Apollo 11 Moon Landing/ Conspiracy Paper

Sarah Sams Honors English 10/Mr. Brown 10 April, 2011 Apollo11 Moon Landing, Was it Just a Fake? Many accomplishments throughout the years, in the United States have formed our country to a nationalist society. On July 20th, 1969, the Mission Control Center in Houston, Texas received the call, “Houston”, which confirmed the landing of these three astronauts on the moon. Recently though, many discussions of the Apollo 11 mission have astonished thoughts of many Americans.

Conspiracy theorists are looking at the Moon Landing as a hoax and one big set up that Americans were fooled into believing actually happened. In 1974, Bill Kasying wrote a book entitled We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle, which explained in full detail that the whole Apollo 11 mission was a fake (The Apollo Hoax). Not only did this spark many people’s interest then, but now more than ever. If the citizens of the United States actually did believe that American actually won the “Space Race”, perhaps understanding evidence that it was a hoax could change some minds.

The loss and destruction of evidence, absence of a clear plan for takeoff and a safe return to earth, curious and mysterious actions of astronauts upon their return and deficiencies in the technology required for the Apollo 11 mission, prove that the lunar landing was a hoax. When closely watching the moon landing video, the viewer can see that many mistakes are made to hide the public from believing the landing was actually a real event.

NASA and the government hid evidence of the technology used in the moon landing and used cover up stories that they had lost any evidence of the landing that many conspiracies can prove were non-existent to begin with. In the very first airing of the moon landing video there is clear evidence that a hoax could be justified at any means. First of all, there are no stars in the sky, just a clear black sky or back drop. Neil Armstrong claimed to have landed somewhere around night time when they snapped the footage, but where the astronauts were on the moon, many stars should have been seen.

Without stars being there it should have also provoked people to start seeing other minor details within the video footage that clearly showed it to be a hoax. Another example of evidence to prove the landing to be true is the USA flag being stuck into the ground, then waving around. There is no possible way that the flag could have been moving around on the moon because there is no air on the moon. The flag should have also dropped to the ground if there was no air. NASA explains this to have happened because the flag was on an antenna, connected to the pole, which pulled out like a radio receiver causing a ripple effect to happen.

That still does not explain how the flag could have been placed in the moon. (Apollo Moon Landing Hoax- Video Evidence) NASA also released to the public that there was a loss of 700 boxes containing moon landing evidence, but never clearly stated how or when it even happened ( NASA loses moon landing tape pictures). If NASA would have been smart, a closer eye would have been kept on all of the evidence that proved from their side that the moon landing actually did happen. Now, all of the conspiracy rumors are being sparked fully.

Sarkissian, a man who had been wondering about the footage of the Apollo 11 mission in 1997, was the one who discovered all of the evidence was missing. The government and NASA thought this would lead suspicion to happen in Americans minds, but at that time the moon landing was not a huge issue, so rumors were set aside. Now, 14 years later, conspiracy theorists do not believe that all of the evidence was just lost, but that Sarkissian was NASA’s cover-up as to how it could have been lost and not destroyed by NASA.

Any way the situation is looked at it is suspicious because NASA should have kept a closer eye on all of the evidence and videos they had. So now conspiracy theorists can come up with new ways to prove the mission to have never happened, as previously stated. When the footage was done being aired, it was stored at Goddard Space Flight Center. Records indicate the tapes were moved to the U. S. National Archives in 1970. The reasons are still unknown, but about 700 boxes of the SSTV tapes were returned to Goddard in 1984.

After 1984, they were never looked at again, and nobody has any idea of the whereabouts of the tapes. ( NASA loses original tapes of Apollo 11 moon landing) Without all of this evidence how could anyone still believe the landing happened? Well, the answer to that question is, the government kept this secret from Americans and still does. Without investigating this topic, all the information to prove the moon landing to be a hoax is misunderstood. The loss of evidence should also show that NASA is keeping something from all of the citizens in the United

States. NASA never made clear plans to return from the Apollo 11 mission. NASA officials stated how long the mission would take, who was involved, when the astronauts would leave and when the astronauts would land in space. NASA never released when the astronauts were to return back from space, or how long that would take. It is suspicious for many people who are just starting to look at the conspiracy because the NASA officials in charge of the mission should have given those plans ahead of time.

NASA stated that the tasks would be done in 102 to 103 hours after takeoff, but never said when the astronauts would return after their work was done in space (Apollo 11 flight plan). If the government planned to keep the hoax a secret from us, the arrival and departure of the Apollo 11 should have been vital information for Americans to know. If NASA could launch the space shuttle at a certain day and tell how long it was going to take to keep the shuttle enacted on the moon, then why could they not tell when the plans for returning here to Earth.

Without being suspicious of no return plan, it is difficult to tell how much of a hoax the Apollo 11 truly is. Although it is said that the astronauts arrived back on July 24, 1969, interviews of the astronauts did not happen until one week after they were said to have returned. Right after they returned, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong started acting in weird and mysterious ways. When both Aldrin and Armstrong would do interviews, nervous answers and the tone of voice used could immediately tell that something just was not right.

In an interview done after the returning of the astronauts, Armstrong was asked what the view of the earth looked like from the moon. He had a hazy answer, and took almost 30 seconds to respond with something remotely answering the question. Armstrong described the earth as if he could see a clear view of the earth from the shuttle. That could not have been possible because the speed at which the shuttle was going could not lead anyone to see the earth very clearly. As Armstrong described, it was blue with white lacing around it.

The answer was conjured up very slowly as if Armstrong could only think of what the sky looked like and not the green which could have also been seen, representing the land. Although Armstrong was put on the spot, the answer should have come out more fluently more quickly if the earth was really seen through Armstrong’s own eyes (Neil Armstrong interview, BBC 1970). In a more recent interview with Buzz Aldrin, spokesman Jim Clash spoke with Aldrin about how the astronauts on the Apollo 11 spotted a UFO on the way to the moon.

The weird part about this is not only that Aldrin was still nervous about answers with Clash, but that the landing was said to be staged at Area 51. Area 51 is land that is highly protected by the government and anyone who comes in a very close radius of it will be shot by guards. This land also is said to have research and development of aliens from the Roswell UFO incident that happened in 1947. Conspiracies about this started in the 1970’s right around the time that Bill Kaysing started theories about how the Apollo 11 was faked.

In one of Aldrin’s interviews it was also said that when the astronauts actually landed on the moon there was a UFO in sight. The astronauts apparently went over to check it out, but it suddenly moved away quickly. This is very suspicious because not only does it sound made up, but it also defies the way that the astronauts described everything that happened when they first arrived in space (Buzz Aldrin talks w/ Jim Clash about UFO sighting). In another video, Aldrin was face to face with another man who told Aldrin he was a coward and that nobody ever stepped foot on the moon.

Aldrin completely took Bart Sibrel and the whole crowd by shock and punched Sibrel in the face. Sibrel later pressed charges, and Aldrin was faced with a fine, but nothing that could have led him to jail time. This could lead to the suspicion of how the landing never happened because Aldrin could not come to terms with how the Sibrel acted towards him, even though it was numerous years after the landing was said to happen (Buzz Aldrin punches guy in the face). With all of these interviews that Aldrin and Armstrong had, the stories they told should have synchronized instead of making things up after every interview.

If watch closely to Armstrong and Aldrin in many interviews, hand gestures are used a lot which is said to be a nervous habit. Not only does Aldrin to this day, at the age of 81 get nervous, but back when interviews first started Aldrins nervous habits still remained. Aldrin today is spotted in New Jersey, currently residing there, always has an unhappy look upon his face. Since Aldrin is getting older now, the passing of Armstrong leaves all the pressure on him to keep people from believing the landing actually happened.

No recent interviews have happened with Aldrin, and the last time any large group of people heard Aldrin talk about the landing in full detail was at the 25th reunion of the landing. All of the astronauts were present and NASA officials were there to support what the astronauts had to say. Without all of the help from NASA officials, Aldrin is probably coming to terms with how the secret of the Apollo 11 cannot be kept from Americans much longer. If this conspiracy is coming up more and more in recent discussion, Aldrin should be questioned more because at 81 years of age, it is a weaker time in Aldrins life.

Aldrin will also be more vulnerable to questions, so the chances of a slip up in conversation admitting that the lunar landing did not occur, may happen. Many NASA spokesmen from the Apollo 11 have passed on and the ones who are living do not ever talk about Apollo 11 anymore. This can concur that NASA has moved on from Apollo 11 and since there are still conspiracy theorists to this day trying to prove the landing was a hoax, now would be the time to have Aldrin admit that this was all a scam that the government used to keep our country from going into to great depression.

The deficiencies in the Apollo 11 missions that can lead someone to believe it was a hoax starts off with the fact that the radiation belt around the sun would have immediately melted the shuttle and everything inside as soon as it reached a near distance to it. (The faked Apollo landing) Also, when they prepared for takeoff, the shuttle was never filmed at base, and no witnesses were there to see it happen. Another deficiency in the technology used was the coke bottle seen in the screen the day the moon landing actually aired.

Some people said a coke bottle appeared at the bottom right hand corner of the television in place of a crater from the moon. In the morning, when the video was viewed again, there was no coke bottle (The faked Apollo landings). This clearly shows that the video was retouched several times to look more real than it originally did. With the help of the government and other famous photo enhancer systems, NASA was able to create the most mind-boggling thing that Americans had seen since the invention of the television. It grasped so many viewers attention, and had everyone watching the video footage over and over again.

As clear to be proven false now, it was not as easy to depict things that well back in the early 1970’s. All of the advancements available today can show how to really tell the landing never happened. With all of the ways to now see how enhanced the photos and videos were, the lunar landing and its true history should come up more in discussion. The technology that NASA used was very small compared to what can be enhanced today. Since the deficiencies were so obvious, one can only believe that something just does not sound right about the landing ever happening, today.

The loss and destruction of evidence, absence of a clear plan for takeoff and a safe return to earth, curious and mysterious actions of astronauts upon their return and deficiencies in the technology required for the Apollo 11 mission stated, can now clearly prove that the lunar landing was just one big hoax. With all of the nervous behavior the astronauts to this day have, and still no clear evidence from NASA being found after several years, it is hard to believe something that Americans once thought was the best thing to happen to our country to be false.

Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong again should have thought about keeping the same story of what actually happened when talking about experience in space, rather than always being nervous around people. Hopefully America sheds light upon the fact that the lunar landing was completely staged and could not have happened. Primarily because the radiation belt at that time of the Apollo 11 was so high, that even trying to leave earth was not an option in any way because if the astronauts even went near the belt, everything would have been instantly vaporized.

No clear return plan leaves everyone guessing as to when they actually did come back because it was never released to the public, no matter how it is searched. To tie all loose ends, the lunar landing could have never happened due to all of the previously stated incidents, deficiencies and behavior of not only the astronauts involved in the landing, but also the government and NASA. Works Cited “The Apollo Hoax. ” Cosmic Conspiracies – Europe’s Largest UFOs and Aliens Database. Web. 11 Apr. 2011. . “Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Video Evidence. ” Conspiracy Theories and Hoaxes.

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