A Proposed Online Student Information System

A. Title: A Proposed Online Student Information System: Baliuag University-School of Information Technology Education (SITE) Department B. Proponents Leader:Irish Mae P. Santos Members:Melanie A. Lajom Bryan Allan Francisco Katherine Y. Simbulan I. Intoduction A. Background The development of the information communication superhighway has been a buzzword in all aspects of human endeavor be it globally or locally We Have Expertise To Create Essays In All Subjects – Get More Info http://whazzup-u.com/profile/CarolJames .com/author/terrywilson “>http://www.projectwedding.com/users/CarolJames  .

To keep pace with the trends, the Philippines sees the need for the development of the national capability to harness information technology (IT) in boosting the productivity of business, industry, law, medicine, military, education and other sectors of society (Librero: 2001). In the field of education, researchers and theorists have focused intensively in recent years on examining the concept and use of information to assist administrators, advisory boards and program developers and planners.

Others have raised and discussed fundamental issues and uses of school information systems to facilitate judgment and decision-making in the school. Schools, like any other organization, need to manage all sorts of data and information to ensure attainment of it goals and objectives. The emerging need in most schools for accurate, relevant data and reliable information strengthen the educational management information system. Now it is the vital role of the Baliuag University to justify its present concern for an efficient management of information communication technology in its mission to serve society better.

The study will seek to answer the following problems encountered; what is the current status of the student information system of Baliuag University? And it also tries to identify the services that the university can offer in terms of communication information, data information management, efficiency in management resources? And lastly it tries to answer the factors that affect the current student information of Baliuag University? The importance of the study is to help the faculty members in andling grades and other task in more accurate and can be assured that all data is secured, for parents, to provide them meaningful, consistent and timely data information and to help them monitor their children’s grade and attendance, for students, to provide them an easy access on their grades, attendance, curriculum, schedules of their professor and their personal information. B. Statement of the Problem The study intended to identify an Online Student Information System: Baliuag University-School of Information Technology Education (SITE) Department. Specifically, it aims to answer the following questions: 1.

What are the important features of the Proposed Online Student Information System for the Baliuag University: SITE Department? 2. What is the current status of the student information system of the Baliuag University: SITE Department? 3. What is an online student information system? 4. What is the effectiveness that this study may contribute? C. Objectives of the Study The researchers’ main objective is to develop an online student information system for the SITE department of Baliuag University. 1. To identify the important features of the Proposed Online Student Information System for the Baliuag University: SITE Department should have. 2.

To distinguish the current status of the information system of the Baliuag University: SITE Department. 3. To create a system that will allocate the other people regarding this study. 4. To generate a system that will assists the parents and students about different concerns (like academic status) and to provide a system that will serve as a form of communication between the university and the parents. D. Significance of the Study The following persons are hoped to be benefited by the system: School. This will reduce data collection on the school and also, this will increase the school’s capacity to follow the student’s progress over time.

Faculty member. They will handle grading and other tasks in more accurate and can be assured that all data is secured. Parents. This will provide them: meaningful, consistent and timely data and information and know their children’s grades and can monitor the attendance in more easy and fast way. Students. This proposed online Student Information System will provide an easy access of information about their grades, attendance, curriculum, schedules of professors and subjects and their personal information. E. Scope and Limitation of Study

The system that the researchers are proposing is a dynamic system that will manage the grades of the students, attendance, curriculum, schedules of professors and subjects and personal information. It is capable of being connected with the parents for them to monitor their children regarding grades and attendances. But as everyone has, this system has its own limitations. It cannot accept payment if there is an announcement that they need to pay for something. Most importantly, it was made only for the Baliuag University-SITE Department (2011-Present). Data and other transactions made in the system are only exclusive for the said university.

F. Conceptual Framework A well-structured student information system gave the organization a proper assistance to the students and to their parents regarding the academic performance. In this study, an input-process-output diagram will be used to come up with a well-structured online student information system for Baliuag University: SITE Department. Input represents the material needed to start building the process such as gathering data through descriptive researching. Web browsing, reference material, interviewing reliable sources, analyzing helpful programming languages and material to be used.

Process is the method of conducting and preparing the system itself included in the Analyzing wherein the system works well. Planning for the system materials to be used and software to be incorporate for the development of the system. Designing the system interfaces incorporate with the graphics initiate in the system. Analysis the system configures how it performs better with the corporate of adding application to be used. Encoding, a users manually encode the program to be used for developing the system and creating a well creativeness action. Programming initiate by the users.

Debugging enacts in error corresponding the path of file error of the system. Testing, wherein it is performing whether it includes the estimation became a final output. And the revision was particularly for modification in adding some components of the system. After preparing all the materials needed and performing all the steps in the process stage, the final output came up with a well-structured Online Student Information System. INPUT OUTPUT PROCESS Gathering Data Tools and Equipment and Programming Language Interviewing Reliable Sources Reference Material and Surfing Net Well-structured Online Student Information System

Project Design Evaluation Development Revision Is the project accepted? Figure I. Online Student Information System Input-Process-Output Diagram II. Review of Related Literature About the development of Computer, Internet and designing of Website: Computers have revolutionized our society. It is tempting to eliminate many short comings of a manual system. Computerization is a means of simplifying production speed and accuracy for the work elements associated with more production. Today, internet has its enormous importance and has a major part each time and technology went through its innovation.

Think of the internet as a gigantic Yellow Page book. Likewise is the growth of people’s knowledge in creating some solutions to the problem, and will make each task easier, faster and efficient using the advancement of technology and one of these is by using a web based solution. According to Mckenzie (2005), a school website is one of the most effective and cheapest technologies to faster communication among students, parents and school officials. Developing an effective website takes time and resources both if done right, the benefits to the school community are enormous. According to Steve Adcock (2005), websites are nothing without content, and most content is comprised of simple text. In placing the content on your webpage always consider first the user. Make sure that you will encourage them to read what you have on your webpage. Use a simple and readable font and proper color combination and make sure that the color contrasts are not against or equal with the background of your site. He added that verdana is the most useful font but many of us think that it is boring to use. 2 According to Kessler (2006), there are readily available templates that can be use for making a simple website.

Once you’ve find a template that you like, modify it to suit your needs. The user can use the available template according to his/her preferred output. He/she may change the color and effects as long as it will fit to the theme of the website that he/she will be creating. It doesn’t matter whether you use software or readily available templates in designing a webpage, what matters most is the content. 3 Shee Wai (2008) in her research proved that the Internet and Web technology development have opened up new ways for people to communicate, gain new information and increase their knowledge.

One particular area of interest is that of using online resources to empower informal learners to increase their knowledge at their own time and space. 4 A. P. Alcantara et. al. , (2009) clarify that the developmental research method, as opposed to simple instructional development, has been defined as the systematic study of designing, developing, and evaluating instructional programs, processes, and products that must meet criteria of internal consistency and effectiveness. Development research method is particularly important in the field of instructional technology. The purpose of developmental research method is to ccess changes over an extended period of time. 5 According to Chris Newman (2005), PHP is a programming language that was designed for creating dynamic websites. It slots into your web server and processes instructions contained in a webpage before that page is sent through to your web browser. Certain elements of the page can therefore be generated on-the-fly so that the page changes each time it is loaded. 6 According to M. F. Balite et al. ,(2009) that the strengths of SQL provide benefits for all types of users, including application programmers, database administrators, managers, and end users.

Technically speaking, SQL is data sublanguage. The purpose of SQL is to provide an interface to a relational database such as oracle, and all SQL statements are instructions to the database in this SQL differs from general purpose programming languages like C and Basic. 7 The development of Student Information System : Student Information System provides capabilities for students and parents in viewing of grades, attendance, curriculum, scheduled and many other student related information.

According to Herchel and Mcneil (2007), computerized record system is a technique that is more organized, formal and concise compare to the manual listing. It is a method for an easier, faster yet less time consuming retrieval of file. It keeps important files and documents without having the anticipation of misplacing or losing them. 8 According to Lowery (2006), the best membership sites include such big shots as Monster. com, classmates. com, YouTube, MySpace and more. And also they define some secrets to a successful membership sites have a specific function with a demand for their products.

Second, know the value of maximizing their revenue by offering a multiple revenue streams including the following: Affiliate programs, advertising, information products. Third, a successful membership sites realize the importance of building your brand and increasing exposure to your site like logo, slogan, and repetitive design element. Fourth, a successful membership sites are successful at generating traffic via various techniques including content, linking and careful choice of keywords.

Finally, a successful membership sites realize the value of keeping your members happy by offering articles, training, product reviews regular e-mail contacts and poll survey. 9 According to Chelsea Aubin (2008), says that membership script websites are great for people all over the internet especially if they can offer different types of reviews, articles, they can act as meeting places or they can provide things such as test scores and results. 10 In a recent study of a school website Galvez(2008) , proudly shares his idea how a built in systems allow the students to see their data, and parents to see the date of their child.

The major benefit the system brought with is the empowering of the students the ability to review their reports, targets and achievements and the capability to keep track of their own learning, progress and planning. Items such as attendance and reports are automatically sent home. 11 Student Information System (SIS) is a web-based application software designed to introduce a conducive and structured information exchange environment for integrating students, parents, teachers and the administration of a school or college.

Some of the other software packages available for this purpose include Student Management System (SMS), Student Information Management System (SIMS) and Student Records System (SRS). These software systems enable educational institutions to supervise student-related activities such as keeping records of tests or examinations conducted, attendance, appraisal on performance including details of marks scored, particulars of everyday school attendance, and all other institution-related activities; in short, they provide a complete student records system.

They are designed with diverse application potentials ranging from simple management of students’ records at school to management of all student-related functions as well as administrative functions of a university or a chain of educational establishments. 12 Student information System or SIS incurs such application software designed for educational establishments to manage student data. Student information systems provide capabilities for entering student test and other assessment scores, building student schedules, tracking student attendance as well as managing many other student-related data needs within the university.

Thus, many of these system applied in the Philippines can be scaled to different levels of activity and can be configured by their home institution to meet local needs. 13 The advancement of informative research within composes disciplines and the continued successful integration of SIS as applied in the Philippines setting with the resources to higher education systems determining that certain group of students can acquire and gain effective knowledge literacy skills trough the SIS process and understanding the value of education services crafted to provide best teachings as possible. 4 SIS is parallel to active learning style to which allows student to interact with their classmates and does help instructor facilitate an enhanced learning experience through SIS application mode and to finally emphasize the value of making student information connection with a subject teacher for instance geared upon for in depth education success. 15 With the advent of internet and technology, traditional method of school administration has given way to online platform.

With this new methodology known as student information systems, the teachers have found the tiresome procedure of making lesson plans, grading term papers, taking quizzes and other such things more convenient. By using the online school management software, many teachers and school administrators have been able to effectively reduce time for carrying out the normal routine processes like cross-checking the examination papers, taking daily attendance and so on. As a result, the faculty can devote more time toward teaching and quality of lessons delivered has also improved a great deal.

The student information system is basically a software application that is used in educational institutions like schools and colleges to manage student data in more convenient manner. This specialized online school management software has capabilities to enter the scores of regular term papers and other assessment done by the faculty. This is done through an electronic garde book, which has some special functions like creating student schedules, tracking attendance of students and managing such other related data that re needed by the school, college or university administrator. 16 According to Natividad (2006) on her study on Automated Record System stated that students are valuable resource in education with proper planning and management they can become a valuable resource. An Automated Student Record System can provide useful information to anyone within the school system who must make decision of individual or groups of student. Computers are used to help find the solution to a given problem. This problem normally arises because of inadequate information.

Computers are primarily used to produce fast, accurate and meaningful information. 17 III. METHODOLOGY This chapter discussed the methods used in gathering information for our study. Descriptive design method was used to describe systematically a situation or area of interest factually and accurately. This method is something more and beyond just data gathering. It is not only collecting enough information about presenting the existing system condition but also involves the elements of interpretation of meaning and significance of what is being described.

Also, through this method, the researchers were permitted to identify the error being practiced and generated during the crucial investigations of the existing system. Data Gathering Instrument Observation. Through observation the proponents analyzed the current manual system in Baliuag University. After understanding and analyzing the routines of the manual record keeping of information’s of the students the proponents came up to this proposal focusing on the solution to the problems and improvements needed by the university

The main participant of this study our students of the Baliuag University SITE department, because the proponents know that those respondent will definitely provide information regarding the process practice in the said department. The proponents had agreed that they need to have variation of respondents for their survey. In that way the proponents will be able to have an effective outcome of their study. With the data that the proponents gathered through the help of their respondents they were able to gain a lot of ideas and knowledge on the system that they developed.

Instrument The proponents used a list of questionnaires in collecting data. These lists of questions served as guidelines of the researchers in conducting their survey. The questions used were about topics wherein the reactions or responses of the students will help the researchers absorb and learn many ideas about the study. The questions were constructed based on the problems and improvements needed by the Site department. In this manner the proponents will be able to gather answers that are related on the study.

Procedure. Gathering the necessary information is needed in the development of the Student Information System. The developers used Visual Basic and PHP in the creation of the system. Coding is the hardest part of the system development because it requires a lot of knowledge, skills, and expertise of the developers to come off with the higher quality system. As soon as the coding is finished, the developers test the system for bugs, errors and incorrect position of codes which are the common mistakes in developing a system.

Bugs and errors should be handled to make the system running efficiently. Analysis and Design Analysis. After the requirements and data needed for the construction of the solution software have been gathered, the researchers analyzed how these gathered information can be of help in the making of the solution software. The researchers asked their technical adviser with regards to software development. Also, the researchers deliberately studied the foundation of software engineering to develop the software accordingly to its requirements and specifications.

Design. A story board was created to serve as a pattern for the software appearance. In accordance to the University requirements and policy Development, Testing and Debugging Development The researchers constructed first the front-end (the user-part) of the software. After the completion of software front-end the researchers started creating the back-end (the administrator part) of the software. Testing. The solution software was tested partially to validate its functionality and as a whole to verify if the requirements and specifications were met.

Each software components was tested based on each purpose. Debugging. In line with testing, the researchers debugged the software until such time the software was error-free and was working based on its requirements and specifications. Evaluation and Maintenance Evaluation. The researchers must evaluate the software after it is done and constructed. They will find if the developed software will meet the proposal’s requirement and specifications. Maintenance. The researchers are the first people who will be responsible in maintaining the developed software.

If this will be implemented by University, they will teach somebody on the faculty staff who will serve as the administrator on using and maintaining the software by updating database and some modifications. Documentation. This is the final activity, wherein the researchers will document the whole system study and development, as soon as the proposal was accepted; the researchers will start to document every detail of the study. Time Table Budget Proposal Listed below are the expected expensed needed in the course of system development. Particulars| Amount| Maintenance and Operating Expense| |

Travel and transportationa| | Communication| | Suppliesb| | Other Servicesc| | Subtotal| | Software Development| | Energy for Computer and Internet connectiond| | System analyste| | Subtotal| | Documentationf| | Total| | a Transportation b One ream of bond paper and four CD-W c Printing and photocopying d Energy three months and internet connection three months e For system analyst f Four book binds References: 1 Mckenzie, P. (2005), School Website (online) Interactive Retrieved from http:// wave. ph/index. php/Newsflash/6-Advantages-of-Having-a-Website. html August 9, 2011 Adock, S. (2005), 5 Wed Design Tips You Can’t Live Without Retrieved from http:// www. websitegoodies. com/ website-development/5 web-design-you-can’t-live-without. html August 9, 2011 3 Kessler, P. (2006), Website Templates and Web Templates Retrieved from http://webdesign. about. com/od/webdesignbasics/u/webdesignbasics. html August 9, 2011 4 Shee Wai, “Computers and Education”, Reports-Descriptive, 2008 July 27, 2011 5 A. P. Alcantara et. al. , “Online Sales and Ordering System for JFL Agri Venture”, (Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, March BULSU 2009) July 23, 2011 Chris Newman, PHP in 10 minutes 2005, “PHP Basic page 5 August 16, 2011 7 M. F. Balite et. al. , structured Query Language 2009,”How SQL works” page II-3 August 16, 2011 8 Retrieved from Herchel and Mcneil, (2007) August 12, 2011 9 Lowery, S. (2006), University of Michigan Alumni Association Retrieved from http://monan. net/portfolio /UMAA CaseStudy August 12, 2011 10 Aubin, A. (2008), Membershipscript Website Retrieved from http:// www. Umsl. edu/~sauter/analysis/papers/mcrta/wis. html August 12, 2011 11 Galvez, J. (2008), High Level And Low Level Databases Retrieve from http://jonasgalvez. om. br/writings/High-level-and -low-level-Databases. html August 12, 2011 12 Retrieve from http://www. techlearning. com/student-information-systems July 23, 2011 9:30 am 13 Retrieve from http://ivythesis. typepad. com/term_paper_topics/2008/07/student-informa. html July 23, 10:00 am 14 Retrieve from Belle and Boot 2006 15 Retrieve from Ewald 2006 16 Retrieve from http://www. articlesbase. com/college-and-university-articles/student-information-systems-4079438. html July 23, 2011 10:45 am 17 Natividad, Yolanda, “An Aotumated Student Record System” AMA Computer University, Quezon City, 2006