Appeasement Policy Adopted By Britain And France History Essay

The calming policy was a policy adopted by Britain and France and it was a major participant in the eruption of the war. Appeasement was foremost introduced in the mid 1930s by Stanley Baldwin who was so the British Prime Minister. But it was Neville Chamberlain who changed this calming policy when he ascended to power in 1937. The British authorities defines appeasement as the colony of issues through dialogue and via media. The British were really committed to this policy and they followed it confidently with the hope that it will cut down the opportunity of a universe war. Britain and France sought to pacify Hitler non simply because it was militarily, economically and politically rational to make so, but because of personal judgements made by Chamberlain. It is clearly apparent that right from the start, Chamberlain did non clearly understand Hitler ‘s motivation and to his best apprehension, calming would be the best scheme to debar war. He assumed that Hitler ‘s motivation was merely to accumulate and keep power which means possibility for war would be trashed by German people. Sequence of events during pursuit of calming policy clearly illustrates that Chamberlain did non understand Hitler ‘s motivation at all and his attack to calming policy could non work. While appeasement policy was chiefly meant to debar war, it did non function its intent as Chamberlain failed to understand Hitler and the Nazi motivations in general. He did non take speedy stairss to rearm Britain because he did non see any menace to Britain in peculiar and to Western Europe in general from the Germans. Therefore Chamberlain felt free to prosecute the calming policy and ignore a military confederation with France to pay a war against Germany. It is hence apparent that Chamberlain inaccurately thought that calming was the lone means that would halt the manner. He pursued the calming from his ain strong beliefs and that is why he went to Germany to run into Hitler without the blessing of the cabinet. He trusted Hitler and he thought he would maintain his word one time his demands were met. He sought this calming so as to pacify with Germany to hold a stable Europe[ 1 ]. His personal position was that Germany would be satisfied with what he offered and particularly the Restoration of its former settlements. There are grounds that made Chamberlain seek calming with Hitler. One of them is that he represented the British citizens who did non desire a war as they were in the procedure of mending the lesions from World War One. Besides, he did non desire to travel to war with Germany because the autumn of Germany would intend the triumph of the Soviet Union and the spread of communism. Chamberlain and the British citizens did non desire this to go on. So Chamberlain was seeking every bit much as he could to avoid a war with Germany and at the same clip the spread of communism. The calming policy that Chamberlain campaigned for was simply to avoid war. He took a figure of stairss to guarantee that the war did non go on but they failed at the terminal. He even traveled to Germany without Cabinet blessing to prosecute calming with Hitler. But it can besides be seen as a scheme that he used in order to derive some clip in rearming his forces[ 2 ]. The perceptual experience by Chamberlain of the methods employed by Nazi and the purpose of Hitler was inaccurate. This inaccurate perceptual experience is what resulted into acceptance of calming by Britain and France. Alternatively of forestalling universe war two, the calming policy can be said to be its cause particularly after its failure. Chamberlain persisted in usage of persuasion towards Germany instead than hindrance in turn toing the grudges made by Hitler. In making this he was convinced that Hitler wanted merely to keep power and if the grudges and demands that Germany raised were met, the German people would slake the possibility of a war[ 3 ].

Chamberlain thought that he could individual handedly and as an single avert the possibility of Second War through his calming. That is why he met Hitler on three separate occasions without Cabinet blessing and without the presence of British curates. Though there was a lessening in support from the British people and the foreign office, Chamberlain continued to believe strongly in this policy and he did non see its failure. He failed to turn to the statements that were presented by Alliess who had been angered by the British foreign policy e.g. France. This made France an unwilling follower of Britain foreign policy even though France did non believe in its success.

Chamberlain believed that any strong attack towards Hitler other than calming would anger him and perchance provoke him into get downing a war. Therefore he did non stress on military production. The industries in Britain were freed to bring forth armaments by the recession of 1938 and the cabinet approved a possible war in February 1936[ 4 ].

Chamberlain was so blinded by calming policy that he did non measure any possible options. He was assurance and optimistic that calming policy would win[ 5 ]. The option that was there was an confederation with the Soviet Union to counter Hitler but Chamberlain would non overlook the differences that Britain had with USSR on communism. He believed that in making this, he would be giving communism a opportunity to distribute. His erroneous judgements can be seen when he did non prosecute a military confederation with France after the Munich conference when he had the opportunity to look into the enlargement of Germany. Alternatively he reasoned that calming would halt Hitler from spread outing German districts. He hence did non give any other option a opportunity[ 6 ].

The Versailles Pact which had been signed after the First World War with an purpose of stoping all wars was greatly hated by the Germans[ 7 ]. It was argued that the pact, if it were to stand, injure ruin the economic position of Germany. This pact is seen by some historiographers as the lead cause of the Second World War.

Chamberlains misjudgment of Hitler ‘s purpose can be seen particularly due to his resignation to Hitler ‘s turning demands. This was clearly seen in 1940 when Chamberlain urgently wanted to keep peace through carry throughing the demands made by Hitler. Chamberlain and Baldwin chose to pretermit the armaments of Britain ‘to the border of national obliteration ‘[ 8 ]. This therefore means that there were other possible options but which Chamberlain failed to look at. Winston Churchill who came to power after Chamberlain viewed calming as a humiliation to France and Britain and he termed it as “ a long series of misreckonings and misjudgments of work forces and facts ” and which led Britain into an eternal war with the German nazi[ 9 ].

Many Britons saw hope after the sign language of the Versailles pact. They wanted to avoid another war and that is why the British authorities had to give in to the demands presented by Hitler[ 10 ]. Britain felt that Germany had been treated below the belt due to the limitation imposed upon it. Chamberlain felt that if the limitation were lifted, Germany would go happier. This perceptual experience of Germany by the general population gave Hitler assurance and besides provided him with an chance to get more lands without a war.

The British economic system was fairing really severely hence Britain was non ready for a war. It was non even in a place to fund and rearm its military force due to the bad economic position. So Chamberlain tried every bit much as possible to avoid a war with Germany. The manner Hitler was come oning meant that there was non even clip for Britain to form war schemes and fix its force. So Chamberlain had to happen a manner of avoiding war and/or deriving sometime to rearm the armed forces. The lone solution nowadays was appeasement[ 11 ]. To the best of Chamberlain premises, German would non prosecute another war after all the demands presented had been met.

However, it is apparent that Chamberlain did non understand the Hitler ‘s motivation. Chamberlain assumed that Hitler was merely interested in keeping power. Even when it became apparent that Hitler were rearming, Chamberlain turned a unsighted oculus and did non take any measure to rearm Britain forces. However, Hitler ‘s chief purpose was to do Germany as ace power and a united Germany. He besides wanted to enlarge the Germany district through what he called recapturing of lost districts[ 12 ]. Hitler believed that German will go strong once more merely through the usage of military aggression and war. He straight challenged the Versailles pact in 1934 by rearming his armed forces and fixing them for war. This he did through production of armored combat vehicles, pigboats and aircrafts in immense multitudes. When it was announced that Hitler was rearming his military forces, which was in struggle with the Versailles treaty, Britain and France protested to the League of Nations with the hope that it can be stopped[ 13 ]. The League of Nations did non seek to halt these aggressive rearmament programs by Hitler on the evidences that there were no military or economic countenances that had been imposed. It was due to the calming which made Hitler more confident. In short France and Britain merely turned a unsighted oculus on this public breach of Versailles pact. He was confident that France and Britain as the appeasers would non halt him. He did this knowing really good that he was scoffing the Versailles pact.

Britain and France did non halt Hitler from taking over Rhineland because “ he was taking back what belonged to Germany originally ” . At this phase, France could hold stopped the reoccupation of the Rhine part but she did non desire to get down a war with Germany due to the deficiency of support from the British. Hitler did non desire dialogues with France. He alternatively wanted to cover with Britain and Chamberlain particularly. This may be because Hitler saw a mark of failing and hapless perceptual experience in Chamberlain. This is what forced France to follow Britain in the pursuit of appeasement even though it disputed its success. In back uping Britain, France wanted a strong militarily confederation with Britain that could keep a war with Germany one time the calming policy failed.

Though the pursuit of appeasement by France was manipulated by Britain, France would non endorse off because it had found an ally in Britain. Because France would non be in a place to contend Germany on its ain, holding Britain on its side was of great importance[ 14 ]. This was because France was undergoing a fiscal crisis, industrial clasp ups and a deficit in skilled labour. Chamberlain thought that France was behind him in his calming policy but he failed to see the concealed docket pursued by France in its support for calming. The political relations and administration in France were different from those in Britain. While Chamberlain as an person dominated the foreign policy in Britain, France had a rapid turnover of cabinets and authoritiess. The indictments of calming in France focused on the whole political participants but non on one person.

Chamberlain thought that by leting Hitler to take over the part that officially belonged to Germany, he would at least halt at that place. Hitler invaded Austria in 1938 and he declared Anschluss. In making this he was interrupting the Versailles pact. The Australian Chancellor of the Exchequer at the clip pleaded with France and Britain to assist but these two states did nil about it. Chamberlain sent a protest note to Berlin[ 15 ]. He addressed the cabinet after Hitler ‘s ground forces crossed the boundary line and he blamed both Germany and Austria. Even though, he condemned strongly the methods used by Hitler to annex Austria[ 16 ]. Chamberlain saw Hitler as a adult male who can be trusted and in his intercession he persuaded the president of the democracy of Czech to manus over Sudetenland to the Germans. In making this, Chamberlain thought that this was the last demand that Hitler would inquire for.

The appropriation of Australia in 1938 and the invasion of Czechoslovakia as a whole is what opened the eyes of the appeasers and they saw that no affair how much they tried to pacify Hitler, war was inevitable. After giving in to all the demands made by Hitler and his continual invasion of Europe, the appeasers realized that the calming policy was a failed policy. Chamberlain did non see Czechoslovakia as an issue that could ensue to war. He had merely assumed that it was merely a struggle between two neighbouring states and that their struggle could non ensue to a universe war. In 1938, Chamberlain is said to hold observed:

“ How atrocious. Fantastic, unbelievable it is that we should be delving trenches and seeking on gas masks here because of a wrangle in a far-away state between people of whom we know nil! ”[ 17 ].

This quotation mark suggests that the ground why Chamberlain pursued calming was to maintain Britain safe while leting Germany to command other states. Equally long as Hitler did non interfere with Britain ‘s involvement, Chamberlain was committed in prosecuting calming. He believed that Hitler would be merely interested in Eastern Europe and would non care to head Western Europe. That is why Britain and France did non take any military action when Germany started its rearming, the remilitarisation of Rhine land and the Anschluss with Austria. The ground why the British policy of calming was obscure in the 1930s was because the British politicians were unable to accurately the greatest menace to Britain and hence come up with appropriate agencies and schemes to cover with them. Therefore Britain did non do any effort to unify with America, USSR or France[ 18 ].

Though the British people were at first excited by Chamberlains turning away of another war, the public sentiment changed in 1938-8 after Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia. The public temper in France and Britain changed and Chamberlain chose to disregard this and alternatively go on with appeasement in secret. He had ordered that the word calming be used every bit small as possible in his addresss[ 19 ].

The celebrated peace in our clip address that was delivered by Chamberlain on September 30, 1938 showed that Hitler was a adult male who could non be trusted. It besides showed that calming policy had failed as a agency to forestall war.

The chief ground why Britain and France embraced the calming policy was because they did non desire the whole of Europe to be dragged into a universe war by Hitler. It was a policy being persued due to the lessons learnt from universe war one.

Appeasement policy can be seen as a bad policy that was aimed at accomplishing universe peace while giving some states like the manner Britain and France did to seek and pacify Hitler at the clemencies of Czechoslovakia.

Though the calming policy led to the strengthening of Germany, and the jailbreak of war, there are other grounds why France and Britain adopted this policy. These two states were faced with economic jobs in the 1930s. The British economic system was badly weakened by the Wall Street clang of 1929 which made the authorities put the rearming of its armed forces on clasp. Chamberlain wanted every bit much as possible to avoid war. That is why he adopted the calming policy. On the other difficult, France was non in a place to keep a war. It needed the support of Britain. It is because of this that it followed Britain in seeking the calming. This was because he wanted peace and stableness that would let economic growing for the whole of Europe. The Britons had a positive attitude towards the calming in the hope that it would cut down the opportunities of a war eruption. Thus it can be concluded that calming was a British authorities policy that was to the full supported by the citizens.

Britain did non desire a war between it and Germany. This was because it was threatened by communist USSR and non because it feared Germany. In instance Germany fell, there was a possibility of spread of communism and Britain did non desire this to go on. That is why it was in the favour of appeasement policy. Another fright that embraced Britain was organizing a alliance with USSR which was its acrimonious challenger. That is why Chamberlain urgently sought for calming at the clemencies of other states merely to do certain that they did non fall in custodies with USSR in a war against Germany[ 20 ]. The sign language of the Munich understanding is viewed by many as a treachery particularly by Britain. What Chamberlain was making is to purchase some clip to rearm British forces. Hitler on the other manus thought it as a failing and a mark of fright of the appeasers[ 21 ]. This was a great error as all that the appeasers wanted was to continue the universe peace. This is what made him bold and derive assurance and a sense of security.

. Hitler had managed to convert the appeasers that he had no any purposes of aggression through his peace propaganda. This had in a manner fooled Britain and France who were non in favour of a war but wanted universe peaceable coexistence. The appeasers continued to follow the calming policy and this assured Hitler that they would make anything merely to avoid a war. This made him believe that he could go on to spread out his demands and the appeasers would still go on to give in to them. It was this calming policy that gave Hitler a foundation and a base to increase the demands after every successful conquering that he achieved.


There are many sentiments and positions about the calming policy with some critics stating it was a treachery and forfeit of some states for the benefit of others. Others say that it was Chamberlains scheme of purchasing clip to rearm Britain. But from Chamberlain ‘s point of position, all that he wanted was to avoid another universe war. It is non the calming policy that triggered the universe war two but alternatively it was the greed of Hitler to enlarge the German district and do Germany a world power. The failure of the calming policy was because it was merely Chamberlain who fulfilled his portion of the deal. He was convinced, on seeking to pacify Hitler that he ( Hitler ) was an honest trustworthy and honest adult male which was a error and a misjudgment on his portion.

Chamberlain felt that he had been betrayed by Hitler and that his appeasement policies were neglecting him. That is when he decided to take on a difficult line attack towards the Nazi. Britain and France began rearming themselves. Italy on the other difficult invaded Albania in April of 1939. It was Hitler ‘s invasion of Poland that made these two states declare war and Second World War officially began on 3rde September 1939.

Though he truly wanted to avoid the war, there came a clip that he knew that war was in avoidable. It was merely after the failure of the dialogues between him and Hitler that he declared war against Germany