Color Therapy An Alternative Medicine Health And Social Care Essay

With the development that world is witnessing in all sorts of concerns from biological to industrial concerns, a immense figure of unwellnesss, viruses, infections and bacterial parasites are assailing the human organic structure. After the immense spring that world has made in medical specialty, the monetary values of mundane medical specialty are increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours so the demand for a new medical specialty is extremely needed. This is where Color Therapy plays its function. Color Therapy is used non for merely physical unwellnesss, but besides for emotional, religious and mental energy leaks.

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Thesis statement:

But how Color Therapy works? What are the 7 Chakras and their belongingss? What are the effects of Color Therapy on wellness? Can Color Therapy be used as an alternate medical specialty?

How and when colour therapy is practiced and discovered?

Mechanism of Color Therapy.

The seven chakras ( the Crown, the 3rd oculus, the pharynx, the bosom, the solar rete, the sacral, the root ) and their definitions.

Effectss of Color Therapy on wellness.

Color therapy used as an alternate medical specialty.

Color Therapy an Alternative Medicine?

Color therapy was foremost practiced in India as an ancient signifier of medical specialty, and it was found subsequently on in China and in ancient Egyptian civilization although antediluvian Egyptians and ancient Greeks made mending temples of visible radiation and colourss which is a spot like Color Therapy. Color therapy was developed in the nineteenth century in the U.S and Europe. Dr. Edwin Babbit published a book in 1878 that was called “ The Principles of Light and Color ” which contained multiple techniques in utilizing colour for curative grounds. Then in 1933 an Indian scientist named Dinshah Ghadiali made a unequivocal research on Color Therapy and published “ The Spectro Chrometry Encyclopedia ” that laid the foundations for most of the modern techniques in Color therapy. Around the same clip “ Syntonics ” which is a signifier of colour therapy was developed by Dr. Harry Riley Spitler, who found out that he can bring forth psychological and physiological alterations to his patients by changing colourss into their eyes ( History of Color Therapy ) . From that clip, colour therapy is increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours and more widely used for multiple grounds such as physical, emotional, religious and mental unwellnesss. Color therapy is besides called Chromotherapy. A Chromotherapist can utilize colour and visible radiation so he can renew and reconstruct energy wherever a organic structure is leaking either its physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. But how Color Therapy works? What are the 7 Chakras and their belongingss? What are the effects of Color Therapy on wellness? Can Color Therapy be used as an alternate medical specialty?

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Color Therapy is used for a assortment of unwellnesss get downing from bacterial onslaughts, virus infections, musculus hurting, Seasonal Affective DisorderA ( SAD ) and really unsafe diseases as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome disease or in other footings AIDS.

Mechanism of Color Therapy

Everything on Earth vibrates at a certain frequence including diseases like bacterial diseases virus and fungous diseases that attack the human organic structure every twenty-four hours and anyplace ( Color Therapy – How It Works ) . Color is a belongings of visible radiation and every colour has its ain frequence. By fiting the frequence of the colour and the disease we can project the colour that has the same frequence of the disease onto the patient. That will stop up by assailing the disease ensuing in a healing procedure. So for more elucidation, Color Therapy works by fiting the frequence wavelength of a colour to that of a disease, virus or infection. For illustration, it ‘s merely like a wireless ; a individual demand ‘s to fit the frequence of the wireless to the station that he wants.

The 7 Chakras and their definitions

Our organic structure can be divided into 7 “ force centres ” which are called the 7 Chakras which each one of them has multiple maps and each Chakra has its ain colour and belongingss. These Chakras are “ energy centres ” in the human organic structure and if one or more of them are blocked the organic structure is vulnerable to unwellnesss from physical disfunction, emotional, mental and religious jobs.

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The seven Chakras are as follows:

The Crown Chakra:

Located at the top of the caput, it has the colour violet, attributed to inspiration, wisdom, and spiritualty. If imbalanced, the patient will endure from depression, deficiency of foundation and deficiency of inspiration. To equilibrate, the patient needs to chew over.

The Third Eye Chakra:

Located between the superciliums, with Indigo Blue as colour. It is attributed to intuition, imaginativeness, perceptual experience and head. When imbalanced, the patient will endure from concerns, hapless oculus sight and deficiency of concentration. To equilibrate, the patient needs to chew over and utilize guided visual image.

The Throat Chakra:

Located in the pharynx country, with Sky Blue as colour. It is attributed to communicating, look, higher intelligence. When imbalanced, the patient will endure from trouble in communication, and buried emotions. To equilibrate, the patient needs to Sing, chant, busyness, breathe consciously.

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The Heart Chakra:

Located in the bosom country in the centre of the thorax, with green as colour. It is attributed to unconditioned love, forgiveness, compassion, peace, tolerance. When imbalanced, the patient will endure from choler, bosom jobs, rigidness and deficiency of love. To equilibrate, the patient needs to function others, love and take attention of himself and take a breath consciously.

The Solar Plexus Chakra:

Located at the solar rete ( between the thorax and the umbilicus. ) country, with Yellow as colour. It is attributed to the will, finding, averment, choler, personal power, hearty laughter, the manner one presents himself to the universe. When imbalanced, a patient may see deficiency of will, overemphasis on power, choler, hapless digestion, eating upsets, fright and hatred. To equilibrate the patient needs to rub his belly, become aware of the energy radiating from his solar rete, breathe utilizing his stop.

The Sacral Chakra:

Located at the lower belly ( country behind the umbilicus ) with Orange as colour. It is attributed to creativeness, sexual energy ( for adult females ) , sexual inherent aptitude, emotion, desire and pleasance. When imbalanced, the patient will endure from sexual jobs, green-eyed monster, possessiveness, uterine or bladder jobs and lower back hurting. To equilibrate the patient must utilize sexual healing ; seek new ways of showing himself creatively, dance, and pattern yoga.

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The Root Chakra:

Located at the base of the spinal column, with Red as colour. It is attributed to good wellness, survival inherent aptitudes, verve and gender ( for work forces ) . When imbalanced, the patient will endure from force, choler, irregularity, and survival frights. To Balance, the patient must pass some clip each twenty-four hours sitting straight on the Earth, and dancing ( Kastner, Mark, L.A.c. , Dipl.Ac. , and Burroughs, Hugh Alternative Mending The – Complete A to Z Guide to More Than 150 Alternative Therapies P.54-56 ) . This is an image to exemplify the 7 Chakras, their locations and colourss:

Color therapy 9

Effectss of Color Therapy on wellness

Color therapy uses colour in a assortment of ways to advance wellness and healing. It is a system of mending that dates back to antediluvian Egypt, when colour was used to handle a assortment of unwellnesss. Although Sir Isaac Newton, in the late seventeenth century, identified that visible radiation is composed of a mixture of colourss, existent involvement in the healing belongingss of visible radiation did non reappear. Further research on the effects of colour on disease was carried out by Dr Sinsha P. Ghadiali ( 1873-1966 ) , who developed a system of coloured filters that could be used for mending. In 1947, a Russian research worker, S. V. Krakov, conducted experiments on the ways in which colour affects the nervous system. Krakov identified that the ruddy colour stimulates the adrenal secretory organs and raising the blood force per unit area and pulse rate. Blue or white have a calming consequence on the human organic structure. Recent surveies have shown that full spectrum visible radiation is a must for wellbeing, as full spectrum visible radiation is frequently used to handle SAD ( Seasonal Affective Disorder ) and other signifiers of depression. Color therapy can besides be used to handle a scope of unwellnesss including emphasis, behavioural jobs, insomnia, chronic weariness, digestive upsets, concerns, cervix and back hurting.

Color therapy used as an alternate medical specialty

Color therapy is really soft ; it ‘s suited for everyone including kids and the aged. It is non to be used in topographic point of a conventional medical intervention as stated by scientific research workers, but it can decidedly assist a individual heal. This may be because of a

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relaxed province of head, get the better ofing psychological issues or because of the theory behind the therapy. So from the consequences that Color Therapy has provided, it will non be efficient as a medicine. However, the patient needs to hold his medicines, see a physician, so think of taking a Color Therapy.

Alternate medical specialties are every bit popular as of all time, and one of the most curative and least persistent of all of these types of interventions is colour therapy. It has been around for many 100s of old ages and plants by heightening the energy centres of the organic structure which causes physical, emotional, religious and mental jobs.

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