Cross Cultural Communication Matrix

Cross Cultural Communication| Country| Preferred communication style | Non-verbal communication practices| Business communication norms| Strategies to increase cross-cultural communication| Brazil| Face- to-FaceRelationship OrientedPortuguese (1st) English (2nd) Spanish (3rd)| Less Personal spaceTouch is usedCustomary to give a gift at first meeting| Meetings usually start lateBetter to remain formalTechnical data should be metricPace of negotiation is much slower compared to the US.

Pg 66| Use a translator, conform to cultural norms. ————————————————- ————————————————- ————————————————- ————————————————- ————————————————- ————————————————- Use a human translator. Pg114 Observe local holiday customs – don’t try to do business mid Dec to mid Jan. pg 123————————————————- Keep it business.

Pgs 111-125Communicate, this country is similar – so communication should be relatively easy – biggest barrier is time zone. | Russia| Face-to-FaceBusiness OrientedRussian Language| Cool and aloof – they “save their smiles for friends and family” (pg 111)Small gifts acceptable but not expected. (pg 112)Patience is required when scheduling meetings (pg 111)| Can take weeks to receive a reply email or phone call – pg 111Very little personal relationship building – it’s all business pg 113All business performed in Russian – materials, brochures, verbal| | Greece| Face-to-FaceRelationship is necessary.

Pg88Similar to US and Western Europe pg 88| Touchy people, handshake is customary with men and women pg 89Gifts not customary unless already have a relationship or Christmas new year’sCommon for business over a meal pg 91| Similar to US – on time, Somewhat informal – more relationship based than the US – but sill business and pleasure together more than other countries| | References US Commercial Services. 2007). Doing business in Brazil: A country commercial guide for U. S. Companies. US Department of Commerce 64-67. US Commercial Services. (2008). Doing business in Greece: 2008 Country commercial guide for US companies. US Department of Commerce 88-97. US Commercial Services. (2008). Doing business in Russia: A country commercial guide for US companies. US Department of Commerce 111-125.