An Over View On Avon And Foreign Markets Marketing Essay

II. Avon ‘s Market Orientation Approach

Avon ‘s international selling schemes made the company successful come ining the planetary markets, because they managed the different selling orientation schemes succesfully in each state.

Merchandise Orientation

Even though Avon ‘s chief scheme for merchandise orientation was efficient in the U.S. ( Avon ‘s headquarter ) , company started fabricating high quality in Canada. The chief ground for altering company ‘s scheme was due to their inactive gross revenues in place state. They thought they could be more efficient and create planetary image through standardisation. This helped the quality image while salvaging cost by utilizing unvarying ingredients and packaging.

Gross saless Orientation

Decision to come in international operation from Canada was made to assist work out their inactive promoting gross revenues and the bead of competitory advantage they had over U.S. market. Selling domestically through their gross revenues orientation scheme was really successful in Canada, because clients ‘ imposts, traditions and features were similar to the U.S. In add-on, Avon was able to be notified by many clients in Canada without puting to a great extent on publicity because of Continental connexion between two states. The merchandise information was spilled over from U.S. to Canada. With the successful international operation in their 2nd state, Avon now runs a new run abroad every four hebdomads with different particular offers to assist work out their fixed cost rising prices in states such as Colombia and Venezuela.


Avon merely had a strong R & A ; D centre in U.S. but started to construct local R & A ; D centres globally to analyse and happen out clients ‘ demands. To fulfill the different cultural demands worldwide, the company signed sole understandings with several universities worldwide. It helped Avon to develop and establish client based merchandise launches and their run of “ Hello, Tomorrow ” .

Strategic Selling

Avon combined production, gross revenues and client orientations in order to accommodate the company ‘s merchandise domestically. Additionally, holding marketing fluctuation of their merchandise trade name name and establishing new merchandises aiming specific state helped stabilise their gross revenues net income and planetary trade name image. Both attacks solved the jobs that occurred from past schemes that they have focused on utilizing until the twentieth century.

Social Selling

To hold a strong trade name image and the societal selling attempt Avon chiefly focused adult females in worldwide. “ Hellow Tomorrow ” was their first planetary run to aim their specific merchandise sponsored by celebrated famous persons and athleticss stars. The company conducted the same run for each state ( “ Hellogreen, Tomorrow ” in Korea, Canada, U.S. , eg. ) . Campaigning to back up adult females and their demands helped set up the thought of Avon as a must hold point, particularly in states where they still have struggles over adult females ‘s rights. Avon became the largest corporate giver to breast malignant neoplastic disease research. Canada would be the most successful illustration for Avon ‘s engagement on chest malignant neoplastic disease research and contribution. Currently, Avon joined with local organisation to assist forestall adult females from force and to handle the exploited adult females

III. Avon ‘s Distribution Strategys

Direct Selling

Since Avon ‘s foundation in 1886, it has been a taking cosmetics company in the United States. In peculiar, one of the cardinal factors to success was its ain distribution scheme which is selling merchandises by sales representatives, so called “ Avon Ladies ” . There are over 5.8 million Avon representatives internationally and they are still increasing in some states such as Brazil or the Philippines. Even if direct merchandising has been the anchor of Avon ‘s success so far, there are several disadvantages, every bit good as advantages, in lodging to that distributional scheme in every state at this minute.

Advantage of Direct Selling

The most of import strength of the direct merchandising would be cost-saving advantages. When a company sells merchandises by gross revenues representatives, it does n’t hold to pay a batch of cost to hive away and keep the stock list. Besides, direct merchandising can significantly cut down marketing cost by deputing most of the publicity to Avon ladies. These cost-saving advantages can take Avon to hold a strong competitory border than rivals.

The 2nd advantage of direct merchandising is a viva-voce selling consequence. A batch of researches have shown that face-to-face and viva-voce communicating is frequently a of import factor when clients make determinations: they tend to see person they know as a believable beginning of merchandise information.[ 1 ]Therefore, viva-voce clients befriended with Avon ladies tend to demo trueness to trade names or merchandises.

Disadvantage of Direct Selling

The most apparent drawback of direct merchandising is that clients ca n’t buy merchandises whenever, wherever they want since merely gross revenues representatives can provide merchandises. Peoples may merely travel to retail constitution to obtain merchandises, therefore, Avon can lose possible clients to rivals which have retail distribution channel.

Second, as more adult females enter into work force, more houses are acquiring empty which means that chances to make door-to-door gross revenues would be decreased. If clients ( adult females in this instance ) are non in the house as they used to be, gross revenues representatives might go useless. Besides, some of consumers may believe that strike harding the door to sell merchandise is sort of privateness invasion. This is more outstanding features of adult females in Europe than those in USA. Under this circumstance, Avon may non efficaciously take advantages of direct merchandising.

III. Competitive Advantages

Avon had competitory advantages on the market in footings of its trade name and 4P. First, Avon has set planetary image by stressing planetary trade name. Avon built strong trade name image by presenting clients with its consistent image globally. Though sometimes different linguistic communication works as an obstruction, seting trade name name in English and French gave clients premium image of the trade name. Global stigmatization besides helped Avon to cut down cost by utilizing same ingredients and packaging.

Avon had managed its schemes successfully and earned advantages among other rivals. They adapted their merchandises to each local market by leting each state to develop their ain merchandises. This enabled the company to take into histories all the considerations they needed such as legal, cultural and economic issues. In footings of pricing, Avon used incursion scheme. Avon ‘s comparatively inexpensive monetary value drew more client attending and even helped travel through recession period[ 2 ]. Sing consumer attitudes toward beginning of information, Avon chiefly used push scheme. Through direct sale method, they could cut down costs on employment and advertisement. However, Avon did non neglect pull scheme and advertised its trade name image and merchandise when needed.

The schemes mentioned supra could be duplicated by other rivals with easiness. However, it does non intend that followings would besides acquire same success that Avon achieved. The ground why Avon ‘s scheme worked was based on analysis of each market. One could non state successful schemes in specific market would besides be successful in other countries. Legal issues might elicit like it did in China or client penchant from each state toward ad might be different which lead to assorted ads. Specific clip and market mostly influences whether scheme would be successful. Analysis of market and right usage of scheme was the ground for Avon ‘s success regardless of rivals.

IV. Decision

Avon has been successfully prima beauty merchandise industry by assorted corporate schemes. First of wholly, it expanded its trade name and developed high-quality beauty merchandises by puting important sum of money in R & A ; D centre. Besides, one of the nucleus competences of Avon is its alone distribution strategy-direct merchandising by Avon Ladies. Door-to-door gross revenues were a great success and still bring forthing a batch of net incomes internationally, nevertheless, Avon has faced obstructions to go on that scheme in some of the states such as U.S or Europe. Therefore, Avon should follow different scheme by continent depending on the state of affairs. Presently, Avon is seting tonss of attempts to better adult females ‘s rights and assistance adult females to accomplish their possible through Avon Foundation for Women. Avon can increase trade name acknowledgment and better its image by keeping those activities for societal causes, including “ Hello Green Tomorrow ” run. Since Avon is in a really competitory industry, it should non merely keep its nucleus competence ( direct merchandising ) but besides diversify its selling methods catching up with rapid societal alterations worldwide.