Consumer wants and needs analysis

Needs, wants and demands, selling offer, Exchanges, Transactions and Relationships Exchange. Needs, wants and demands are the most basic construct underlying selling. Human demands are stats of felt want. They include basic physical demands for nutrient vesture, heat, and safety they besides includes societal demands for belonging and fondness, and single demands for cognition and self look. These are really basic factors of human life and non invented by sellers, basic portion of human make up

Need is something you have to hold but want is something you would wish to hold. Privations are the signifier taken by human demands as they are shaped by civilization and single personality. Food is a demand but what you want to hold may differ by your state or civilization people have about limitless wants but limited resources. Therefore they want to take merchandises that provide most value and satisfaction for their money. Given their wants and resources, people demand merchandises with the benefits that add up to the satisfaction. So these demands, wants, and demands are the more of import than any of others because it makes up and generates the other four market topographic point constructs.

I do n’t hold with this statement because to carry through the client demands and to fulfill those, the sellers need to cognize the desires and purposes of the client. Today largely the selling companies go to great lengths to larn about their client ‘s demands, wants, and demands. They are utilizing assorted ways to link with the clients. Hey conduct consumer research about consumer likes and disfavors. They analyze client enquiry, guarantee, and service informations. They observe clients utilizing their ain and viing merchandises and develop gross revenues people to be on the sentinel unrealized client demands.

Porsche, because as a auto company they must necessitate to cognize the clients likes and disfavors.

Largely Porsche ‘s merchandises are epicurean and expensive autos. So the purchasers of it pass more money and they expect high satisfaction. They connect and listen to their clients to about characteristics and designs so they create, design and construct a auto to fulfill the client demands

Question 3

Each concern map has a different position of which populace activities are most of import. Operationss focus on providers and production. Finance is concerned with stock holders and sound investing, selling emphasizes consumers and merchandises, pricing, publicity, and distribution. Ideally, the different maps should work harmoniousness to bring forth value for clients.

The Human Resources Management ( HRM ) map includes a assortment of activities, and key among them is make up one’s minding what staffing demands you have and whether to utilize independent contractors or engage employees to make full these demands, recruiting and developing the best employees, guaranting they are high performing artists, covering with public presentation issues, and guaranting your forces and direction patterns conform to assorted ordinances. Activities besides include pull offing company ‘s attack to employee benefits and compensation, employee records and forces policies. If HRM is efficient these maps of human resources section maps produce best employees for every section they straight or indirectly connect with the clients. This will give to client ‘s great value and satisfaction

Question 4

BCG growth-share matrix on the perpendicular axis, market growing rate provides a step of market attraction. On the horizontal axis, comparative market portion serves as a step of company strength in the market. This contains four types of SBUs. The stars are high growing, high portion concern merchandises. They frequently need high investing to finance their rapid growing. If their growing slows they will go hard currency cattles. Cash caws are low growing, high portion concern or merchandises. This demand low investing for its successful SBU, therefore they produce a batch of hard currency that the organisation uses. Dogs are low growing, low portion concern and merchandises. They may bring forth adequate hard currency to keep themselves merely.

Question Markss are low portion concern units in high growing markets. They require a batch of hard currency to keep their portion and it ‘s besides really hard to the direction to believe about which inquiry Markss it should seek to construct into stars and which should be phased out.

Question 5

Yes, four Postscript of marketing mix does an equal occupation of depicting seller duties in fixing pull offing selling plans. Because to pull off the selling efficaciously a seller must intermix all of the four selling mix elements. Marketing plan is a combination of an organisation ‘s selling programs. Marketing research, analysis, reading and coverage of information required for marketing determination devising. But selling determinations by and large fall into the undermentioned four governable Ps they are merchandise, monetary value, topographic point, publicity.

Monetary value is the sum of money clients have to pay to obtain a merchandise or service. The pricing determinations to be made by the seller includes pricing scheme, suggested retail monetary value, volume price reduction and sweeping pricing, hard currency and early payment price reductions, seasonal pricing, bundling, monetary value flexibleness, monetary value favoritism

Merchandise refers the good and service combination the company offers to the mark market. A seller have to do some merchandise determinations in order to fix a pull offing selling plans such as trade name name, functionality, styling, quality, wadding, fixs and support, guarantee, accoutrements and services.

Topographic point includes company activities that make the merchandise available to aim consumers. Distribution channels, selling coverage, specific channel members, inventory direction, repositing, distribution centres, order processing, transit, reversal logistics

Promotions determinations means activities that make the merchandise available to aim consumers to purchase it. This includes promotional scheme, advertisement, personal merchandising and gross revenues force, gross revenues publicities, public dealingss and promotion, selling communicating budget

Question 6

Ansoff matrix or product/market growing matrix

Product/ market enlargement grid is a portfolio-planning tool for placing company growing chances through the Marketing incursion, merchandise development, market development, diversiation these are the four options that comprise the grid.

Market incursion – selling the same merchandises or services more in current markets. Normally the sellers use these schemes to alter the indistinguishable clients ‘ to regular clients, and besides change the regular client into heavy buying clients. Typical systems are bonus cards, volume price reductions and client relationship direction

Market development – a scheme for company growing by placing and developing new market sections for current company merchandises. Normally this construct used by the sellers to pull the clients from their rivals or present bing merchandises in a new markets for an illustrations introduce a merchandise in foreign markets or to present a new trade name names in market.

Merchandise development – offering modified or new merchandises to current markets. These schemes frequently used to sell other merchandises to regular clients. This can be accoutrements, adds 1s, or wholly new merchandises.

Diversification – it could get down up or purchase concern outside of its current merchandises and markets. These schemes are most hazardous type schemes

Market development is the best method for the little companies they are traveling to battle with good known larger houses.

Question 7

Company sections, providers, selling mediators, clients, rivals, and assorted populaces.

Customers – client market is a really of import histrion in a company ‘s microenvironment.a company must analyze its client market closely. There are five types of client markets. They are consumer markets, concern markets, reseller markets, authorities markets, international markets. Consumer markets consists both persons and families that buys goods and services for personal usage. Business markets buy goods and services for farther procedure or for their production procedure. Reseller markets buy goods to resell at net income. Government market buys goods and services to bring forth public services. But the international markets have all this above clients in other states including consumers, manufacturers, resellers, and authoritiess.

Company departments – to plan a good and effectual market program marketing direction takes other company sections into history such as top direction, finance, HRM, research and development, buying, fabrication and accounting for an illustration top direction sets the company ‘s aims and besides selling programs approved by top direction before they can be implemented. And selling direction. Every microenvironment factors have to maintain good relationship with other histrions to supply client value and satisfaction. Interconnections between finance sections to acquire adequate financess to transport out procedures, with R & A ; D to bring forth safe and attractive merchandises, with accounting to mensurate grosss and costs.

Populaces – the company ‘s environment includes assorted populaces. A public is any group that has an existent or possible impact on an organisation ‘s ability to accomplish its aims

Question 8

Fiscal populaces, media populaces, authorities populaces, citizen action populaces, local populaces, general populaces, internal populaces.

Media populace would hold the greatest impact in this instance set uping the new “ fuel efficient ” placement because the theoretical account have some new characteristics and besides ace efficient and non fouling intercrossed engine. So it contains some inventions so media public is the best manner of conveying these characteristics to the clients. Media public including newspapers, magazines, wireless, telecasting, cyberspace and postings so it can make big scope and sum of clients. And give wide information about the merchandise. Another point is the peculiar merchandise was a fuel guzzler that means that vehicle consumed fuel inefficiently. So this company has to alter the entire populace ‘s position on this merchandise. In this instance merely the media populace can make an equal occupation. Media populace ‘s actions like editorial sentiments and studies would do an existent and possible impact on set uping the new fuel efficient theoretical account

Question 9

Yes, the company will lose out on new chances if it does non maintain up with new engineering. The explosive growing in computing machine, telecommunications, and information engineering has had a major impact on the manner companies bring value to their clients. This has had a major impact on the ways to larn about and path clients, create merchandises and services tailored to necessitate client demands, distribute merchandises and services more efficaciously and expeditiously. So if the company fails to maintain up the updates in engineering certainly it will neglect in the competitory market.

There is no industry where engineering may non play an of import function. Because in current universe every industry they are utilizing latest engineerings to acquire the new chances and fulfill their clients.

Question 10

The accounting system -it can give much more interesting information – for illustration, the break-even point for the cellular company as a whole or for each company -product separately. It besides enables us ( the selling director ) to mensurate how profitable corporate selling attempts have been. An analysis of the informations supplied we can set our costs and grosss to give great value and satisfaction to clients

Staff members – the selling director need look no further than the staff members who really come into contact with the clients. Employees in communications or gross revenues can roll up informations that may turn out extremely relevant to us in doing the concluding determinations.

Company websites – it ‘s really utile and easy manner of internal method to acquire sufficient information. We can do a study or vote system for the merchandises we sell in our company website though the responses of the users or clients we improve the cellular services and supply client value and satisfaction.

Question 11

No, because secondary informations is the information that already exists someplace, holding been collected for another intent. But primary informations is something that consists of information collected for specific intent. In this instance the client use is a sort of secondary informations that collected and analyzed with the intent of doing pricing determination. So it became a primary information after assemblage and analysing for the peculiar ground. The procedure of assemblage and analyzing and intent of usage alterations secondary informations into primary informations.

Question 12


Large Numberss of respondents can be researched at one clip

International boundaries no longer necessitate to be an obstruction to research – worldwide research can be conducted at the chink of a button

It can be an cheap manner to carry on big research undertakings – it is possible to acquire 1000s of responses for merely a few thousand lbs

Pre-screened panels. Most big research providers have entree panels which provide an easy accessible, dependable respondent base which can react quickly to online questionnaires

It allows for a really rapid turnaround – research can be undertaken and consequences received within a few yearss. Many research providers now offer same-day bringing of consequences


Invitation-only.A A consumer must have an e-mail invitation to take part in a study. This gives the company a opportunity to verify the reference and assure that the same name and contact information is n’t already assigned to another e-mail reference in the system.

Require mailing address.A Ask for a mailing reference to direct wages points and vouchers. Once once more, if the same mailing reference comes up for multiple e-mail histories, you might hold a deceiver.

Minimal clip frame.A Set a minimal clip for finishing an on-line study. This cuts down on deceivers who fly through the study merely indiscriminately replying inquiries.

Block “ straight line ” answers.A Have the package automatically purge any studies that come back with the same missive or figure chosen for every inquiry.

Demographic consistency.A Start the study with consecutive, demographic inquiries. The following twosome of inquiries should be demographic-profiling inquiries that verify a individual ‘s sex, age, income degree, etc. If the replies to the demographic profiling inquiries do n’t match with the earlier replies, the user should be blocked.

Open-ended questions.A Include at least one short-answer, essay type inquiry that can be analyzed for contemplation. Cheaters wo n’t take the clip to reply an open-ended inquiry multiple times with significantly different responses.

Question 13

Marketing research is the systematic design, aggregation, analysis, and coverage of informations relevant to specific selling state of affairs confronting an organisation. To garner information about the primary givers in a little non-profit-making organisation by utilizing restricting factors we used our old records and notes which contain the information about them. Net income or nonprofit it does n’t count its indispensable to maintain accounting records so this is a possible manner to obtain. Another manner is to roll up it from the staffs or members of the organisation they interact with the givers. Last and concluding method is holding a confab or doing inquires and interviews with them to roll up information about them.

Question 14

Beliefs and attitudes are the general characterizes impacting consumer behaviour would most act upon the purchase of a new music cadmium through the acquisition and experience, people get beliefs and attitudes it will act upon their purchasing behaviour. Belief is a descriptive idea that a individual has about something. For an illustration assume a individual who is traveling to purchase Akon ‘s music Cadmium. He or she may believe that Akon is a great instrumentalist and that peculiar album will fulfill his or her demand of music for a long clip. Attitude is another point. Peoples have attitudes sing faith, political relations and civilization. Attitude describes a individual ‘s comparatively consistent ratings, feelings, and inclinations toward an object or thought. Attitudes put people into a frame of head of wishing or disliking things. Of traveling toward or off from them. Thus a individual may keep attitudes such as Akon is the best instrumentalist in the universe or Eminem. Attitudes are really hard to alter. In this instance attitudes are the chief impact that will act upon in purchasing a music album. Bing a fan of an creative person or set besides will come under the attitudes so believes and attitudes are the chief factor in consumer behaviour when purchasing a music Cadmium

Question 15

The frailty president of ring retail merchant says “ we believe our clients exhibit high-involvement purchasing behaviours. I do n’t hold with his statement because the clients may be extremely involved when the merchandise is expensive, hazardous, purchased infrequently and extremely self expressive. Typically it happens when the clients has much to larn about the merchandise. For an illustration, a nomadic phone purchaser must larn something and analysing about the merchandise he is traveling to purchase. Many merchandise characteristics may transport the existent significance to the client to a first clip purchaser such as 3.2 megapixels and 8gbmemory french friess. This is what we call high engagement purchasing behaviour. But for the ring a purchaser will ne’er travel through all these procedures so I do n’t hold with his statement.

Question 16

When we compare a purchaser who buying a new note book computing machine at comp USA and another purchaser who purchasing 16 oz of JIF creamy peanut butter at wal-mart. We can see excessively many differences between the two. In the first instance when purchasing a note book personal computer the client undertake high-involvement purchasing behaviour so the determination procedure is more complex when we compare with the other one and here the merchandise is expensive and hazardous 1. So this purchaser will go through through the acquisition procedure about the merchandise and its characteristics before make the determination. And besides the purchaser considers about the advantages and disadvantages, lastingness, client services after the buying and so on. So it ‘s more complex than the 2nd one.

A purchaser who buys a Jif creamy peanut wo n’t travel through these determination processes. This will come under the accustomed purchasing behaviour. It occurs under low consumer engagement and small important trade name difference. In this instance consumers have small engagement in this merchandise class. They merely go to the shop and range for the usual trade name. Here the consumer will take the most low cost and often purchased merchandises. There is no demand to roll up and analyse the trade name or its characteristics to do a determination.

Question 17

Market construction and demand of the concern market for Intel microprocessors french friess differ from its concluding consumer markets. Largely in concern market the seller ‘s trades with far fewer but far larger purchasers than its consumer seller Business sellers of Intel micro chips are besides are more geographically concentrated. It means that the concern markets have more dressed ore in some peculiar countries or parts of the state. But in contrast its consumer market spreads their position all over where they have their clients

Business demand for Intel micro french friess is derived. it wholly derives from the demand for client concern markets for Intel french friess have inelastic demand that is entire demand for the Intel french friess from its resellers is non affected by monetary value modifiers, particularly in short tally. But its concluding market has elastic demand it will easy affected by the monetary value alterations.

Intel ‘s concern markets have more fluctuating demand. Its demand in concern market tends to alter more and more rapidly than its demand in consumer market.

Question 18


In some ways consumer markets are similar to concern markets. Both involve people who assume purchasing functions and do purchase determinations to fulfill demands. Both markets are seeking to gain net income through the client satisfaction and both of them seeking to pull the clients and have a long relationship between them


Business purchasers normally face more complex purchasing determinations than do consumer purchasers. Purchases frequently involve big amounts of money, complex proficient and economic considerations and interactions among many people at many degree of the purchaser ‘s organisation. The concern purchasing procedure is more formalistic than the consumer purchasing procedure. When we compare with the consumer markets in the concern purchasing procedure purchaser and marketer are frequently much more dependent on each other. Consumer markets are normally at a distance from their clients

Question 19


1. B2B E-commerce offers maximal convenience to both parties. They can see the web sites of multiple sellers round the clock a twenty-four hours to compare monetary values and do purchases, without holding to go forth their places or offices from around the Earth.

2. e-commerce offers a manner to cut costs and spread out their markets. They do non necessitate to construct, staff, or keep a physical shop or print and distribute mail order catalogs. Automated order tracking and charging systems cut extra labour costs, and if the merchandise or service can be downloaded so e-commerce houses have no distribution costs involved.

3.It reduces the clip period involved with concern procedure re-engineering, customization of merchandises to run into the demand of peculiar clients, increasing productiveness and client attention services.

Draw dorsums

Consumers do n’t desire to purchase some merchandises online. This type of dealing has failed for the most portion because purchasers want to prove the comfort of expensive points before they purchase it. For illustration on-line furniture concerns, motor vehicles

Electronic commercialism is besides characterized by some technological and built-in restrictions which have restricted the figure of people utilizing this radical system. One of import disadvantage of e-commerce is that the Internet has still non touched the lives of a great figure of people, either due to the deficiency of cognition or trust.