Establishing The Critical Success Factors Marketing Essay

Marks and Spencer is one of the British prima retail merchants founded 129 old ages ago by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer, headquartered in London, which sells luxury and outstanding quality nutrient every bit good as great value vesture and homeware. Now M & A ; S has 703 shops in the United Kingdom along with over 400 international shops in 44 states and districts.

Establishing Critical Success Factors:

Critical Success Factors ( CSFs ) can be defined as the term for an factor that is necessary for an organisation or undertaking to accomplish its mission. As Rockart ( 1979 ) said, it is a critical factor required for guaranting the success of an organisation.

In this study, a set of chief aims for M & A ; S will be gathered by set uping CSFs.

Vision & A ; Mission

‘To make aspirational quality accessible to all ‘ is the mission of M & A ; S ( Employee enchiridion, 2003 ) , which shows what they want to run into the clients ‘ demands.

The company ‘s vision is ‘To be the criterion against which all others are measured ‘ , which is a clear statement of purpose.

Plans & A ; Schemes

Marc Bolland set out the scheme in 2010, stood the trial of the Board ‘s continued rating and delivered the company ‘s vision. The board all agree on the class, though disputing market conditions and retail environment had impact on their clients ‘ budgets and set force per unit area on it. Becoming a truly international and multi-channel retail merchant is the company ‘s purpose, every bit good as the key to transport out the scheme.

In inside informations, M & A ; S ‘s scheme plans focus on the undermentioned three countries:

– Focus on the UK

– Multi-channel

– International

Key Success Factors

As the CEO provinces in 2011/2012 one-year study, Marks & A ; Spencer has performed good with a 2 % addition in gross revenues. But gross revenues in Clothing and Home were down 0.9 % since Womenswear and large ticket furniture experienced more ambitious conditions ( Womenswear market portion decreased by 0.5 % to an unoptimistic 10.4 % ) . M & A ; S is the UK market leader in Womenswear ( Annual study, 2012 ) , the company should take actions to maintain Womenswear on a high degree. In this instance, the company decided to cut down costs in order to maintain profitableness. This cost direction may assist the company construct a stronger platform and becomes a support to the company ‘s investing in their hereafter programs.

Loyalty & A ; Satisfaction ( client )

With an about 130 old ages history, M & A ; S concerns on clients all the clip. In a competitory market, M & A ; S served a double intent in 2012, one is fulfilling their most loyal clients, the other is promoting possible clients to take a fresh expression at M & A ; S ( Annual study, 2012 ) . Besides, M & A ; S sought to heighten the M & A ; S trade name every bit good as do their sub-brands more typical, as a consequence, they will go on to concentrate on their nucleus clients ‘ specific demands.

Recently, nutrient safety becomes a popular subject in UK. Food safety incidents occurred often, for illustration, Tesco horseflesh dirt. As a taking retail merchant of high quality fresh nutrient in UK, M & A ; S should set nutrient safety to a paramount topographic point.

Employee accomplishments preparation, Supply concatenation ( internal concern procedure position )

Efficient supply concatenation activity is one of M & A ; S ‘s of import critical success factors. The company continued to put in their supply concatenation long with engineering in maintaining with the scheme to back up future growing of the concern, particularly in international enlargement ( Annual study, 2012 ) . Therefore, employee preparation becomes an of import portion to accomplish efficient supply concatenation, and it is besides a critical success factor.

From the 2012 one-year study, we can see that 35 % of international stock delivered direct to finish, which indicated that efficiency was improved through the to the full incorporate supply concatenation operations. In add-on, it reflects that the company tried to present merchandises systematically on clip, which could be another critical success factor.


Balanced scorecard

Balanced scorecard was devised by Kaplan and Norton ( 1992 ) which is a figure of steps that offers top directors a fast but comprehensive position of the concern. Directors can look at the concern through the balanced scorecard from four chief positions, including ( I ) fiscal position, ( two ) client position, ( three ) internal concern position, ( four ) invention and larning position. Kaplan and Norton define balanced scorecard as a cause and consequence relationship between the four positions.

( I ) Financial position

Harmonizing to Kaplan and Norton ( 2001 ) , fiscal positions are of import while non-financial positions are besides of import, since through house ‘s fiscal public presentations, effects from other three positions can be reflected.

Kaplan and Norton ( 1996 ) said that the company ‘s fiscal ends are profitableness, growing and stockholder ‘s value.

The chief fiscal aims of M & A ; S are maximising net income and cut downing cost.

Net income is one of the chief aims of a company since every company wants to maximise the net income, M & A ; S is no exclusion. M & A ; S ‘s chief aims include maximising their net income, which could be measured comparing the net income as a five twelvemonth sum-up, through the income statement. Net income before revenue enhancement was ?780.6m in 2011, with a 15.7 % decreased to ?658.0m in 2012.

Reducing cost is another of import aim of M & A ; S. In 2012, the consequence of the impairment in the economic environment impacted of M & A ; S ‘s scheme. Since gross revenues in Clothing and Home were down 0.9 % and Womenswear market portion decreased by 0.5 % , the company decided to concentrate on pull offing their costs tightly with purpose to maintain profitableness. Gross border was down 30 footing points at 40.8 % , we can continue to utilize gross border to step, in a interim, profitableness steps such as Operating net income, net border, ROE and ROCE can besides be used.

( two ) Customer position

Kaplan and Norton ( 1992 ) mentioned that, clients tend to concern about four chief parts, including clip, public presentation and service, quality, and the costs.

M & A ; S should put chief aims for the interest of increasing market portion, doing client satisfaction on a high degree every bit good as geting new clients. The chief aims contain client satisfaction ( with service, merchandise quality and monetary value ) and client trueness.

M & A ; S would wish to maintain clients satisfaction on a high degree by offering them best service and giving them highest quality merchandises with sensible monetary value. It can be measured by the proportion of deficient merchandises which clients returned to them. Meanwhile, clients ‘ feedback from focal point group, on-line reappraisals and their in-house Customer Insight Unit are besides appropriate steps ( Annual study, 2012 ) .

As I mentioned in the context portion, M & A ; S ‘s chief purpose is to derive trueness of clients, in other words, it can be judged from whether the clients would reiterate their purchases in M & A ; S. They provide M & A ; S bank service to shoppers, specifically, M & A ; S offer clients recognition card, a set of insurance, loans, and clients would have gift cards, verifiers and price reduction when shopping in M & A ; S with the recognition card. Customers ‘ trueness could be judged by addition in the figure of M & A ; S Credit Cards.

( three ) Internal concern position

This portion of BSC is made up of the factors that affect the employee accomplishments, rhythm clip and productiveness of the company ( Kaplan and Norton, 1992 ) .

Employee accomplishments is a chief aim of M & A ; S. The company runs a flagship preparation programme to assist employees better cognition and accomplishments, for illustration, A develop ways of mensurating community wellness. It can be measured upon the employee who was selected for the following phase after preparation.

The other aim is merchandise quality, which can be measured by regular cheques on the production line. In that instance, chance of happening out merchandises with bad quality before show on shelf is much higher.

( four ) Invention and larning position

Harmonizing to Kaplan and Norton ( 1992 ) , in planetary competition market, companies should do betterment to their existing merchandises and procedures, introduce new merchandises in order to present value for clients, better operating efficiency and increase stockholder value. Three chief aims of M & A ; S are – better employee capablenesss, deliver systematically on clip and merchandise focal point.

In order to last in the competition market, a company should be advanced and upgrade their criterion. M & A ; S tried to be advanced by bettering employee capablenesss through flagship programme. Employee capablenesss can be measured by this programme. As I mentioned in Context portion, M & A ; S tries difficult to present merchandises systematically on clip. It can be measured by look intoing the stock every twenty-four hours. The 3rd aim is merchandise focal point which can be measured as per centum of merchandises that equals per centum of gross revenues.


Balanced scorecard is a public presentation measurings tool which can be used by different manners of companies for their public presentation direction ( Kaplan and Norton, 1992 ) .