Dbq Essay Buddhism

DBQ ESSAY In response to the spread of Buddhism in China, these documents reveal how some people preached about it in their sermons and spoke publicly about it. They reveal how people wrote articles explaining how Confucius was wiser than Buddha. Some people even praised it along with other religions to show how together they helped mend society and government. Documents one and two both show examples of people responding to the spread of Buddhism throughout China through sermons and public speaking.

These documents were definitely agreeing with the spread of Buddhism in China. I know this because the sermon in document one it lists all of the rules or noble truths one must follow in that religion in a positive way without listing any negatives or cons. The response in document two in obvious agreement because it tells how if you follow the rules of Buddhism that you can have a peaceful afterlife in nirvana. This document was probably written because they were being invaded by central Asia at this time and wanted a way into a good afterlife.

Documents three and four both show how some people did not agree with the spread of Buddhism in China. In both documents they discuss about how Confucianism is the right way to go. An example of this is when in document three it says, “If Buddhism is the greatest and most venerable of ways, why did the great sages of the past and Confucius not practice it? ”. This quote shows how they believed that Confucius was wiser and they believed that if Confucius didn’t practice it then neither should they.

Documents five and six both show how some people believed that Buddhism was just another beneficial religion to be practiced by the world. They believed that Buddhism, along with Confucianism and Daoism, brought traits to the people to help form a more orderly government. This is proven in document five when it says, “Confucius, Laozi, and the Buddha were the perfect sages”. So the people that wrote documents five and six agreed with the spread of Buddhism in China yet did not disrespect other religions. Another piece of evidence in document six shows how they believed these hree religions to help their government when it talks about what would happen if we didn’t have the help and order of these religions, “In destroying law and injuring human-kind indeed nothing suppresses this doctrine! ” . In conclusion, the documents revealed how people tried to teach Buddhism to their people through sermons and public speaking, drive away Buddhism by explaining how Confucianism is better, and explaining that for us to have order and to prosper we should rely on teachings of Confucius, Laozi and Buddha.