is yet a 3rd method for hazard analysis which is used, and this is referred to as being the loanblend method, since it borrows features from both the quantitative and qualitative hazard analysis methods. Incase if demand decreases for the halal meat, harmonizing to be after the aim has to be laid off. In order to fulfill the exciting clients the company will non set about any sought of hazard.

Qualitative analysis is utile because it allows one to rapidly place possible hazards, every bit good as assets and resources which are vulnerable to these hazards. Not merely does qualitative analysis showcase the safety measures that have already been utilized, it will demo those which could be utile if they are implemented. The purpose of the qualitative survey is to happen out information about market demands and penchants, to maintain an oculus on new thoughts and rivals. The qualitative research consist of an on-line treatment forum.[ 1 ]

9.1 Research Findingss


Qns 1: To happen out how many Moslems have of all time tried McDonalds?

And: It was found that 36 out of 50 respondents stated they have n’t tried McDonalds. The staying 14 respondents declared that they consume fish Burger or vegetable sandwich. This is shown on the figure 1.7 below

Fig 1.7- McDonalds Consumed by Muslim

Qns 2: Asked the respondent what will be their sentiment of presenting Halal Meat?

Autonomic nervous system: It was found that 169 out of 180 respondents said yes. And those agreed said they see no difference in presenting halal meat in McDonalds. And out of 169 agreed respondents, 161 were non Muslims and merely 8 respondents were Muslims. However this means even non Muslim demands halal meat McDonalds. The same inquiry was asked in Muslim Community with 186 respondents and out of 186 respondents 181 responded yes to the thought. As shown in the figure 1.8 below the demand of halal meat in McDonalds are demanded by both Muslims and non-muslim population.

Fig 1.8- Demand of Halal Meat in McDonalds

10.1 Brooding statement:

The ends for this selling program are ambitious and the execution of them will assist to do a important impact on the consumers ‘ determination. By implementing the aim by sing all the factors above, it may go a more feasible option in the hereafter. Overall McDonald ‘s aim is to implement Halal Meat in uk subdivisions for which company will hold to purchase from a reputable provider which have been audited and accredited by the HFA to guarantee that their systems and processes to the full comply with halal demands. And the slaughtering company has usage of a technique called ‘stun-to-stun ‘ – a hurting free procedure that makes the carnal insensible to trouble and enduring. A poetry is besides recited from the Quran at the point of slaughter by an appropriate individual and the domestic fowl will non come into contact with non-halal meat at any point in the supply concatenation. And to guaranting clients that there would be no alteration in gustatory sensation. In short the market will be spread outing new occupation chance will lift as new staff will be hired.