A Review Of The American Nightmare History Essay

In the wake of World War II, America was running like a well oiled Toyota ( Pre -2009 ) . A pent up demand for consumer goods fueled a steady industrial enlargement. At one point, the demands became so great that mills could non bring forth adequate to fulfill the appetencies of the new strain of famished babe doing consumers. However, maintaining up with the Jonesi??s and doing certain to catch the most recent episode of I Love Lucy were non the lone things on the heads on Americans heads during the Cold War old ages. Piggybacking right along with the newfound prosperity was a deep frozen fright of something no American wanted to traverse ; the Soviet Union. To most Americani??s, the Soviets stood for everything that was incorrect with the universe. When Russia did something, the US took notice, no affair how minute or junior-grade. The frights that Americans had during the Cold War included the spread of communism to America and American domains of involvement, enemies at place, and the emerging conflict for atomic domination. However, merely as Toyota has seriously tried to soothe its nervous clients by remembering affected autos and explicating that everything is traveling to be all right, the United States of America had its ain security cover in President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Eisenhower took many stairss in seting these frights to rest, and while non all of his actions were necessary or effectual, on a whole President Eisenhower succeeded in turn toing the concerns most Americans felt.

First away, the spread of the Bolshevik Revolution had plagued many a politicians mind of all time since the Red Revolution of 1919. However, this i??Red Scarei?? reached its extremum during the Cold War. John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State, captured this credo of anti communism feelings when he said, i??If universe Communism captures any American Statei??a new and parlous forepart is established, which will increase the danger of the full free worldi?? ( Doc B ) . The state of affairs in which he expresses concern about communism distributing to America was so tested in Iran in 1953, Guatemala in 1954, and Cuba in 1959. Eisenhower besides ended the Korean War, and intervened in Indochina, the Suez Canal, and the Formosa Straights. In all three instances, the Eisenhower disposal masterminded an overthrow of the freshly installed authoritiess. They were merely successful in two of them, Iran and Guatemala. The country in which Eisenhower did non win was in Cuba. When Fidel Castro overthrew the authorities in topographic point, the Eisenhower disposal foremost attempted a brief attempt at solace with the new government. However, after these dialogue yielded no advancement, Eisenhower could merely agitate his finger at Cuba and do it cognize that the United provinces would non O.K. . This in bend drove Cuba right into the weaponries of the Sovietss. The immediate advantages of the successful overthrows nevertheless, was to deny the Communists a bridgehead in Latin America. The fright of communism at place besides forced the president to do some instead curious but finally good determinations. The Interstate Highway System, with its i??40,000 stat mi networki?? that will i??connect 209 of the 237 metropoliss holding a population of 50,000 or morei??serves the countryi??s chief industrial and defence areasi?? ( Doc D ) . President Eisenhower justified this act on the agencies of national defence, playing off the populacei??s fright of non being able to evacuate a metropolis if their was an incoming atomic work stoppage. In world, the Highway Act of 1956 really was really good to the American economic system, while seting to rest the fright of non being able to get away or transport arms efficaciously.

While people everyplace were being slammed with anti-foreigner propaganda, they were besides populating in fright of the dangers that they were confronted with in their ain places and workplaces. President Eisenhower summed it up absolutely when he announced that i??We fear the work forces of the Kremlini?? [ but we besides ] fear what unwise research workers will make to us here at place as they try to battle corruption or graft or fraudulence withini?? ( Doc A ) . While Eisenhower does non province this straight, he is speaking about Senator Joseph McCarthy and his ill-famed Senate tests. However, before McCarthyism, there was the House of Un-american Activities Committee. The most celebrated revelation of communist activates at place came in 1948 when Whittaker Chambers accused Alger Hiss of holding been a Soviet undercover agent during WWII. A few months subsequently, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were sentenced to decease when it was found they conspired to convey atomic secrets with the Soviet Union. By the Early 1950i??s all the ingredients for a new effusion of crazes were in topographic point, and an effusion of hysterics is precisely what came following. McCarthyi??s addresss triggered a four twelvemonth run to run down alleged Communists in the Government. It went so far as to make into the land of Hollywood, blacklisting famous persons and endangering to close down concerns unless more people were named. While all of this was traveling on, President Eisenhower ne’er remarks straight, declining to contend fire with fire, trusting that the American people would one twenty-four hours see all the folly in this new ruddy panic. His refusal to halt the lunacy was a immense error. Alternatively of run intoing the struggle caput on, he helped heighten peoplei??s frights by allowing propaganda creative persons such as Chambers and McCarthy take control of them and utilize the fright of communist neighbours and coworkers to their ain advantage.

Finally, the biggest fright that Americans carried around in the dorsum of their caputs was the possibility of atomic holocaust. It got so bad that ordinary citizens began to construct bomb shelters in their ain backyards ( Doc C ) . The policies of communist containment, brought Forth by Dulles, and the policy of monolithic revenge, which stated that the United States will utilize all available resources if provoked by the Communists, were both tools that the Eisenhower disposal used to do Americans experience safer. However, Eisenhower did non expect there would be any jobs was his policy of monolithic revenge. U.S. World and News exposed the failing in the new policy when they published an info in writing discoursing the jobs of monolithic revenge ( Doc E ) . Reporting that a Soviet Missile could make US dirt in less than 30 proceedingss and destruct all American capablenesss of farther onslaught. This scared many Americans, who so called for more disbursement on atomic plans. In fright of the new atomic missile race, Eisenhower besides called for the enlargement of the Air Force, and in bend from 1950 to 1960 the federal Budget grew from 40 billion to 90 billion dollars ( Doc H ) , with national defence disbursement making into 2/3 of the budget. However, there were many jobs with Eisenhoweri??s policies that he did non anticipate. Missile plans ate up so much budget that civilian services, infinite development, public assistance plans, and school building all were put by the roadside ( Doc F ) . Schools were an country that Americans became concerned with the most, particularly after larning that the Russians had tested better in Math and Science, therefore enabling them to bring forth more scientists, and in bend acquiring them farther in front in the atomic weaponries race. The successful launch of the first of all time satellite in infinite, Sputnik, was the concluding straw. Eisenhower addressed this job straight when he gave particular attending to scientific discipline and technology ( Doc G ) by go throughing the National Defense Education Act in 1958. This helped schools better and broaden their math and scientific discipline classs, even offering natural philosophies. So even though Americani??s feared the new Nuclear Arms race, Eisenhower took many promising stairss frontward to set their frights to rest.

The fright of the unknown Communist menace to the American manner of life was one that pervaded every United states citizens head throughout the Cold War old ages. Not merely did citizens fear the menaces abroad, but they had to populate in fright at place. Nuclear missiles besides scared the life daytimes out of 1000000s of people. Dwight D. Eisenhower answered these frights with policies put in topographic point to protect Americans, abroad and at place. While he did do some errors, he was finally successful in extinguishing most peoples frights of communism. But while he was making that, he unwittingly set the United States up for future struggles, like the bay of Pigs and the war in Vietnam. Even the words of John F Kennedyi??s inaugural reference, i??We shall pay any monetary value, bear any burdeni??to guarantee the endurance and the success of libertyi?? pealing true to Eisenhoweri??s policies of Communist containment. ( Doc I ) .