Famous Events Of The Past History Essay

Historical events refer to those events that one time taken topographic point in the existent universe. They are celebrated events of the yesteryear. They are those events that existed one time in the universe and had significance impacts on the lives of people. Many historical events came into being as from 19th century to-date. Most of these events happen because of human activities in the universe. Cold war, foremost and 2nd universe wars, Gallic revolution and Agrarian revolution are among the celebrated historical events to many states over the universe. Each of these historical events has a cause and effects. Harmonizing to Phillips ( 2001 ) in concurrence with other enormous researches, it is apparent that these historical events pose terrible impacts on peoples ‘ lives. This survey will research Cold war as one of historical events that occurred between 1945 and 2001. The survey will concentrate on the analysis of Cold war based on the cause, different or changing reading of the event and eventually the rating of its effects ( Phillips, 2001 ) .


The Cold war involves the struggles between the Communist states headed by Soviet Union and other democratic states that are under the authorization of the United States. It is the type of war that does non affect the usage of arms. Meaning that in cold war no exchange of pieces compare to the first and 2nd war whereby people fought each other utilizing arms such at guns, rifles, bombs and machineguns. The cold war in this peculiar instance was fought utilizing diplomatic haggle, economic war, occasional military clangs and propaganda. The war spread all over the universe because many states participated in the war. The grounds of cold war can be traced in impersonal provinces, freshly independent states in Africa and Asia. Historians are still encounter troubles in following the exact clip the cold war started. Philip ( 2001 ) asserts that, some historiographers argue that, cold war begun in 1947 during the clip Truman, the president of the United States established an anti-communist policy. The contradiction between historiographers made it impossible to tag the exact day of the month the cold war started or begun ( Phillips, 2001 ) .

Causes of the Cold War

Harmonizing to the survey conducted by Sherman ( 2004 ) , the United States and Soviet Union held many or legion differences that include ideological political and economic differences before the interruption out of universe war two ( Sherman, 2004 ) . The mentioned differences grew large because of the common intuitions between the two parties after the universe war. Below are the implicit in causes of the cold war

Ideology based factors doing cold war.

Soviet Union and United States are believed to be conflicting manners of administration. In the United States, it is the right of the people to elect the authorities significance that people are the determiners of the authorities. They are the 1 who elect leaders of their pick without influence by the authorities. As Sherman ( 2004 ) airss, United States elections are just and free. Peoples possess right of address, assembly and of the imperativeness. On the other manus the Soviet Union authorities is under power of communist party significance that the authorities if formed by the Communist party. Peoples are restricted from organizing their ain political parties in which they can aerate their political positions and sentiments. Peoples are non free to exert their rights such as the right of imperativeness, of address and assembly. The two systems oppose each other and therefore province the ground why it is hard for them to make an understanding. Harmonizing to the spread between the two systems of authorities, political orientation is one of of import causes of the cold war ( Sherman, 2004 ) .

Economic based causes of cold war.

Economy is another factor that led to the oncoming of the cold war. The united State authorities thought that it was better if it could promote merchandise all over the universe. The Soviet Union on the other manus wanted to command over its sphere by curtailing other states including the United State. This posed menaces to the Russia authorities because it realized that leting the West to merchandise with it would gnaw the strength of the totalitarian government. These differences made Soviet Union and United State differ. This is to state that economic factor contributed mostly in the happening of the cold war.

Power competition cause of Cold war.

Harmonizing to the research conducted by McMahon ( 2003 ) , it is apparent that the Second World War led to the diminution of power by Europe. Following the diminution, the two systems of authorities involved in the sharing of the Europe power. The struggle came in when each of these systems of authorities wanted to take the largest portion or rule power ( McMahon, 2003 ) .

Following on McMahon ( 2003 ) statement, these factors led to antagonism among the ace powers viz. the United States and the Soviet Union. The struggle between these parties grew worse after President Truman announced the Truman Doctrine and established the Marshall program during the twelvemonth 1947. The ruddy Army of the Soviet Union had controlled a portion in the Eastern Europe in 1944. This is to intend that before the terminal of the Second World War, Soviet Union had capitalized some portion of the Europe ( McMahon, 2003 ) . During the Yalta conference of 1945, Soviet Union control over Curzon and the Germany eastern zone. Toward the terminal of the Second World War, the Soviet Union controls the eastern zone of Europe. The ruddy Army intimidated the electors and altered the vote lists as a manner of act uponing the post-war elections. The two groups that is the Communist and non-communist suffer from the Red Army activity. These two groups were to portion ballots with communist obtaining the big Numberss of ballots. This led to the formation of a alliance authorities with Communist as the bulk. Meaning that Communist dominated the alliance authorities and therefore it has powers over the minority group consisting of non-communists. In this respect, defence and military, which are two cardinal ministries, were under the control of Communists. The control of Eastern Europe did non delight Stalin and therefore why he encouraged the Communists to rule the post-war elections in Western Europe ( McMahon, 2003 ) . Italian and Gallic Communists became superior parties in Italy and France during the terminal of 1946. After the war, Many United province politicians longed for co-operation with the Soviet Union though they did non back up the opposition against the enlargement of Russia. In this respect, Larres & A ; Lane ( 2001 ) asserts that, the cold war began when the Britain announced its involuntariness to back up the Grecian authorities through military and fiscal assistance. American wanted Russia to widen into Europe following the Britain ‘s backdown. Turkey is another state that threatened by the guerrillas from Russia. America was confident that Russia would command the Greek and Turkey so it was doubt free of the great addition in by Turkey and Greek. During that clip, the two states that is the Turkey and Greek their populations were greatly composed of hapless provincials ( Larres & A ; Lane, 2001 ) .

The Anglo-America military personnels from Germany led to the release of both the Greek and Turkey in 1944. Grecian and Turkey populations contain some communist guerrillas who after the release threatened to alter the authorities or subvert the authorities. Soviet Union and Yugoslavia played of import portion or function during the procedure of guerrillas overthrow of their authoritiess. For case, Soviet Union and Yugoslavia provided guerrillas with equal military assistance. Through the military assistance, the guerrillas were strong plenty to turn over the authorities without any incidences of opposition from the authoritiess ‘ themselves. Grecian felt insecure hence chew overing with the British authorities for support. Painter ( 1999 ) in his book, “ The Cold War: an international history ” , British responded positively by supplying Grecian authorities with military support to contend against the guerillas subjugation. President Truman explained the Truman Doctrine on March 12, 1947 ( Painter, 1999 ) . The states opposing the Doctrine dainty it as United States means of endorsing up or beef uping free peoples who were defying against subjection by the guerrillas and other armed minorities. The Doctrine harmonizing to the Truman was an anti-communist sort of Doctrine. It is from this Truman Doctrine that the American waged for war against the Communists Russia. Following on Painter ‘s positions, America had a strong military base that offered unshakeable military personnels. The guerrilla in both Greek and Turkey knew how strong American military personnels were but they felt non to give-up with the battle ( Painter, 1999 ) . American military personnels fought the Greek and Turkey communist guerrillas and defeated them in 1948. It is from this licking that the Communist guerrilla in Meleagris gallopavo and Grecian came to recognize that American is a ace power state with strong military base than any other state in the universe. In add-on, Hanhimaki & A ; Westad ( 2004 ) , pointed that, the U.S came to recognize subsequently that with the rapid development in Europe, it would in future offer strong barriers to the Communist. George Marshall the U.S secretary of province found that it was good for the province to reconstruct the economic wellness so that it can derive political stableness and peace. It is from this point of position when the U.S authorities felt it was good to join forces with the European states. George Marshall so invited all the European states to co-operate in doing up programs that would assist in the Reconstruction of the economic system ( Hanhimaki & A ; Westad, 2004 ) .

Further research conducted by Gottfried & A ; Reim ( 2003 ) lineation that, the united province was to back up the economic system Reconstruction through supplying these states with the necessary financess. On the other manus, the Soviet Union boycotted the American fiscal assistance support. The ground unto why Soviet Union denied American fiscal support was the conditions set by American refering the Marshall program ( Gottfried & A ; Reim, 2003 ) . This program requires the state using for Marshall Aid to unwrap its or her economic records to American authorization ( authorities ) . Soviet Union considers American ‘s Marshall Plan as a sort of intervention in domestic personal businesss of other provinces. Another ground unto why many provinces and states refused the American Aid is that having it would make way for Soviet Union to act upon the Western, which is harmful because it can ensue into weakening of the totalitarian system of the authorities. Based on Gottfried & A ; Reim ideas, the Soviet Union thought that American Aid aims at doing all the European states anti-communists states. The American had hidden agenda in its support in that it to set up its domination of American Imperialism. This made the Soviet Union to impede her satellite states from accepting the American Aid. Russia reacted against the Marshall program by offering fiscal support to her orbiters by the constitution of the Molotov program ( Gottfried & A ; Reim, 2003 ) . The cold war begun when the United State leads the western states in responding against the Russian enlargement in Europe by establishing of the Marshall program and the announcement of the Truman Doctrine by President of Truman in 1947. The struggle between the western and Eastern Europe led to Berlin crisis. As the western states concerns themselves with security, Russia played a critical game whereby it stopped all land traffic between West Germany and Berlin. Sing that, western states discovered that Russia wanted to throw them out of Germany and Europe. They hence waged a opposition conflict against the Russia hence taking to the oncoming of the cold war ( Gottfried & A ; Reim, 2003 ) .

Consequences of the Cold War

Harmonizing to the survey conducted by Duignan & A ; Gann ( 2000 ) , cold war led to legion impacts on economic system, societal and political systems of the involved states. The war led to conflict in the economic system for case, British and American authoritiess interfered with the economic construction of the West Germany when they permitted industries to increase their production degrees. The cold war had increased intuition among states for case, when the united province announced to include Germany in the Marshall program, Russia assumed that American was set uping anti-communist motion against the Soviet Russia, which was false harmonizing to U.S authorities ( Duignan & A ; Gann, 2000 ) . This is to state that cold war developed intuition among states. Diplomatic struggle is another effect of the cold war. This was apparent when Russia put claim upon Berlin who occupied her land. The other western states such as the United States, France and Britain reacted to Russia claim by set uping London pact or Agreement that advocated for formation of democratic West Germany in the Western parts. Soviet Union was non pleased with that since it considers it as U.S effort to change over West Germany into anti-Soviet military pioneered against it. Cold war led to the diminution of European power. The Berlin crisis was because of the struggle between western states, which in this is regarded as critical effects of the cold war. Many states experienced economic depression during and after the cold war ( Duignan & A ; Gann, 2000 ) .

In decision, the survey is interesting in that it highlights the causes and effects of the cold war. The survey is significance because it focuses on cold war as one of of import historical events that occurred between 1945 and 2001 period. Through the survey, the reader will be able to understand that cold war began in Western states due to struggles between the two ace powers, that is, the US and the Soviet Union which had independent manners of administration.