Business Plan Summary Of Chimera Manor Management Essay

Chimera Manor is a wedding response established by the partnership of Joanna Kazzi and Mitchell Perry. Both coming from a concern background Joanna and Mitchell are experienced and dedicated professionals. Chimera Manor promises to give our clients our undivided attending to work with them to make the event of their dreams. Our service includes three response halls all with balconies that look out onto Bondi Beach, every bit good as professional advice on budget planning and referrals to florists, hair stylists, entertainers, instrumentalists, etc.

In the establishment stage of the concern life rhythm Joanna and Mitchell are prepared to confront the challenges in front, such as a little client base due to increased competition in the local country. They are cognizant that they will be working with a figure of clients with different thoughts, positions and ends and are supplying a service where client gustatory sensations are invariably altering and are wholly prepared to confront this challenge. Once this concern has moved into the following phase of the concern life rhythm alterations will be made to the locale in order to maintain returning and new clients interested, as both Joanna and Mitchell understand that the key to success is to stay above the remainder. They plan to accomplish this with changeless invention to the concern to non stay in the same place.

Through a figure of advertisement techniques the Chimera Manor plans to slowly widen its installations to suit to the different demands that clients may necessitate. Through finding, difficult work and assurance Joanna and Mitchell ‘s concern will win and through that they plan to run into their short-run, intermediate and long-run ends over the span of 5-7 old ages.

The Business

Business name: Chimaera Manor

Business construction: Partnership

ABN: 72 563 198 210

ACN: 987 321 654

Business location: 34 Campbell Parade

Bondi Beach, Sydney

NSW, 2026.

Date established: 8 October 2009.

Business proprietor ( s ) : Joanna Kazzi

Mitchell Perry

Relevant proprietor experience: Joanna and Mitchell are experient professionals, both with a concern background. Joanna antecedently worked as server while analyzing at university. She so moved on to working as an event contriver for two old ages where through beginnings she met Mitchell and they decided to utilize their typical accomplishments to open their ain concern. Mitchell merely late completed his cordial reception class and programs to return to university to finish a concern class in order for Chimera Manor to be successful.

Products/services: Chimera Manor is a response locale available for hire with three separate suites on different degrees in order to suit more than one event each dark if necessary. This locale was built about 75 old ages ago and is a three-storey manor with big balconies that look out onto the ocean, with a complete glass roof the third-storey provides for a beautiful dark sky position. This locale is able to keep a party of 400 invitees on each degree. The proprietors of the Chimera Manor are besides prepared to supply professional advice on budget planning and present clients with a scope of trusty referrals to instrumentalists, entertainers, florists, make-up creative persons, etc.

The Market

Target market

Chimera Manor aims to pull grownups ( 18 old ages and over ) . It is available for hire for assorted events, every bit good as nuptialss. Adults looking to engage this locale must hold a sufficient income in order to bask the installations available.

Marketing scheme:

In order to pull clients to engage Chimera Manor advertizements will aerate on telecasting and over the wireless. Ad this locale in the local newspaper is besides an effectual manner to pull a figure of people who may state others through word of oral cavity. Through these advertisement techniques Chimera Manor will easy construct a bigger client base that may utilize the locale for a figure of events, other than nuptialss. Chimera Manor besides has an association with ‘Five Star Bonbonnieres ‘ ; who will mention clients to our locale. These clients will have a price reduction if they make a purchase from Five Star Bonbonnieres and engage on of our event suites.

The Future

Vision statement:

In five old ages Chimera Manor purposes to hold a big client base and is featured in a figure of marrying magazines.

Over the span of 10 old ages we would wish to spread out our concern to at least two other locations across Australia.

Mission statement

The Chimera Manor will accomplish this vision by supplying the best service possible for clients, in order to make the event of their dreams and leave the locale with merely good reappraisals.


The ends of the concern at this point in clip are to run into any fiscal debts that we may confront in the months to come, besides to offer a pick from three different bill of fares.

The Fundss

In order to get down our concern we will utilize a great part of our ain nest eggs and hopefully through some difficult work and happy clients we will pay off any debts incurred throughout the twelvemonth.

Purpose of the program

The Chimera Manor is a freshly established concern by the partnership of Joanna Kazzi and Mitchell Perry. In order for this concern to be successful Joanna and Mitchell have a set of ends they hope to accomplish in the close to distant hereafter.

Fiscal Goals

This set of ends relate to the fiscal public presentation of a concern. The chief fiscal ends for all concerns are aimed at increased profitableness and long-run growing.

Net income is a cardinal consideration in the long-run endurance of a concern. It is cardinal to a concern, in order to run into daily disbursals, such as rewards, insurance and electricity. Net income from the concern will besides supply a return on Joanna and Mitchell ‘s original fiscal investing into their concern. By efficaciously pull offing all fundss it is projected that Joanna and Mitchell will be able to efficaciously utilize these net incomes to better their locale and for their personal usage by January 2011.

While net income will profit the concern in the long-run, guaranting the success of the concern in the short-run is indispensable in order for it to last in the market. Joanna and Mitchell will necessitate to put in market research to increase gross revenues and gaining control a greater per centum of the market ; this factor is indispensable as there are a figure of rivals in the surrounding environment.

Social Goals

In the first twelvemonth that the Chimera Manor has opened its services to the community it will concentrate on increasing its client base and edifice a net income. Once this concern is in a stable fiscal place Joanna and Mitchell program to help in school fundraising plans and will donate financess to a figure of charities, such as the Starlight Foundation, the Royal Blind Society, and RSPCA.

The Chimera Manor is besides responsible for advancing safe environmental patterns. Throughout the locale ‘green ‘ lighting has been installed along with H2O efficient lights-outs in the public toilets and solar warming.

Personal Goals

Personal ends relate to the personal outlooks Joanna and Mitchell intend to derive from their concern. It is understood that having and pull offing the Chimera Manor is a major accomplishment for both proprietors and has been a personal end for each for a figure of old ages. Joanna and Mitchell are excited to be running this concern and purpose to do it an accepting, disputing and exciting place to come to each twenty-four hours. They aim to delight both their clients and their employees by supplying a safe and gratifying environment, and supply the event of everyone ‘s dreams.

In add-on to doing a net income and suiting to the demands of everyone involved with the concern Joanna and Mitchell are eager to lend to the community by affecting themselves in fundraisers and other events ; this will both back up the community and publicize their concern to a figure of new clients.

The Business

Business direction and ownership

The Chimera Manor is a little concern registered as a partnership under the names of Joanna Kazzi and Mitchell Perry. This concern was established 10 months ago and after months of vigorous be aftering the brace is prepared to open the locale to the populace.

Presently in the establishment stage of the concern life rhythm Joanna and Mitchell have found a location, hired staff, bought equipment and stuffs needed and have started to publicize this locale through assorted beginnings. Equally good as confronting these challenges they are prepared for what is to come following once they have officially opened to the populace and engagements start to increase. At this point Joanna and Mitchell do non hold many debts to pay, as the original capital invested into the concern was a extremely sufficient sum. Fundss have been put aside to pay for any unsuspected surprises that may happen in the months to come.

Joanna Kazzi and Mitchell Perry have established this concern as a partnership as they plan to portion the duty of both the financess and the work load and besides due to the added advantage of holding greater entree to fundss. The Chimera Manor is a alone event locale dur to the partnership these two experienced professionals. Joanna and Mitchell possess different accomplishments, endowments and originative thoughts that when set together can carry through to make the event of anyone ‘s dreams.

Disadvantages of holding a partnership understanding is that the concern has unlimited liability, where if necessary, the proprietors personal assets will be seized to pay off any debts incurred in the concern. Arguments may originate from differing positions or thoughts between the two proprietors, although Joanna and Mitchell are prepared to confront these challenges if they arise.

The concern life rhythm

The different phases a concern and/or its merchandises will frequently travel through over the class of its being is known as the concern life rhythm. Not every concern will travel through every phase and non all little concerns will win as a consequence of these phases. The phases of the life rhythm include, establishment, growing, adulthood and post-menopause, from this point concerns may see reclamation, steady province, diminution and/or surcease.



Due to a high uncertainness of the success or failure of this concern hazard degrees are high during this phase of the life rhythm. This concern will necessitate to bring forth sufficient gross to cover costs and supply a net income to the proprietors. Another challenge is confronting a slow start-up, in order to get the better of this challenge the concern will necessitate to develop appropriate selling schemes to make an consciousness of the concern and its merchandises. The Chimera Manor will besides necessitate to guarantee that all authorities ordinances are invariably followed.


During this phase the concern is presented with different chances that were non available to it during the establishment stage. The life rhythm besides offers the concern many more challenges. The concern is assumed to see gross revenues, as more clients are cognizant of its services along with this the concern will see increased gross, net income and market portion. As the fiscal public presentation improves the concern must develop budgets to greater organise fiscal issues. Stock must be managed right and specific maps of the concern may necessitate to be outsourced, such as cleansing and accounting. Joanna and Mitchell will besides necessitate to analyze chances that will prolong the growing of their concern.


The 3rd phase of the concern life rhythm is hard for most concerns, as concern growing and market portion get down to decelerate and it faces increased competition from new concerns come ining the market. The concern needs to stay advanced to keep client trueness and involvement in its services. Both employees and directors will necessitate to stay motivated so as to non lose thrust and enthusiasm and undertakings do non go everyday and deadening. Keeping an involvement in the external environment is besides of import in order to stay cognizant of altering consumer forms and tendencies. Management will besides necessitate to guarantee the fiscal place of the house to cover disbursals.

Post- adulthood

Post-maturity is the concluding phase of the concern life rhythm. During this phase, cardinal determinations will be made that finally make up one’s mind the hereafter of this concern. Challenges in this phase depend on the way directors decide to follow ; in this instance Joanna and Mitchell program to regenerate their concern for a long-run hereafter. Directors will necessitate to be cognizant of their legal duties associating to duties to their creditors, providers and employees. Employees will continually necessitate to be motivated and an active involvement in the external concern environment demands to be maintained.


Description of good and service

The Chimera Manor is a concern in the service sector of the industry. It is a response locale managed by two experient professionals that besides offer advice on budget planning and present clients with a scope of trusty referrals to instrumentalists, entertainers, florists, make-up creative persons, etc. The Chimera Manor has merely late been opened to the public and provides modern trappingss and can be decorated as the clients choose, in order to make the event of their dreams.

The Chimera Manor uses the most current equipment in all countries of the venue- the halls, kitchens and the bathrooms. Customers will be encouraged to supply a provender back of their clip at the Chimera Manor in order for Joanna and Mitchell to do the experience even more memorable for the following cutomer/s.

Similar to most concerns, the Chimera Manor plans to budget financess in order to outsource certain maps of the concern. Cleaning the locale will be outsourced to a little concern specializing in that undertaking. Accounting will besides be outsourced one time this concern has been working for a few months and is in a safe fiscal place.

Joanna Kazzi and Mitchell Perry are cognizant of their legal duties, particularly to their employees. Workplace issues, such as occupational wellness and safety and the anti-discrimination policy are really of import to Joanna and Mitchell and issues will be dealt with instantly if a state of affairs may originate. Motivation of staff is besides an of import issue to Joanna and Mitchell, as they want employees to bask coming to work everyday and non be dragged down by the same insistent undertakings.

Staffing demands and accomplishments

The Chimera Manor employs a figure of servers, experienced saloon stamps and kitchen staff. Training is non provided ; hence all staff members have studied and are experienced in their specific field. There are three degrees to the Chimera Manor and staff members will jump displacements on the assorted degrees.

Mitchell will work as the caput chef in the kitchen. Mitchell works along side a homework cook ( prepares the kitchen for the displacement to come ) , a line cook ( assigned to a station in the kitchen line ) , a sous chef ( 2nd in bid ) , a kitchen director ( organises the ordination and pull offing the staff ) , and a dish washer. The Chimera Manor employs two staff members that specialise in each place in instance the locale is suiting to more than one event at a clip.

Two qualified saloon stamps are employed at the Chimera Manor, jumping their displacements as merely one works for each event. At this phase, the concern has hired ten experient servers, if the demand for more servers is expressed, Joanna and Mitchell will non waver to engage more staff.

Current staff

Job Title





Barbara Irvine

Bianca Greene

Christian Jericho

Colleen Roberts

Emma Potter

Irene Smart

Jeff Copeland

Kelly Right

Lynn Granger

Penn Smith

Maitre vitamin D ‘


Daniel Chase

Head Chef


Aden Bates

Mitchell Perry

Prep cook


Leah Paterson

Line cook


Destiny Stewart

Dexter Simons

David Roberts

Sous chef


Indigo Brown

Luke Mitchell

Kitchen director


Ruby Breeds



Charlotte Holden

Nick Auldren

Bar stamp


Geoff Rocks

Lucas Wakefield

Office helper

Emily Dale

Event organiser


Angelo Jacobz

Joanna Kazzi

Office Manager


Joanna Kazzi

Mitchell Perry


Market analysis


The Chimera provides its installations for grownups, 18 old ages and over. Customers range from, university pupils, people working parttime to pay their manner through school, grownups concentrating on their calling and twosomes. These clients may necessitate to throw a birthday party, battle, bachelor/ette and engagement parties or the Chimera Manor ‘s specialty- nuptialss.

Market size and tendencies

There are a figure of well-known response locales across Sydney. These locales remain advanced and up to day of the month with consumer tendencies. The Chimera Manor plans to set up itself as the ‘next large thing ‘ and as a major rival to these locales. Through assorted advertisement techniques and keeping an active involvement in the external concern environment Joanna and Mitchell will accomplish this end and organize a big client base to vie with bing response locales.


The Chimera Manor ‘s chief rivals are the environing response locales in the country. Campbell Parade is Bondi ‘s chief strip and a major attractive force for little concern proprietors. These environing locales may be cheaper and have been opened for longer when compared to the Chimera Manor but Joanna and Mitchell program to accomplish a good repute in order for clients to distribute the word about this concern. This response locale besides has the added advantage of being located on a great piece of land, three floors with a glass roof on the top floor and big balconies of each degree looking out onto the ocean.




Swiss Grand Resort and Spa

203 suites in the resort

4.5 star

Resort- provides suites for invitees.

Directly on the beach.

Nick ‘s Bondi Beach Pavilion

Venue capacity of 600

Restaurant with map installations.

Hilton Sydney

23 meeting suites

4.5 star

Hotel- provides suites every bit good as eating houses, bars and event halls

Cruise saloon

3 degrees

Sydney Harbour background



Good location- beautiful position.

Located on a big piece of land.

Unique locale.

Surrounded by a few hotels.

Advanced border.

Possible to spread out concern to assorted locations across Australia.

Good client service.

Society attitudes.

Provide clients with a feedback sheet in order to do betterments in the hereafter.

Keeping involvement in consumer gustatory sensations and penchants.

Professional staff.



May be excessively expensive for some people to afford.

High competition in the area- surrounded by a figure of response locales.

Presently no client base.

Sudden addition in costs, such as revenue enhancement and measures.

Poor web site.

SWOT analysis


Finance is the procedure of supplying and pull offing the financess that are needed so that goods and services can be produced.

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and finance involves roll uping and analyzing the fiscal information of a concern and pass oning the consequences to relevant stakeholders.

The concern will be funded through personal financess, the original investing capital by the two proprietors and if necessary a little concern loan will be taken out of the bank. In order to interrupt even the concern will necessitate to run expeditiously for about a twelvemonth. At this point the fiscal position of the concern is assuring.

Start-up Costss

Start-Up Costss

Cost ( $ )

Equipment/ Capital Costss

Cost ( $ )


Construction/ reconstructing


Business name


Start-up capital




Office Equipment





Accountant fees


Fax machine


Sphere name


Furniture and decorating





Building and contents




Public liability


Plant and Equipment

Merchandise liability


Kitchen stock


Workers compensation




Business assets




Stationary and office supplies




Selling and advertisement


Alcoholic drinks


Market Research


Cutlery, dishware, glasswork


Business cards


( For 500 )

Public toilet comfortss


Website development


Sound system


Phone connexion




Internet connexion


Security System




Utility connexions


Computer package








Entire Start-up Costss

$ 40,365

Entire Equipment/ Capital Costss

$ 109,895

Balance Sheet Forecast



Current assets

Cash at bank


( drinks )




Non-current assets

Plant and equipment


Furniture and public toilet comfortss

Computer equipment








Entire assets


Current liabilities

Histories collectible







Entire liabilities


Owners ‘ equity




Entire liabilities and proprietors ‘ equity


Net income and Loss Forecast



Gross saless gross


Gross saless

Less Cost of goods sold

Opening stock


Closing stock






Gross Net income



Ad and selling

Accountancy fees

Interest paid to bank


Printing and stationary

Repairs and care

Wages and rewards








Cutlery, dishware, glasswork

Security and sound systems


















Entire disbursals


Net net income


Expected Cash Flow Statement


Cash flow from operating activities

Grosss from clients

Payments to providers and employees

Net hard currency provided by ( used in ) operating activities


( 20,900 )


Cash flow from puting activities

Payment for belongings, works and equipment

Market research

Net hard currency provided by ( used in ) investment activities

( 62,000 )

( 5,000 )

( 62,500 )

Cash flow from funding activities

Interest paid to bank

Accountancy fees

Net hard currency provided by ( used in ) funding activities

Cash at beginning of twelvemonth

( 10,000 )

( 1,200 )

( 11,200 )


Cash at terminal of twelvemonth


Critical reappraisal

In my sentiment this concern program for the Chimera Manor was constructed really good. In order to assist me finish it I used a templet found off the Internet, my Business Studies text edition and other assorted web sites.

Initially finishing a program of attack tabular array was really effectual as it helped me complete certain undertakings by a certain day of the month instead than go forthing the whole assignment until the last minute. By the concluding due day of the month I made a few betterments to the program as it was in the incorrect order when compared to a existent concern program. There are countries that can be improved with my program if I were to get down over. Researching more about bing concerns, particularly reception halls may hold helped with certain facets that have small information written about it. Researching about the location before settling for one may besides hold helped do countries of this undertaking simpler. Without this information I was stuck in certain countries, for illustration the intent of the program and competition in the encompassing country. For all subdivisions of this assignment I started to work on them a small late ( excessively near to the due day of the month ) although all subdivisions were handed in on clip.

My original issue before really get downing this assignment was make up one’s minding on the type of response I wanted to make which I subsequently learned would extremely depend on the location ; a really elegant response hall will necessitate to be in a posh country with duplicate furniture, while a simple, but attractive response hall may be in a non so expensive country, such as Burwood. Choosing the location of Bondi Beach was n’t an highly easy pick for me as I was holding problem make up one’s minding between being surrounded by a wood or the beach, and between an indoor or an out-of-door location.

Showing my concern program professionally was easy as I found a straightforward templet to follow every bit good as following the headers provided in my text edition. I had problem composing the intent of the program because the description in the book did n’t depict what falls under that heading really good. After discoursing it with friends and following another templet off the Internet I decided to depict the different ends that my concern purposes to accomplish. The fiscal prognosiss were pretty clip devouring because I found it rather hard to realistically gauge the monetary value of the assorted equipment/furniture needed for a nuptials response ( even though I still might non hold included all things necessary ) . Get downing the assignment excessively late is besides a major failing that I possess and should better on.

I think my chief strong points in this undertaking were finishing the SWOT analysis and finishing the staffing demands. Research was done to guarantee what places needed to be employed in a nuptials response locale but my old cognition about running a eating house, which I learnt in nutrient engineering, helped a batch. I besides did good with following my program of attack ( I did n’t take or detain any facet of the program ) and wholly all subdivisions the best I could.

As a whole, I think this assignment was simple but took up a batch of clip, as there were many mini subdivisions to eventually finish it as a full professional concern program. Even with the minor failings listed above I think I worked on this assignment really good.

Timetable puting for completion of undertakings


Complete by

What will be done

Identify the concern

19 July

Research and study

Invent a program of attack

19 July

Research and study

Products/ services

19 July

Research and study

Vision and mission statement

19 July

Think in front about what the concern purposes to accomplish. Report

Business description and ownership

19 July

Identify the ownership of the concern. Report


19 July

Expression at maps. Report.

Brief background about proprietors

19 July

Question, research and study.

Understand the concern life rhythm

26 July


Explain the challenges that each phase presents for direction.

26 July



26 July

Research and study

Staffing demands

26 July

Research and study

Accounting and finance

26 July

Research costs and study

Market analysis

26 July


Identify factors impacting the concern

26 July

Observe, research and study

Identify rivals

26 July

Research local concerns and study

Assess concern program ( SWOT analysis )

26 July

Research, observe and study

Fiscal prognosiss

4 August

Observe and study

Identify the intent of the program

4 August


Identify the effectivity of the program

4 August

Research and study

Complete the concluding study

4 August

Sum up information and study