Being a military family

Being a military family, you tend to move quite frequently experiencing culture, climate and geography of all sorts of various places. Each state has its benefits but also downfalls of living there. Of three places I have lived, Hawaii, Colorado and Pennsylvania, people who live in Hawaii have a greater sense of well-being because of its relaxing culture, many beaches, and mountains. Hawaii is a place people from all over the world travel to, to see its beautiful geography. Multiple hiking trails send you through the jungle to see beautiful waterfalls and huge banyan trees.

The Ha’iku stairs, also known as the stairway to heaven, is steep along the mountain with over three-thousand steps to the top where the view is breathtaking and peaceful. Snorkeling is also one of the top things to do in Hawaii and Haunama State park is the primary place to do it. Being able to swim with sea turtles and see the natural habitat of coral and all the fish around it is something most people only get to do when vacationing but not when you live only miles from the beach. The main reason Hawaii is the best place to live is its culture.

It is deeply influenced by the Polynesians who love and worship the land and believe that family comes first. Multiple Buddhist temples make it easy to meditate. And every weekend at Germaine’s Luau there are hula dancers and the best Polynesian foods served. Being around such happy people with beaches on every corner can make any bad mood stray away, making Hawaii the happiest place to live. Colorado is the state of the Rocky Mountains and is ideal for outdoor recreations. It is home to the Garden of the Gods park where there are paths through natural rock formations.

Even though you have the scenery of the mountains, if you like the beach life, there is not a beach within driving distance and the winters can be brutal. With the highest elevation reaching over 14,000 feet high there are symptoms people often experience when first moving or vacationing to the state. The elevation can cause headaches, dizziness and even nausea. When being in such high elevations there are precautions you should take, like drinking alcohol and exercising. In the city of Colorado Springs theres a town called Manitou Springs, also known as the town where hippies go to die.

The town has multiple recreational and medical marijuana shops and is a staple of the town. Many small bars with jam based bands play daily and the streets are filled with people each weekend. With such a high attraction for marijuana stores the tourists come in waves making more traffic, a young crowd and not a place you would like to take your children. Colorado Characteristic 1: Colorado is home to the Rocky Mountains Example 1: Garden of the Gods is a popular tourist area known for its miles of paths through natural rock formations; Rock Climbing- Far drive to any beaches.