I started work life at 16 years old doing hairdressing then progressed to be an office manager for a small local IT company

I started work life at 16 years old doing hairdressing then progressed to be an office manager for a small local IT company, which due to the financial crash was forced to cease trading. As a result of the lack of employment I took a cleaning position in a school and then progressed to be a kitchen assistant aswell. Currently I have been with my partner for over 17 years and got married last year with our two daughters aged 10 and 14.

As I currently work in a school I see the good and positive work that the SNA’s do and I find it truly inspirational and motivating to see the assistance they provide. This is what has inspired me to undertake this course and hopefully provide some good and inspire my own children.

The history of the special education policy has had a radical shift since the 1980’s. The education provision for children with special needs and their peers would benefit from being educated and learning to live together. Internationally policy development for children in special education had been influenced by the likes of United Nations Declaration, the UN-sponsored International year of the disabled in 1981 and it has become a public debate on the rights of a special need and give them access to mainstream societal activities.

Irelands public policy for people with disabilities remained unchanged until the 1980’s, after many years of unchanged policy’s.

During the 1900’s a series of court cases against the state by parents trying to improve education provision for the children with autism severe/profound and general learning difficulties. Two cases inparticular, O’Donoghue 1993 and Sinnott 2000, resulted in major changes for children with these disabilities. A review committee was set up to focus on integration and the EPSEN Act 2004 was a milestone in education legislation for pupils with special needs. The purpose of the act was to ensure inclusive education wherever possible for people with special education needs and appropriate education for their peers who do not have such needs.
Educational Needs 2nd EDITION:Special Educational Needs – Gill