An Effective Marketing Tool For Local Businesses Marketing Essay


This research proposal focuses at the local concerns of Vancouver who are non utilizing Facebook as their selling and advertisement tool. To find the actions required to make an effectual method for local concern proprietors in Vancouver are, some literature reappraisals which are relevant to the context are been collected which includes stigmatization concern on Facebook, viral selling, Facebook fan page and success narratives of some business communities who had adapted Facebook selling for their concerns. To roll up and analyse informations, a assorted selling attack has been done in order to garner more quantitative end product than qualitative informations. Quantitative information includes studies that will be conducted by some concerns proprietors shacking in the most dumbly populated country of Vancouver City. After garnering statistical informations and including my ain findings, I will be able to show the fact of sing a Facebook an effectual selling tool for all the local concerns who are incognizant of the benefits and power of Facebook selling.


Facebook is a really celebrated societal networking web site which was launched in the 2nd month of 2004. Apparently, it has been studied that about one out 14 people in this universe is a Facebook user. Facebook has become an unbeatable phenomenon by its fastest turning figure of users and user friendly platform. By the clip it has started, Facebook has about more than 500 million users. Facebook ‘s early accomplishments attracted investors and marketing companies to foster their concerns with the aid of its turning figure of users. Many national and international companies are utilizing the aid of Facebook to market and publicize their concern in order to intrigue more clients. ( Retrieved from: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

I chose this subject as my country of research because ; it ‘s truly astonishing to cognize the fact that Facebook ‘s tremendous user power helped transnational and national companies to construct figure of clients and gross revenues of their merchandises and services in a really short period. As a research worker, foremost, I would wish to research on what are the major grounds behind many concerns utilizing Facebook as one of their major selling tool? , Second, I would wish to research more on the local concerns in Vancouver that are presently running with the aid of Facebook ‘s selling tool, Are all local concern proprietors in Vancouver using the aid of this tool? Are they successful? Are they cognizant of Facebook? Etc. So, the chief focal point in this research is chiefly on local concerns which had benefited by Facebook ‘s selling and on those who are incognizant and would wish to better their selling capablenesss through Facebook. This research will decidedly make an chance for local concerns in order to switching selling capablenesss to the following degree.

Problem /Opportunity

It has been observed that there is more demand for Internet selling by local concern in Vancouver but many of them do n’t hold much thought how to utilize it. It ‘s an chance for those concerns that are non cognizant of the other benefits of Facebook yet. The information sing non-Facebook users can be collected through a study that will include all the inquiries sing the use of Facebook that will be considered as an indispensable component for the research. ( Retrieved from: hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . Even though Facebook is known as a radical societal networking web site with legion concern chances but it has created a job for other selling web sites.

The job inquiry that will be used to execute the research is how Facebook selling and advertisement can be an effectual tool for local concerns in Vancouver? The chief intent for this research is to make an chance for local concerns who are holding no cognition or unaware of practical selling through societal networking web site, specifically Facebook. The aims for this research are, foremost, to depict the nature of Local Businesss in Vancouver and their methods of selling and advertisement, Second, comparative analysis with other societal networking web sites on the web and in conclusion, to depict the benefits of selling and advertisement merchandises and services on Facebook.

Proposed Literature Review

Facebook-ing for concern

Harmonizing to Jared Todd Facebook is everyplace these yearss, and it is n’t traveling off. A recent study stated that 10 % of entire clip spent on the cyberspace is on Facebook, and it would be stupid for local concerns non to take advantage of the chance presented by Facebook. Jared Todd besides represented some primer for concern looking to make out to clients through Facebook

Invite clients, but do n’t be pushful

Print your Facebook Page on Website, Twitter, and Ad

Run Facebook Only Promotions

Facebook for Business.

( Retrieved from: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

The chief ground why I chose this article which is mentioned by Jared Todd, because of his consecutive frontward attack and he besides shows the chief possible ways to acquire the attending of the clients. Facebook itself is a great Invention but it requires more cognition to utilize it in the concern for selling and advertisement intents.

Viral Selling

Groups are one of the simplest ways to make viral selling on Facebook. It is every bit easy as if person is loosen uping on a sofa. It starts when members starts fall ining a group after that they can ask for any individual or a friend on Facebook by utilizing a really alone characteristic called the built in Invite characteristic. If your members are interested and would wish to fall in about your group, it can turn truly rapidly. Additionally, your group name will normally look on your members ‘ personal profile pages until they leave the group. Many people view groups as “ Bumper Stickers ” . Because profile pages are extremely trafficked, these links can breed a batch of chinks to a group page. ( Justin Smith, 2007 ) ( Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: // , http: // )

This subject will truly assist Vancouver ‘s local concerns on how to viral its merchandise and services through Facebook. The beginning here chiefly states the significance of viral selling which is besides known as viva-voce selling. All these information is indispensable for a best decision on the research subject. There are certain parts of Facebook page that consequences to viral selling such as its application that connects people with each other immediately, its fan page, invitation procedure i.e. ask foring your Facebook fans or Friends for an event or assemblage. This Information is critical for local concerns in order to acquire pleasance from its easiest and effectual manner of selling. ( Bhavya George, Social Maximizer, 2010 ) ( Retrieved from: hypertext transfer protocol: // can non -neglect/ )

Vancouver Business: Success narrative

One success narrative which is about an enterpriser who worked difficult to develop a successful and profitable e-business is Sandy Stevens of Sandy ‘s Home-style Baking Company. Bing healthy to impart her love of baking and Sweets into a feasible calling, Stevens has experienced a great trade of success over the short clip her e-business has been running. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Stevens was unaware of utilizing selling tactics that are provided on-line, but due to his friend encouragement she learnt all the possible to ways to market her company merchandises through web. She done her ain web designing and she besides created a nexus with newspapers with the aid of hunt engines like Yokel! and Google. Now her concern is blossoming because of her attempt and believing in on-line selling and advertisement.

This is a good illustration of how acquiring clients in an efficient and effectual manner. In footings of disbursals, she spent a little part of her money to make a platform where people can acquire information easy. ( Retrieved from: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Critique and Analyze

The most important portion of this research is to supply a theory or a theoretical account that will ensue to a concern success for many concerns in Vancouver. So, these are some literature that is indispensable to do a better chance theoretical account for local concerns in Vancouver and to get the better of the demand and supply cognition of utilizing e-marketing and advertisement through Facebook. In the first article, the writer is chiefly focused on the manner to acquire attending of clients on-line and 2nd article is all about how active Facebook users signals Innovativeness of trade name which help to cognize how a originative ad aid to pull clients. It covers stigmatization, Approach and manner of a merchandise or service that is being marketed by the company. Branding a merchandise through web is an chance for those concerns who would wish to trade name their merchandises and services through Facebook ( Steven Holzner, 2009 ) . Fourth article explains about viral selling and its patterns ; it besides shows how it is indispensable for local concerns. Last, 5th article provinces about the success concern narratives of some concern that had used cyberspace selling and advertisement as their selling tool ( Chris Treadaway, Mari Smith, Facebook Company, 2010 ) . On the whole all the research articles will profit in supplying resources for the research.

Proposed Methodology

The best manner to screen out the quandary for this research is to plan an attack in such a manner that it could specify all the possibilities which will depict Facebook a best tool for selling in World Wide Web sphere. “ Assorted Method attack ” is considered to be the best attack for this research, it is referred to be as one in which the research worker collects, analyzes, and integrates both quantitative and qualitative informations in a individual survey or in multiple surveies in a relentless plan of enquiry ( Creswell, 2003 ) . There are so many informations that could be gathered and analyzed quantitatively but this research focuses more on the local concern of Vancouver. Quantitative information and analysis is non adequate to cover all the of import borders of Facebook selling. One thing that Local concerns in Vancouver would wish to cognize is the quality behind this chance. Is it safe, easy to utilize, reliable, dependable? So, all these sorts of inquiry can be answered through a qualitative method of research.


The people who will be benefited by the research are none other than the local concern proprietors including foreign subjects, immigrants, and citizens of Canada who are runing concern without the usage of on-line selling technique. Largely local concern proprietors believe in traditional manner of selling and advertisement on xanthous pages, newspapers etc. These sorts of selling activities cost them a batch of money. So, this will be a great chance to them in order to take assorted advantages of viral characteristics of Facebook Marketing.


A consecutive explanatory design will supply better consequences for this research. The ground for taking this design is because the research needs more quantitative orientation and consecutive explanatory design can be conducted merely by one research worker. Additionally, to screen out the job both reading of quantitative and qualitative analysis are needed. In the quantitative informations, first purpose is to happen the elaborate description of Facebook, success narratives, the accomplishments and the growing from the beginning boulder clay now. These sorts of informations can be gathered through person ‘s reading of events by utilizing participant observation, in-depth interviews. Second method is to garner informations qualitatively ; the chief mark is to happen out how many local concern proprietors are non utilizing Facebook as their selling tool? Are they cognizant of the web site called ‘Facebook ‘ ? Etc. So these sorts of inquiries can be asked by fixing questionnaires or equipment to roll up numerical informations.

For this peculiar research method, a sampling procedure is designed orderly to specify mark population, finding the sampling frame, choosing trying techniques, verify sample size and the last measure is to put to death the sampling procedure ( Malthora et al, 2004, p. 226 ) . First measure is to find mark population ; this measure is indispensable for contracting the research or cognizing the persons who are involved in the country of my research. So the mark population for this research will be local concerns in Vancouver chiefly plumbing concern, business district eating houses, popular nines and bars etc. The 2nd measure is to finding the sampling frame, it is hard to roll up informations from about all the mark population and sometimes it besides lacks focus-sampling that consequences to tremendous mistakes, and so sampling frame is restricted to local concern proprietors who are running their concern on Main and Fraser Street of Vancouver. Third measure is to choose a sampling technique ; this procedure involves seeking for a right individual, on a right topographic point and at a right clip, so, these three constituents truly affairs while choosing a sample frame. Fourth measure is to cognize the sample size, which will be 20 local concern proprietors, 10 utilizations on-line selling except Facebook and 10 does n’t cognize about Facebook and on-line selling. This research technique is chiefly focal points on who are interested to cognize the benefit of Facebook and what do they believe about on-line selling. Last measure is to put to death the sample procedure ; this procedure can be done through fixing a study questionnaire by taking attention of all the four stairss that has been mentioned above. The study will be conducted on the local concerns of Main and Fraser Street of Vancouver. Other than studies, there are other variables that can be used in this research is utilizing the Facebook fan pages. A fan page will assist the research worker to cognize how good is the trade name making on Facebook. ( Retrieved from: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

After garnering all the quantitative informations ( i.e. studies ) now, the following measure is to analyse the information that has already been collected. Analyzing the quantitative informations can be done through particular statistics package created by IBM called Statistical Package for the Social Sciences ( SPSS ) and was antecedently known as Predictive Analytics Software Statistics ( PASW ) . This package will assist to make a statistical tabular array that will stand for the analysis of informations gathered.

On the other manus, qualitative informations can be gathered through cyberspace articles, local concern success narratives and benefits of viral selling, local concerns that are utilizing Facebook as their selling tool, cause and effects of online selling through societal networking web sites, personal interviews and comparing Facebook with its challengers ( i.e. Twitter, MySpace ) . Qualitative information analysis will be done through carry oning an interview, fixing inquiry that will assist to screen out the job or in other words it should job focused. Critical Analysis and comparative analysis between rivals is of import to contracting down the research. Qualitative information analysis will decidedly polish and explicate statistical consequences by researching local concern proprietors ‘ positions in deepness. In footings of cogency, both internal and external are taken into consideration. All the respondents ( i.e. selected local concern proprietors in Vancouver ) are being asked to do a Facebook history, do a friend list, add all the friends and make a fan page for the merchandise. These observations are indispensable portion to formalize the findings. ( Retrieved from: hypertext transfer protocol: // MediumId=947 )

Ethical Issues

There is no such major ethical issue that has been found till yet, all the beginnings and mentions are available unfastened and accessible through the web but there is one some minor ethical issues which is the privateness tool that is used by the company to protect informations. Those privacy issues can merely be gathered from the Facebook web site or by garnering all the information from a Facebook operator. Reaching a Facebook operator is the most hard undertaking and that information can non be mentioned without turn outing any informations relevant to it. So, the best manner to garner information is by directing them a study questionnaire that will work out the job ( Retrieved from: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Undertaking Work Plan and Deliverables

1st Assignment:

Choosing a Research Topic

Time Allotted



4 hours

No major troubles so far

Research job, intent and aims

3 hours

Unable to do better job statement that will pull the research worker

Project Scope

1 hr

2nd Assignment:

Literature Review

Time Allotted


1st and 2nd Articles

5 hours

Unable to happen more success narratives that had benefited from Facebook selling tool

3rd, 4th and 5th Articles

8 hours

Did n’t happen more qualitative informations

Critical Analysis

3 hours

No troubles so far

3rd Assignment:

Research Methodology

Time Allotted



6 hours

It was hard to take between quantitative and assorted attack

Final Research Proposal

Time Allotted


Entire Work

10 hours

Re-changing literature reappraisal


Chris Treadaway, Mari Smith, Facebook ( Firm ) ( 2010 ) . Facebook selling: an hr a twenty-four hours,

Capital of indianas: Wiley Publishing.

Steven Holzner ( 2009 ) . Facebook selling: purchase societal media to turn your concern, Chicago: Que Publishing.

Creswell, J.W. ( 2003 ) . Research design. Qualitative, quantitative and assorted methods attacks. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

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