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By playing violent video games teenagers are rewarded when they are successful in which they take to the real world as well. In some way if the game is played to often the boundaries between violence and fun in the game and violence in real life can be crossed. The large amount of weapons, dead bodies and gore shown in the video games makes the teens insensitive to aggression and violence. According to many researches, video games, especially violent video games, make teens aggressive in nature, lazy and violent. Almost all children play video games. An average seventh grader plays video games at least 18 hours per week and most of those games are violent. However, the supporters of violent video games argue that most of the violent and gore video games are rated adult material for the reason that mature adults are not likely to be influenced from these shooting and aggressive games and would not show aggressive behavior in the real world. The only problem is that teenagers still play these adult games and are still heavily influenced by them.

Rappers like Eminem have violent lyrics. One example is when Eminem wanted to kill his wife and ask his daughter to help throw her mom in the bottom of the ocean because he made a bed at the bottom of the ocean. When reporters ask him why he has such violent lyrics he blames his alter ego Slim for everything that happens, with his family, and work, that is bad. “I do promote violence and I don’t care. “-Eminem. Artists don’t get in trouble for the negative message they send to teens. Rap music puts teens at risk to get arrested 2 times more. 66% of 13- to 17-year-olds believe violence in music is partly responsible for violent crimes. Music has a big impact on a teenagers life it helps up when were down and to make us happy. The last way media portrays violence is in Video games. More than 70 percent of American teenage boys have played the violent and adult-rated Grand Theft Auto video games. This will make them more aggressive. This can cause teens to fight with their peers by using what they see in the game to attack their peers. 8 percent of games show aggression that went unpunished. Video games are a form of entertainment among youth. 70 percent of children from ages 2 to 18 have access to video games at home. Teens that aren’t exposed to violence in media will be less likely to have violent behaviors. If parents don’t allow their child to watch too much T.V and play less video games than they will be