Hi, my name is Utkarsh Kushwaha and currently I’m studying Master of Construction and
Infrastructure Management. I completed my Bachelors in Civil Engineering from India,
without any further delays, I am going to present professional capacity which I reflect upon,
as given for our assignment 1.
Professional Career Management will assist me in my career, the unit outline is going to help
me by providing various opportunities such as working in a team, time management, work
on our flaws and individual performances.
My goal is to become an army officer in India or if given chance in Australia as an engineer.
Though, I’ll hope that I enlist in Australia and serve in Royal Australian Engineers 2. It
will not be easy, as this profession requires me to first of have either P.R or Australian
citizenship 3. This profession may seem bit difficult, but let’s face it, all profession can be
difficult or easy, it’s based upon human perception.
Reasons why I want to join the forces is because the country has given me so much and I
believe I should give back, people do give back in form of taxes but their so much more we
can do to make the country better and safeguard her from foreign countries.
My strength is that I’m hardworking and grasp practical duties easily and my weakness is
that it’s difficult for me to say no to any kind of work relating to the organization, whether
the work is related to me or it’s from a different department.
In next five years, I see myself as an officer with the rank of second lieutenant in Royal
Australian Engineers 4. So, let’s hope we all achieve our dreams and become excellent in
our professional careers. Thank you and have a wonderful day.