Apple inc and its production and marketing of the iphone

Apple iphone

Company Information

Apple Inc. ( Apple ) designs, industries and markets a scope of personal computing machines, nomadic communicating and media devices, and portable digital music participants, and sells a scope of related package, services, peripherals, networking solutions, and third-party digital content and applications. It ‘s merchandises and services include Macintosh ( Mac ) computing machines, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Xserve, a portfolio of consumer and professional package applications, the Mac OS X and iOS runing systems, third-party digital content and applications through the iTunes Store, and a scope of accoutrement, service and support offerings. The Company sells its merchandises globally through its retail shops, online shops, and direct gross revenues force and third-party cellular web bearers, jobbers, retail merchants, and value-added resellers. As of September 25, 2010, the Company had opened a sum of 317 retail shops, including 233 shops in the United States and 84 shops internationally. Change all words


Firms runing in an international environment face a host of uncertainnesss that make it hard to run into deadlines faithfully. To be dependable in an unsure and altering environment, houses must be able to rapidly react to alterations. Change all words.

Analysis: When pull offing a alteration in an administration Internet Explorer, contriving the Apple iphone 4, the life rhythm theoretical account could be adopted. This attack states that directors view alteration in a logical manner, program in progress, set aims, duties, deadlines and budgets. After the director and his squad have identified a spread in the market and ready to contrive the new merchandise Internet Explorer, iphone 4, the director can put a end for a new merchandise development and aims could be set in order to bring forth the right merchandise. In Apple inc. the trough Mark Papermaster did non hold good managerial accomplishments which lead to the company bring forthing a merchandise with a mistake. Mark Paparmaster did non follow by holding a proper program for iphone 4, he did non prove the merchandise good plenty before it was introduced in the market and besides the design of the merchandise was an issue eg, when the phone was held in a certain place the signal strength from the device woulf fade off.

Management theoretical accounts

In the recent old ages information engineering has increased immensely taking to making new ways of forming concern procedures within the company. It is of import to hold direction theoretical accounts in an international competative organisation Internet Explorer, Apple iphone. Hence the direction theoretical account helps jobs to be identified, understood and resolved. ( Aalst W, Hee K. ( 2002 ) .A Workflow direction: theoretical accounts, methods, and systems.A Available: hypertext transfer protocol: // hl=en & A ; lr= & A ; id=O1xW1_Za-I0C & A ; oi=fnd & A ; pg=PR7 & A ; dq=importance+of+management+models+ & A ; ots=I7fxd5Ce1Q & A ; sig=ugUWEV3lD8TgHpnbJA3vrhbmPEE # v=onepage & A ; q=importance % 20of % 20management % 20mo.A )

Puting in order a direction theoretical account is of import as it helps to place a state of affairs in the organisation and enables directors to be after, organize, take and command operations in the internal concern organisation. Joan Magretta said, ‘without a theory of some kind it ‘s difficult to do sense of what ‘s go oning in the universe around you. ‘ ( pg 39 ) Directors use the direction theoretical account and theories to assist steer their actions in working accurately and expeditiously therefore cut downing jobs originating in the organisation. This normally is really utile in an international competative organisation Internet Explorer, Apple iphone.

The most normally used direction theoretical account is viing values framework by Quinn et Al ( 2003 ) , which consists of: Human dealingss, Open systems, Internal procedure and Rational end theoretical account.

Scientific direction ( e.g. Taylor, 1917 ; Gilbreth, 1911 ) ; Fox, ( 1974 ) ; Morgan, ( 1997 ) ; Kirby, ( 2003 ) ; viing values model, ( Quinn et al. , 2003 ) ; rational end theoretical accounts and attacks ( e.g. Cooper and Taylor, 2000 ) ;

The rational end theoretical account is used for big companies like Apple inc. which employees around 46,600 employees. This theoretical account helps to increase production degrees every bit good as keeping efficiency and bring forthing more in a smaller period of clip hence cut downing cost degrees. Apple inc. follows the Fredrick Taylor ( 1915 ) theory of the scientific direction manner. For illustration, Apple produces their merchandises utilizing an assemble line which reduces the clip it takes to bring forth one merchandise. Timothy Cook, the Chief Operating Officer has closed down fabrication industries and built relationships with contract makers, hence this showed that Apple stock was traveling fast and improved profitableness on the balance sheet as stock was manufactured faster and stock yearss reduced. Since Apple outsourced its production to cut down costs, it was able to compare its stock with Dell. This was done with the usage of the ‘computer fabrication efficiency system. ‘ Hence a scientific direction attack is used by Apple.

At Apple inc. the employees receive high-quality preparation, appropriate equipment to work with which make the employees work good and therefore built their self-respect and pride. Therefore this leads to salvaging clip and unneeded actions taken by emoplyees eg, inquiring directors what they are intended to make. This was argued by Gilbreth ( 1911 ) .


Apple Motivation System

Apple applies different motivational tools to acquire their employees up to the grade. The Gross saless Manager is usually, acutely cognizant of the importance of holding a squad that is extremely motivated so that the set undertakings are achieved and the organisation moves closer towards its set ends. Apple motive system determines all variables in impacting the motivational degrees of employees, and one of them is Job Satisfaction. Job satisfaction is a step of an employee ‘s positive emotions and enjoyable feelings about his or her occupation. In simple footings, it answers the inquiry – “ Are you happy with your occupation? ”

Making a civilization of trust ; leverage the power of equal acknowledgment and concentrating on the enablers and tools that help salespeople make their potency in an progressively complex concern environment. These are all the critical parts of the overall image of actuating gross revenues force that Apple usage.

By deriving a deeper cognition of human motive, Apple gross revenues system focal point on encouraging and honoring the behaviour that help bring forth high public presentation.

Apple identifies the motivational factors that the whole company relies on as:

A· Recognition

A· New challenges

A· Opportunities to run into new people

A· A opportunity to larn and develop new accomplishments

A· Autonomy, being given excess duty

A· Clear ends ; a opportunity to accomplish touchable results

A· Feeling involved

A· Status – a new rubric or privileges

The following are the tools used by the gross revenues director to actuate Apple gross revenues squad.

1-Encourage gross revenues squad by Involve them in doing of import determinations. Employees are

motivated when they feel appreciated. Chucking people on the dorsum for a occupation good done is a good first measure, but inquiring them for their input is even more powerful. Apple occupation enrichment support: the manner gross revenues directors can dispute the gross revenues representative is to give them large duties, authorization & A ; competitions over their occupations, besides many people like to hold assortment in their work

2- Builds the right informational webs inside and outside the company to heighten

coaction within the gross revenues reps squad. The client feedback is a really utile motive tool it let the gross revenues representative to see their attempt and what they achieved.

3-Offer a base wage in add-on to committee, offer competitory benefits and maintain an unfastened door policy

4- Provide good wages, occupation security, publicity and growing chances. The gross revenues director motivates employees by the rubric alterations for illustration altering a representative ‘s rubric from gross revenues representative to senior gross revenues representative.

5-Creating acquisition environment by giving gross revenues reps new chances to execute, larn, turn and develop which will actuate them to stand out by Spend clip with each squad member on a regular basis, at least one time a one-fourth if non every month. Ask inquiries like: ”what do you most/least bask making? ” What would you wish to make more/less of in future? ” What would you wish to acquire exposure to or larn about? ” ”How do you like to pass your clip at work?

6- The nonfinancial wagess are the acknowledgment awards such as pins, trophies & A ; certifications, congratulations & A ; encouragement from direction, occupation enrichment, and chance for publicity. The gross revenues rep got these awards in a populace in forepart of all the employees and the top direction adds a prestigiousness to the award.