An Over View Of Srilankan Airlines Marketing Essay

But the air travel concern operators along with remainder of members of ‘value-chain ‘ necessitate appropriate stigmatization attacks along with societal networking and mass customization to its clients ; else net incomes from air travel services.


Srilankan air hoses are an SRILANKA based air hoses. It was launched in the twelvemonth of 1979. It provides air hoses services to national and international. Its chief hub is placed at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo, given that expedient familiarities to its international path concatenation of 49 purposes in 31 states in Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Far East, Australia and North America.

The present president Mr Nishantha Wickremasinghe and 5 boards of managers making concern operations. It operates 13 aircrafts together with wide-bodied A330 and A340 aircraft and mid scope of A320 ‘s. Its caput office located in Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake, SriLanka. Having about 4,900 employees about working in srilanka and planetary broad, its include subordinate of SriLankan Catering ( Pvt ) Ltd. Its flight kitchen production capacity has over of 25,000 repasts per a individual twenty-four hours, 24hours and 365 yearss a twelvemonth of operations. It had acquiring so many awards, late “ Airline of the twelvemonth 2008 and 2009 SriLanka presidential Travel & A ; touristry ” .

SriLankan air hoses supplying booking on-line, look into in installations and fining through website It is besides turn outing lading services to its clients, utilizing Colombo as an hub to associate the rapid turning economic systems of the center, south Asia with Europe, the far east and southeast Asia. Srilankan lading covering a broad web of 25 states of 38 finishs in the Indian bomber continent, Europe, Far East, South East Asia and Middle East. It provides handed for all 25 air hoses which runing through Colombo, moves 155000 metric metric tons of lading per twelvemonth.

Srilankan Vacations: Srilankan vacations, it is the holiday division of the air hose, which encourages travel from and to Srilanka and besides all waies throughout full web of air hoses. Its spouses holding several top hotels, tour mechanics and other rubber-necking related associations to assist the travelers a extended choice of clip off chances with an across-the-board construct, which consists of customized bundles. Srilankan holidays endorses travel for musical concerts, shopping festivals, featuring events and former activities, and it has premeditated understandings with a no of regional sightseeing organic structures to promote touristry from and to a specific finishs. It won a honored rubric called “ Best Outbound Tour operator ” at the awards of presidential for touristry and travel in the old ages of 2008 and in 2009.

Srilankan Technology: Srilankan Engineering, one of fast blandishing a supplier of choice in Repair, care, Overhaul activities performed in part, and with its excellent installations, Airbus aircraft holding strong expertness and knowing technology forces. It possesses the honored “ EASA 145 enfranchisement for aircraft care ” from Aviation safety bureau of European.

Srilankan Training: International Aviation conservatory of Srilankan caters to airdromes, manpower petitions of air hoses, travel agents, and former air hose industry organisations. Srilankan air hose academy was certified with “ IATA ” abbreviation “ The International Airline Training Association ” , Edexcel international, City and Guilds, ACCA ( The association of Certified Chartered Accountants ) , Asiatic institute of engineering, United land institutes like chartered institute of selling & A ; chartered institute of direction, srilankan travel agents association, Inbound Tour operators of srilankan association. It won the outstanding rubric called “ Best Tourism Education & A ; Training Effort ” Tourism and travel in the twelvemonth of 2008 from the president. Currently it is doing a complete air travel simulator Centre at International airdrome of Bandaranaike with partnership of the Netherlands SIM industries BV. Srilankan Aviation preparation Academy is authorized to the “ EASA 147 criterion ” , provides wide-range preparation for technology staff and pilots, and recognized by The Maldives, Pakistan air power governments and Srilanka.

Srilankan Cares: It is the division of Srilankan air hose development community, Srilankan cares energetically participates in charity and fund elevation activities, and Srilankan Cares chiefly focus on kids authorization. It has conceded out chief development undertakings in 3 local schools in dissimilar parts of the state, supplying substructure and edifices such as libraries, computing machine labs and schoolrooms.

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American Marketing Association describe a trade name as a “ mark, term, name, design or symbol, or an combination of them, intended to acknowledge the services or goods of individual marketer or set of Sellerss and to do a differentiation between them from rivals ” . Thus a trade name is a merchandise or service that put together some dimensions that differentiate it in a punctilious manner from the remainder of the services or merchandises doing to fulfill the similar demand. These fluctuations may be rational, touchable or functional, merchandise public presentation related to the trade name. Besides they may be emotional, symbolic or intangible represent what related to the trade name.

Branding is the of import and cherished plus of every house. Important intangible and touchable factors of a trade name as follows.

Brand image

Brand place

Brand effectivity

Brand image can be described as a exclusive aggregation of organisations contained by targeted client heads. It denotes the present position of trade name. It is the on the whole intuition in clients mind and shaped from all causes. Customers developed diverse confederations with a peculiar trade name. Supporting on these confederations clients formed image.

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The definition of positioning agencies keeping a profitable and believable place into the client ‘s head, by presuming a place comparative to the resistance or alter the placement of resistance.

Brand offers to tauten legal protection for same characteristics or features of a peculiar merchandise. Brand is the signal of a denied degree of quality, if the purchaser is satisfied so easy picks it once more. Brand making differences to similar merchandise.

Brand trueness in nil but trade name equity ( ‘Daryl Travis, Emotional Branding ‘ ) . It provides ineluctability and demand secure for the company and makes obstructions to entry that create it difficult for competitory companies to come into the market. Continue page-313

SriLankan A320 at Mumbai

Airlines fit out their airplanes with a typical coloring material design and logo, modified to make a positive and strong trade name image, which clients can volitionally remember. To examination the power of any air hose chosen logo design, colorss look heavenward the subsequently clip a aircraft files overhead. ( Airlines Brand Image, Christine Hucko, May-6-2007 ) .

Every company or industry holding their ain trade names. It is the manner to place the clients to a industry or company. Sri Lankan air hoses logo called Inachis io, it differentiate to rivals. It is the worldwide recognized trade name.

Sri Lankan air hoses follows all the necessities and basicss utilizing to keep its ain trade name equity and good quality services to its clients with lower monetary values. The “ front line staff from chalet to land crew will feature a trade name heater smiling and new expression. ” Srilankan air hoses becomes the 1st air hose company to back up a international trade name to place by advancing its Katunayake metropolis and shire liveried aircraft at Bandaranaike International Airport airdrome.

The trade name of srilankan air hoses make it into a dramatic eyepiece on the flight strip which ca n’t be mistreated anyplace in the Srilanka and other abroad.

Good quality services and better committedness to raise the client contentment makes Sri Lankan air hoses is one of the pinnacle trade name in the Asia, and besides intensifying and preparatory its new services for old clients and every bit good as new riders and clients to the bing and new finishs which will assist the air hoses in trade name heed and in backing the trade name to higher degrees. Total-547


In both personal life and professional life, by and large human existences organizing a group based on expertness and affinities. Most of worlds belong to e-business universe webs that shaped organically. Not startlingly, these webs quickly migrated to net based universe.

‘Social networking comprises of a limited sets or set of the relation and histrions or dealingss describes on them. The being of relational in sequence is a important and specifying quality of a societal web ‘ .

Social web analysis: methods and applications, By Stanley Wasserman, Kartherine Faust

Social, in sense that societal relies on people who are organizing a group and the group members act together in several manner. Although figure of people act together merely touch with their friends or personal amusement, but we are interested in how societal networking techniques apply to Srilankan air hose concern traffics and communications that show the manner to consequences.

In the present e-business universe societal networking had really popular. Once it is a niche action for childs. Now 1000000s of users utilizing cyberspace and they were absorbing by societal networking. Different cultural background and people all ages, races interrelate on webs. General people log their profiles, on-line chew the fating with his friends, and upload most recent images.

Web sites were by and large used to online societal networking. These Web pages are called societal sites. Many on-line communities of net users sharing common avocations, political relations or faith. Once entree granted a individual to societal networking web page, start to socialise. Socialization may dwell of reading the profile user pages. Most popular societal networking web sites are face book, MySpace, Twitter and Orkut. These websites users portion their thoughts and exposures and pictures portion with their friends.

The basic thought of societal networking explains how to construct human connexions with other people. Social webs are different types. Simply we will sort webs by its nature of the groups of histrions and ownerships of the ties between them. The signifier of a web as figure of sets of organic structures on which steps on structural variables.

( Stanley Wasserman and Katherine Faust ( 1994 ) Social web Analysis, Cambridge University Press )

Social networking web sites are supplying convenient manner with low cost for clients to remain better linking with the website members. These sites besides assisting user to command and print content easy. Face book, MySpace websites prolong to distribute out their services to be a focal point for more people to subscribe in and go on to pull their bing users utilizing these services extra.

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Airlines know everyplace talked about them, yet air hoses are making little to withstand their coating of conversation. Staying portion of the travel Earth, though, is acceptance the cyberspace and making a multifaceted societal web of meeting sites, web logs, links and remark countries. Large travel concern sections such as “ Thomson ( Electronics house ) , Cisco ( ‘Hi- tech provider ‘ ) ” and others have formed domestic corporate communities for his route battlers.

But air hoses are traveling really easy into corporate the societal networking and they have limited themselves to direct selling to a specific group, these groups can be identified by his ranks in former societal webs as Twitter, Face book.

Social networking for air hoses, David Field, 18-06-08, World Wide Web.

Srilankan Airlines has deficiencies of users, but every individual knows merely her or him punctilious contact web, non everyone. Why because it is non maintain to societal web. Total-552


‘Mass customization is a scheme that makes appraisal by some signifier of client to company interaction at the assembly/ fiction stage of operation degree to do customized trade goods with pecuniary monetary value and production cost similar to those of mass formed merchandises ‘ .

Journal of merchandise invention direction, page168-185, 23 ( 2 )

Making of usage altered or individualized services or goods to run into the client ‘s changing and varied demands at near to mass fabrication monetary values. Authorized by engineerings like cyberspace, cybernation, thin fabrication, and merchandise modularization, it indicates the ultimate concluding phase in cleavage market where each consumer can hold exactly what she or he wants.

Mass customization is advanced frontier for service industries and fabricating industries in concern competition. It nucleus is a fabulous rise in monetary values.

Mass customization is a construct of direction describes

Why merchandise life rhythms are worsening

Why betterment and production rhythm times must follow

Why concerns are re-engineering their patterned advances

Why hierarchies are transforming and flattening into networked organisations.

Mass customization combines all these into a individual cogent construction of direction that explains what ‘s traveling on today ‘s industries, whose markets big or little, planetary or local are pigeonholed more by disturbance than by stability.

Mass Customization, STAN DAVIS, Harvard Business school press-1999

Mass Customization Types

Mass customization holding 4 faces ( Article from Harvard Business Review, Gilmore, James H. , II ; Pine, B. Joseph January-1-1997 ) . Those are

Collaborative customization: Individual clients discoursing after, companies try to set up the precise merchandise that serves the buyer ‘s demands and so specifies & A ; produces a merchandise that suits a specific consumer.

Adaptive customization: A consonant merchandise is formed, but the merchandise has distinction of being constructible by the terminal user custodies. For illustration NIKE shoes change the client ‘s merchandise themselves.

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Crystalline customization: Inimitable goods are provided for entity clients, devoid of doing them attentive that the goods are custom-made.

Cosmetic customization: A consonant physical good is being distributed to diverse clients in inimitable ways.

Srilankan air hoses masscutomization comes under lower monetary value to supply services to prefer finishs. Menus is lower it pull new riders, monetary value competition engages an air hose by and large forfeiting investing in air travel safety. Over clip it causes destroys and fiscal loss on air hoses repute. Price competition merely is non executable long-run attack. Alternatively, air hoses aggressive benefit prevarications in inspection and repair quality ( Yeh and Chang, 2002 ) . Superior service excellence leads to favor rider satisfaction, rider demand are high, better stigmatization, which in revolve leads to upper gross ( ‘Sim et Al, 2006 ‘ ) .

In the present twenty-four hours ‘s universe economic downswing, the bulk air hoses are aggressive really shortly to last. They are mandatory to cut services and costs every bit far as possible. Airlines needs to be film editing and do excess grosss while continuing riders sharp-sightedness of quality service. Service quality in air hoses is a composite mix of undefinable ( ‘Mazanec, 1995 ‘ ) .

‘European Journal of Operational Research: Mass customization of air hose services, Leon Yen, James J.h.Liou, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng, 10.1016/j.ejor.2009.11.019 ‘ .

Airlanka following lower monetary value scheme and supply better services by utilizing on-line publicities to give a great price reductions make sophisticated engagements through online and divided into ‘travel out to Colombo ‘ , ‘ travel in to Colombo ‘ . Some particular offers like Hot Seats, Holiday offers, particular menus to certain finishs through online engagement. These offers helpful to bing clients every bit good as pulling to new clients by supplying best menus with great price reductions to certain paths.



It is concluded that above information had detailed theoretical reappraisal of E-business and its theories of Branding, Social Networking and Mass customization on Srilankan air hoses website.

I believed that srilankan air hoses website logo symbol name as Inachis io and its coloring material are different to easy to distinguish from the rivals. It is the worldwide recognized trade name. It maintained ain trade name equity and good quality services to place as a first topographic point in the Asian air hoses industry. The front line squad from chalet to land crew will feature a trade name heater smiling and new expression. Good quality services and better committedness to raise the client contentment makes Sri Lankan air hoses is one of the pinnacle trade names in the Asia. Srilankan airlines go the 1st air hose company to back up a international trade name to place by advancing its Katunayake metropolis and shire liveried aircraft at Bandaranaike International Airport.

Srilankan air hoses non utilizing societal networking links to its web site. If it is utilizing chirrup, face book or some other societal networking sites to acquire consumers motivated to go, to obtain them discoursing about srilankan air hoses, why they are interested or why hate them. Most of the air hose operators are utilizing face book, chirrup, flickr. By utilizing societal networking the visitants are can seek flight position and seeking a flight by snaping the nexus and Share their positions to their friends, relations, profile visitants.

Mass customization, cut downing the monetary value to the selected flights to selected finishs and better service provide to its consumers, compare its monetary value is inexpensive to other service suppliers. In the web site it displays ‘BEST FARE GUARANTEE ‘ . Provides on-line publicities to give a great price reduction, vacation offers, hot trades and particular offers provide to pull more clients.


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