Emerging Issues in Human Resource Management

India has observed many alterations in its political, societal and economical construction since independency. However, the most outstanding 1s were introduced by the New Economic Policy, 1991. These alterations have resulted into debureaucratisation, decontrol, delicensing, globalisation, denationalization of Indian economic system ( Sapru, 1999 ) . Consequently, corporate have adopted assorted new engineerings and patterns in order to go more competitory and efficient. The Companies that one time considered specialisation, occupation description and monetary value as nucleus of their action were initiated stressing on velocity, integrating, occupation flexibleness and value ( Reddy G Sreenivas and Ravi Desari, 2006 ) . However, in the race of gaining maximal net incomes the corporate elapsed to analyse the future impact of their new schemes. Consequently, the corporate are confronting many negative effects of their activities which are non merely hazardous for employers, but for employees besides. Further, the dynamic external and internal organisation environment is besides adding fuel into it. It all has resulted in outgrowth of assorted corporate issues in present scenario. Due to the limited range, this paper is concern merely with the Human Resource Management issues of an organisation. So this article is the modest effort to analyze the emerging issues in Human Resource Management, their grounds, elucidation and declaration.

HRM Challenges in Present Scenario

Human resources among themselves are complex in nature and their direction is still a biggest challenge for today ‘s corporate. As per the Scott and others besides, “ Human resources direction is that subdivision of direction which is responsible on staff footing for concentrating on those facets of relationship of direction to employees and employees to employees and with the development of the person and the group. The aim is to achieve the maximal single development, desirable working relationship between employers and employees and employees and employees, and effectual molding of human resources as contrasted with physical resources ” . Further, being the merely active plus of an organisation, the human resources have become the valuable key of success to accomplish the competitory advantage.

However, due to factors like transnational, multicultural and multi accomplishment work force ; more engagement of adult females and aged employee ; digital information age ; major displacement in corporate penchant from fabricating to service sector ; proficient promotion ; manpower redundancy ; alteration in the Psychological Contact between employer and employee ; labour reforms etc. along with environmental alterations, the direction of human resources have become more hard for corporate in comparing to earlier decennaries. It has besides resulted into outgrowth of many issues in present scenario in respect to Human Resource Management.

Emerging issues in HRM

Redundant work force

The New Indian Economic Policy, 1991 transformed the national economic system as Liberalized, Privatized and Globalized. These alterations in the economic scenario demanded speedy restructuring, modernisation, upgradation of engineering and acceptance of planetary criterions, in add-on to more skilled and productive work force. The cost fight, high productiveness along with the competitory border of planetary quality criterions, have farther emerged as the major challenge and key of endurance for present organisations. Consequently, Corporate had to follow assorted cost film editing schemes including “ redundancy direction ” ( Sinha and Srivastava, 1995 ) . As the earlier socialistic attack of Indian economic system emphasized on employment coevals, resulted over manning in assorted organisations ( Das and Das, 2009 ) .

In order to accomplish higher productiveness at lower cost, the corporate adopted engineering up step, mechanization, restructuring and assorted other schemes for efficiency up step. The above patterns have farther led to surplus manpower in many organisations.

In position of the prevalent Protectionist Labour Torahs in India, employers normally prefer VRS among assorted options like retrenchment, Layoff etc. But at times, these VR Schemes were found nonvoluntary in nature. These VR Schemes had besides adversely impact the socio- economic conditions of many VRS opted employees. Due to all these factors, VRS is now besides criticized by the socialists, NGOs and bookmans on assorted dimensions.

However, assorted other options are available for rightsizing of work force which are good for employees besides. Available options could be Phased Retirement ( Hutchens and Grace-Martin, 2006 ) , enlargement and variegation of concern countries, Penetration in new markets, Retraining of employees and their arrangement on other occupations etc.

Diversified work force

Globalization of trade necessitated the employment of transnational, multicultural and multilingual work force. This diversified work force has a fluctuation non merely in nature but besides defers in age group, personality, profession, work civilization etc. , geographically located at far off topographic points on the Earth. Therefore, the direction of the diversified work force is a existent challenge in the present scenario.

Organizational struggles normally harvest up among the diversified work force due to the difference of attitudes, values, premises, racism, bias etc. , taking to high degree of turnover, absenteeism, hapless squad work, communicating barrier, clip in execution, and much more. Further, due to outsourcing, away shoring and in sourcing, directors of MNCs besides have to pull off the local populations of different states which differ in many facets.

However, corporate are seeking their best to decide these issues every bit far as possible. But through following certain enterprises like Quarterly/ Half twelvemonth Global squad reviews dwelling conferences, meeting or planning Sessionss to ease the networking among team members of the same squad spread across planetary location ; Computer based preparation ; Video books etc. , ( Aswathappa and Sadhna, 2008, p-186 ) their effectivity may heighten several creases. Beside this, direction could win in pull offing diversified work force by forming the maps on the juncture of national-international festivals, posting few employees to different national-international location of companies, occupation rotary motion, heightening worker engagement in determination devising besides.

Quality direction

With the globalisation of markets, the outlooks and demands of consumers have increased many times. The consumers are demanding non merely the advanced merchandises with more public-service corporation and after sale services, but besides appreciate the best quality merchandise at competitory rates. Therefore the competitions among organisations have increased enormously. In order to bring forth the quality merchandises in short continuances, the organisations have adopted assorted schemes like outsourcing, away shoring, in sourcing etc.

The trade names and the advanced universe of advertizement are besides playing the important function in pulling the consumers. To set up Brands, assorted enfranchisement / criterions e.g. ISO enfranchisement like ISO 9004:2000 for Quality Management system, guidelines for public presentation betterment etc. , ( ISO standard Glossary ) etc. are indispensable. Since the competitory and efficient human resource is the maestro key to the expected quality, hence Human Resources play a critical function in accomplishing high quality criterions.

Further, in add-on to the construct of Entire Quality Management ( TQM ) , Quality compulsion is besides important for betterment of quality of the merchandise. “ The attack of Quality Obsession is an merger of processs, people and passion to bring forth superior merchandise. Quality Obsession, in bend, can merely be achieved through worker ‘s engagement, involvement grasp and committedness in bettering the cardinal procedures. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited ( BHEL ) introduced some advanced and fresh attacks like Quality through Measurement ( QTM ) and Root Cause Analysis ( RCA ) to convey attitudinal alterations for accomplishing quality compulsion ” ( Ashok Kumar Jain, 2008, p-025 ) .

Talent war

In the universe of cut pharynx competition, Talent Management has appeared as the ‘Mantra ‘ of continued being and success for the organisations. Talent acquisition and keeping has emerged as a cardinal concern for corporate in present scenario. During recession, where many companies downsized their work force, many other employers were succeeded to pull the endowment in competitory rates to construct their competitory advantage. It all has resulted into the talent war in station recession period. Many companies have besides introduced the construct of “ flexible wage construction including fillip, public presentation rated wage, high public presentation wage, contract wage, hard currency awards etc. , ” ( Chandramohan, 2008, p-281 ) to pull and retain the endowment. However, the abrasion rate is still high in many sector of economic system. It may be due to the increasing in outlook, aspiration and calling demand of employees. “ Even more than 60 % of employees have virtually no existent battle with their companies and remain put more out of inactiveness and deficiency of pick than a existent attractive force to the company “ ( The Economic Times, p-17,16 Aug 2010 ) .

However, this endowment war could non be wholly concluded among the companies, but through incorporate attack of companies, it could go more ethical. As in the instance of “ Twenty eight occupants of Hinjewadi, including top names like Infosys, TCS, Cognizants and Wipro, that one time ruthlessly poached endowment from each other, have now agreed to work jointly to cut down abrasion. However, they managed to seal a treaty under which they will engage from challengers merely after campaigners have to the full served out notice period. The companies have besides agreed that the new employees can non fall in without a alleviating missive from the old employer ” ( The Economic Times, 15 July 2010 ) .

While excess every bit good as deficit of endowment can take to closing of an organisation, therefore organisations should follow the patterns like HR accounting, effectual internal preparation plans and keeping of endowment during recession period etc. , so as to pull off their endowment efficaciously.

Trade Unions

The importance of Trade brotherhoods can non be ignored in context of industrial dealingss and development. The trade brotherhoods though its notable attempts runing from employees protection against direction ‘s unethical patterns ; employee development ; corporate bargaining ; keeping harmonious Industrial relation to assisting direction in accomplishing high productiveness, have enhanced the industrial advancement tremendously. “ Trade brotherhoods have shown cooperation where necessary and when it is sought from them by the direction. There are several cases where trade brotherhoods have understood the fiscal place of the company and have offered the cooperation in several ways ” ( p-591, IJIR, APRIL2010 ) .

However in past few old ages, trade brotherhoods have lost its imperial place and importance due to many grounds. The political association, little size, irregular growing, weak fiscal place, addition in the figure of trade brotherhoods, inter brotherhood competition, acknowledgment job, deficiency of involvement among members, and resistance from employers have farther lowered its importance in industrial chance ( Gupta, 2008 ) . Harmonizing to Datt besides, due to sub-contracting, replacing of regular worker by contract worker, lockouts, labour flexibleness, repression of working category by province, Judicial grounds, extremely paid workers, outsourcing the place of trade brotherhoods has weaken in India. He besides added that, “ The brotherhoods are faced with two sets of challenges: foremost, they have to convert blue-collar workers to cast their category haughtiness and be portion of the wide labour motion ; 2nd, the trade brotherhoods have to coerce the authorities non to travel in front declaring any sector as ‘ public public-service corporation ‘ “ ( Datt ) .

Therefore, the demand of the clip is that the authorities should develop a proper legislative frame work to authorise and modulate the trade brotherhoods. Beside this, through, merger of trade brotherhoods ; coordination ; effectual leading the place of trade brotherhoods could be enhanced in India. It may farther assist in work outing many major industrial issues like casualization of workers. As, “ the figure of contract workers in entire workers in the organized fabrication industry in India has increased from 14.6 per cent in 1995-96 to 26.4 per centum in 2004-05 ” ( Goldar, 2009IJIR, April 2010 ) .

Stress direction

Now a twenty-four hours ‘s, Stress has become the portion of everyone life, particularly among working category. Workplace emphasis has shown its influence non merely on single employee ‘s, but the organisation ‘s efficiency and effectivity is besides acquire affected ( Singh Sanjay Kumar, October 2009, IJIR ) . The factors like function ambiguity, conflicting public presentation outlook, organisation political relations, colleague dealingss, single socio-economic conditions, household background, personality traits etc. , have contributed much in emphasis development at workplace ( Edwards, 2001 ; Manshor, 2000 ; Deary & A ; Blenkin, 1996 )

It has been found that the employees are taking the aid of pills to heighten their public presentation and effectivity at workplace. Cases of decease due to drug overdose have been reported in corporate universe. “ The demand to clasp up and run into marks and underside lines has, in the past excessively, led to the cases of substance abused by employees. With the wages traveling up, wagess being liked to public presentation and variable wage touching ne’er before 40-45 % of the wages, companies are driving their employees to increase their end product ” ( The Economic Times, 18 March, 2011 ) .

However, there exist merely one effectual key of stress direction that is happiness. Nobel laureate and medical missional Albert Schweitzer, besides said, ” Success is non the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success ” . “ Social scientists provide empirical grounds that some of the cardinal aspects of a workplace include the qualities of environment, sense of intent, feeling of ownership ; societal embededness, authorization and liberty, and these could be the existent beginning of felicity ” ( The Economic Times, 18 March, 2011 ) .

Beside this, emotional intelligence may foster assist the employees to certain extend in pull offing the emphasis. Emotional intelligence can be defined as “ a set of non-cognitive abilities that influence one ‘s ability to acquire on in life, working synergistically with IQ to heighten public presentation and it is the 1 that differentiates expectational from second-rate public presentation ” ( Orme & A ; Cannon, 2000 ) . “ In many of the surveies, the findings indicate that a sustainable focal point on emotional intelligence contributes enormously towards constructing competitory advantage ” ( e.g Cooper 1997, Cooper & A ; Sawaf 1997 ) . “ It is believed that as emotional intelligence is a conditional response, it non merely can be developed, but besides honed, over clip to embrace assorted situational skylines including personal calamities and flooring state of affairss “ ( Parthasarthy, 2009 ) .

Industrial Security

Recent offense tendencies and edification of antagonists have revealed serious menaces to the corporate. Now felons have full support of proficient promotion for their occupations. The Security scenario at international every bit good as national degree is quickly switching due to predominating terrorist act, extremism, naxalism activities.

Physical security has become a portion of industrial security, which now includes forces security, preventative and protective security steps against sabotage, terrorist onslaughts, espionage, corruption, other sinister activities and monolithic fires, in add-on to the natural catastrophes.

In order to run into the challenges adduced above, the Industrial Security Systems are required to be upgraded. Security and entree control systems have to be integrated with proper mix of human elements and Modern Electronic Technical Security devices for more efficient and cost effectual security set-up.


In add-on to above, affair like, HR measuring bespeaking betterment in concern procedures ( M.Srimannarayana IJIR, vol45 ) ; usage of Potential assessment in HRM patterns and hapless execution of incorporate HRD systems attack ( T.V Rao, p66 ) are besides among some of the emerging issues of HRM in present scenario.