Consumer Decision Making Process Purchasing A Car Marketing Essay

Harmonizing to Kotler et Al ( 2008 ) reference that understanding consumer behavior is of import for marketing direction. Consumer is the most of import character in marketing direction. Robert Bittlestone ( 2010 ) Therefore, consumer behaviors will indirectly impact the production, fiscal result and stockholder return of the company. Kotler ( 2004 ) On the other manus, sellers do non understand consumer behavior may do the gross revenues of the company bead. Therefore, the company will confront on the addition of ailments and stock returns from the consumers. This shows the of import of consumer behavior when buying a auto. Consequently, auto sellers are being recommended to understand consumer behavior. Therefore, this study describes about the features that affect consumer behavior and some treatments about the class of consumer purchasing determination. This study is adverting about a middle-income adult male who works as an comptroller. This adult male decided to purchase a new auto in his early 30s after holding two kids. This household is populating in United Kingdom. The planning in this study is including the determination devising procedure for this adult male when this adult male is traveling to buy a trade name new auto, named Volvo. Some recommendations are being provided to the auto sellers so that the company of Volvo can aim the group of targeted.

Section2: The features that affect consumer behavior

Kotler et Al ( 2008 ) mentioned that societal factor is one of the features that will act upon consumer behavior. Family is considered as one of the societal factors. In a household, parents become the most influence character that will impact kids mind in buying determination. The ground is because parents live together with kids in a long period. Therefore, the faith, political relations, economic positions, personal attitude, self respect and love from parents will indirectly act upon kids behaviour. This shows the great influence of household in consumer behavior. So, the comptroller who had married will take household determination into consideration when purchasing a auto. Plus this adult male is a individual who really concern about household members. Therefore, this adult male will prefer to buy a safer and comfy auto. Volvo ( 2010 ) In this state of affairs, Volvo auto will accommodate the demand of this adult male. The Volvo auto company has a motto which is “ You are non merely driving a auto but a promise ” . This motto is advancing the auto which has higher degree of safety. Gregory Smyth ( 2010 ) Volvo S80 is five of the safest auto in the universe. For the route in front ( 2009 ) Volvo company categorised Volvo S80 as an first-class household auto and suitable for the household who has kids. Next is the functions and position which is besides including in the societal factors. The adult male who is an accountant, feeling is a really of import issue because comptroller is considered as a professional occupation. Therefore, this adult male needs a better auto to fit his position as an comptroller. Auto Express ( 2010 ) The monetary value scope of the auto is around ?21,745 – ?37,745. ( 2010 ) Volvo S80 suits this adult male because Volvo S80 has been classified as one of the epicurean auto which has a inexpensive monetary value compared to the other same category auto. Therefore, this auto is more economical compared to the other same degree auto. Another characteristic that affect consumer behavior will be personal. The factor of personal is age and life rhythm phase. This adult male who is early 30s is categorised as a mature grownup. Kottler et Al ( 2008 ) Therefore, ages will be one of the factors that influence the purchasing determination of this adult male. Mention to the ages of this adult male, Volvo S80 suits this adult male the most because this auto is being targeted for elder group of people. In the current life-cycle phase, this adult male has a household. Every of the determination devising must affect household. The following personal factor is business. This adult male is working as an comptroller and needs to drive a auto to work daily. For the route in front ( 2009 ) Volvo S80 is non merely suited for the household who has kids but besides suited for the adult male who have to travel working in a concern hr day-to-day Office for national statistics ( 2009 ) From the research, the figure of accidents are diminishing. This shows the people in United Kingdom cares about personal safety really much. In this state of affairs, Volvo is one of the autos which have the good feeling for everyone in the safety side. Therefore, Volvo is the best picks for this adult male to buy.

Section 3: The types of consumer purchasing determination

In this subdivision is written about types of consumer purchasing determinations. Kotler et Al ( 2008 ) Complex purchasing behavior is a high consumer engagement and important sensed differences among trade names. The merchandise of buying is expensive, high hazard and seldom purchased by consumer. In this behavior, consumer will anticipate to cognize more information about the merchandises before consume. Complex purchasing behavior demands slow determination doing due to the high hazard and the high monetary value of the merchandises. Therefore, auto is considered as complex purchasing behavior. Evans et Al ( 2006 ) The degree of merchandises is depending on consumer involvement. Different people have different engagement in buying merchandises. In high engagement, consumer will utilize longer period and attempt to make research for the information of the merchandises. Therefore, for high engagement decision-making, consumer purchasing determination will usually based on the personal life style. This adult male will utilize the auto daily for working and conveying household to travel out in the weekends. Consequently, the security and safety of the auto must be in a good status. So that the household members will experience comfy when sit inside the auto. Accountant salaries – International Comparison ( 2008 ) Besides, the average monthly income for an comptroller in United Kingdom is about ?2,990. Auto Express ( 2010 ) However, the monetary value scope of the auto is ?21,745 – ?37,745. In this status, this adult male has to utilize at least 9 months of the wage to buy the auto. Articlesbase ( 2009 ) In add-on, the life anticipation for a auto is more than 13 old ages. Therefore, this adult male will do a determination easy when buying a auto. This is the ground that complex purchasing behavior is the most suited behavior in buying a auto. Kolb ( 2006 ) Other than auto, holiday is another of the complex purchasing behavior. Consumer needs longer period to make up one’s mind the finish of holiday. Therefore, holiday is similar to the auto, categorised as high consumer engagement. Kolb ( 2006 ) The first clip for consumer traveling to the topographic points for holiday is a high engagement because this merchandises or services are unfamiliar to consumer. Vacation is one of the expensive services and demands to make up one’s mind for a period of clip. Normally, consumer will non travel for holiday without be aftering. Consequently, holiday and auto are complex purchasing behavior because both need slow determination and higher monetary value to purchase.

Section 4: The constituents of the determination devising procedure

Cultural, societal, single and psychological are the factors that will impact the determination devising procedure. The phases of determination devising procedures are the demand of acknowledgment, information research, rating of options, purchase and postpurchase behavior. All this phases will be in a consideration for the adult male who wants to buy a new auto. The hebdomadal bripe ( 2010 ) First is to happen out the ground for this adult male to buy a new auto. First phase is the demand of acknowledgment. This adult male is traveling to buy a new auto because of the convenient for this adult male to travel for work. With a auto, this adult male does non hold to wake up early in the forenoon to wait for the public conveyance. This adult male besides does non hold to worry about the waiting clip for public conveyance will do the adult male arrive late to work. Therefore, this adult male starts to make up one’s mind to buy a new auto. Next is the information hunt. This adult male has to make research and make up one’s mind which type of auto is suited. This adult male is a mature adult male who concern about the safety of household. Volvo ( 2010 ) Therefore, this adult male found that Volvo is the auto that good known in safety after seeing the advertizement “ You are non merely driving a auto but a promise ” advertise Volvo is concentrating on safety. Specialists in public presentation direction ( 2002 ) This adult male saw the advertizement of Volvo S80 as a household auto is advancing safety and dependability. This meets the demand of the adult male. On the other manus, most of the Volvo sales representative are immature. Therefore, the salespeople deficiency of experience in converting client to purchase the merchandises. Volvo determines to hold gross revenues developing for the sales representative. The sales representative who are more experience will explicate the merchandises to this adult male clearly. ( 2010 ) The 3rd phase of the decision-making procedure is rating of options. This adult male will compare Volvo with other trade names and happen out more inside informations about this auto. The adult male will make up one’s mind to buy this auto due to the high ranking in safety and security. Consequently, this shows that the merchandise meets consumer demand. The 4th phase is buying determination. After doing comparing by other merchandises, this adult male confirms to purchase Volvo because Volvo S80 is economical monetary value and the ranking of safety is high. Volvo auto corporation planetary newsroom ( 2010 ) In 19 old ages clip, which is from 1991 to 2010, Volvo got 111 awarded in safety. This shows the high dependability of the auto in the portion of safety. Consequently, this auto will wholly run into the adult male satisfaction. The last phase of decision-making procedure is the most of import portion, which is postpurchase behavior. Kotler et Al ( 2008 ) Consumer satisfaction will harvest the big net income for the company because consumer will purchase the merchandises on following clip if the merchandise meets the consumer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction ( 2009 ) After selling the merchandises, company usually will inquire consumer about how is the satisfaction of consumer, will consumer purchase the merchandises once more and will consumer propose the merchandises to other people. Consumer satisfaction will increase the gross revenues of the company.

Section 5: Selling recommendations

Sellers are being recommended to utilize selling mix. Selling mix is known as 4Ps which is merchandises, topographic points, monetary value and publicity. Car is a forte merchandise which needs longer clip to make up one’s mind because auto monetary value is high. Consumer needs to make up one’s mind which trade name of auto should buy. Therefore, Volvo seller should concern about consumer satisfaction. Office for national statistics ( 2009 ) In recent old ages, the figure of auto accidents is diminishing in United Kingdom. This shows that safety in a state has being concerned by everyone. Therefore, seller can aim to advance safety auto to pull consumer. Beside of safety merchandise, monetary value is besides one of the factors that will impact consumer. Due to the economic crisis in the recent old ages, seller should concern whether is the monetary value of the auto is low-cost by consumer. Loyd Rawls ( 2010 ) The demand of the consumer will straight impact the supply and the gross revenues of company. So, seller should make research in middle-class group people. Promotion is one of the selling schemes as good. Marketer can make publicity that if consumer purchase the auto within the publicity day of the month, consumer can convey along household to take part a household event which host by Volvo. In this event, consumer will hold a opportunity to win a monetary value. Therefore, this event will assist the company to hike up gross revenues, increase the company image and popularity. On the other manus, consumer will hold a opportunity to better the relationship with household members. Sellers can take advantage to make some research in this event to understand the degree of satisfaction of consumer.

Section 6: Decision

In decision, this adult male will take Volvo after doing determination in a period of clip. Volvo S80 is a safety and low-cost auto for this adult male. This adult male will prefer a safety auto because of the influence of household members. However, position and ages make the adult male take the auto because Volvo is one of the celebrated luxury autos particularly in safety side. Before this adult male buy the auto, this adult male needs some clip to do determination because auto is a complex purchasing merchandise. This adult male must do certain that the auto is low-cost and satisfies the demand. In this ground, this adult male will necessitate some acknowledgment about the auto. After acknowledgment, this adult male will seek for the information of how good is the public presentation of the auto. Then, this adult male will measure the options of the auto which is compared the public presentation of the auto with other autos. After compared, this adult male will do a determination to purchase the auto. Last, the adult male will rate the auto public presentation and the degree of satisfaction of the auto after utilizing. The seller of the company has been recommended to make some selling direction such as marketing mix to increase the gross revenues and to construct up the image of the company. Consequently, company should understand consumer purchasing determination and satisfy consumer demands.