A CASE STUDY of Bentley Security Company

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1 Introduction ……………………………………………… 1

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1.3 Situation analysis … … … … … … … … … … … … … … .. 2

2 Question One Answer …………………………..………… 2

2.1 Corporate Finance …………………………………… . 2

2.2 Ansoff matrix ………………………………………… . 3

2.3 Product Life Cycle ……..………………………….. 4

2.4 Value Chain … … ……………………….………… . 4

2.5 Competitive place of Bentley ………………… . 4

3 Question Two Answer …………………………………… . 5

3.1 Porter Five Analysis of Company ……………….. 5

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4.1 Bentley ‘s Management Buyouts ………………… 6

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This instance analyze about security company Bentley, which is supplying both the merchandises ( dismaies ) and services ( door supervisors ) is ideal instance survey about the state of affairs faced by medium houses and companies when they try some enlargement scheme. Bentley tried an enlargement scheme by traveling into security services along with its production concern for that they went for acquisition. Unfortunately it was unable to pull off it decently. There were many issues related to finance and human resource direction. They have some solutions to recover their profiting place. Among those picks one is traveling for direction buyout either for security Inc or for both concerns. They besides need to look for efficiency issue of their work force. They must besides put some money into their research and development section which should convey invention and promotion into their dismay merchandises. Bentley can use their experience in industry to recover their place in the market and can besides research new market in future with invention.

1 Introduction

Before doing an debut to instance survey we will travel through the instance analyze stuff to understand state of affairs given in the instance survey to acquire a better apprehension of this instance survey.

1.1 Case survey contents

Bentley is a Security Company that has been merchandising in Gotham City for 20 five old ages. Recently, the senior direction squad met to reexamine advancement.

Finance Director: I am concerned about our recent fiscal public presentation and it seems to me that we are in danger of being taken over at a deal monetary value. Our return on proprietor ‘s equity is 2 % below the industry norm and we have a big debt arising from the leverage purchase of Security Services Inc. What we can make to better our fiscal consequences every bit shortly as possible and, at the same clip, convert the market that we have a long term feasible hereafter?

Selling Director: In my position we have an first-class portfolio and our job are chiefly due to hapless cost control. We progressed from our base in bring forthing domestic dismay systems into commercial systems and so acquired Security Services Inc – which provides guard and ticker services for commercial premises – that capitalized on our nucleus accomplishments at each phase. We decided into diversify because the domestic market was saturated and there have been big additions in the figure of providers because it is now an easy concern to acquire into as the engineering has become standardized. The commercial sector was turning due to the current economic roar ; but we have been stuck at 12 % market portion in the commercial systems market and while Security Services Inc had over 300 service contracts when we acquired it, we have non yet been able to pull any new clients.

Human Resource Manager: I should indicate out that I find it hard covering with security forces and this could be one ground for the fact that we do n’t do much net income on the security contracts.

Chief executive officer: If we address the short and long term issues mentioned by the finance manager, so we shall take the inducement for anyone to take us over. But in the interim, we should look into the possibility of set abouting a direction buy-out ( MBO ) .

1.2 Introduction of survey

In this instance survey we are traveling to look critically into the state of affairs of the Bentley Security Company and issues faced by it. We will besides seek to happen some solutions for its recovery from bad public presentation and we will in terminal see how it can make its direction buyout to better its fiscal and direction state of affairs. If we critically look at different facets of Bentley ‘s place in old old ages we can easy pull following analysis about its state of affairs to acquire clearer image about its job and its strengths. We will look into all the issues by utilizing different analytical tools like value concatenation, porter five forces, PLC and Ansoff ‘s matrix. We will besides analyse the state of affairs for direction buyout. At terminal of survey we will pull a decision of the survey.

1.3 Situation analysis

Bentley was successfully remaining in the market since last 25 old ages till current times when it started confronting many jobs from finance to human resources.

Its major merchandise in yesteryear was domestic and commercial dismaies later it jumped into new concern of supplying door supervisors to its clients. This new acquisition did non brought good luck for the concern and it started confronting many jobs most of those were related to this new concern of door supervisors. Finance place of Bentley is going poorer twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours as its bring forthing 2 % less returns on investings. Its debt is increasing. It is confronting new challengers in the market. Its control over costs is going debatable. There are no new clients demanding for door supervisors as its staff public presentation remained hapless.

There can be some new marks that can assist Bentley to travel once more into a growing and it can run into its fiscal marks. As suggested by the CEO they are looking for inducements removal that can give aid to their rivals and they are besides be aftering for traveling into a direction buyout.

2 Question One

Use strategic theoretical accounts to place the actions the direction squad might take to cover with Bentley ‘s short term and long term jobs.

2 Answer

Bentley is a security company which was holding dismay merchandises since many old ages and later it started its door supervisors concern. After some clip due to hapless public presentation of its staff at security occupations and promotion in engineering its fiscal place started towards diminution. To do probe of fortunes and happening some redresss for Bentley ‘s jobs we will do analysis utilizing different tools.

2.1 Corporate Finance

Bentley is in a fiscal crisis as it is giving 2 % less returns to its investors on their equity. Therefore Bentley direction should set attending towards some short term and long term solutions for all fiscal affairs.

Short Term Solutions

Bentley caput office has extra work force comparison to its demands that seting load on finance so they should do accommodations by utilizing right adult male right topographic point and they besides should seek to cut down excess direction line at caput office.

They should look into their loans and attempt to cut those quickly so they need to do less payment on loans.

Long Term Choices

They should more concentrate on merchandise development to inline their dismaies with new engineerings.

They should concentrate on human resource issue and work out it by enrolling competent staff for their security concern.

2.2 Ansoff matrix

Ansoff ‘s Matrix is good tool to analyse the state of affairs ( Peter Cheverton 2005 ) of any company like Bentley.

Penetration in Market

Bentley can reorganise its concern in bing market by concentrating on its nucleus competences of dismay concern. Further it can seek advanced selling scheme ( Guy Masterman 2006 ) for this intent.

Development of Market

Bentley can seek to capture new markets by use of its advantage in domestic and commercial dismaies. Further it needs to research as many markets as it can. By traveling into new markets Bentley can recover its place in the concern as it was before the crises started.

Development of Product

Bentley can travel and develop new dismaies with better design and engineering and can establish it in its bing market. This manner it can recover its client ‘s assurance with usage of new technological promotion.

Diversification in Business

Bentley can besides seek a variegation that can be horizontal or perpendicular.

In horizontal variegation they can bring forth new sort of dismaies.

While in perpendicular variegation they can convey some alterations in their gross revenues schemes.

2.3 Product Life Cycle

For Bentley dismaies we can see these merchandises on adulthood phase and confronting a diminution because Bentley failed to follow new engineerings. They must set some advanced alteration in their merchandises to acquire benefit in gross revenues. If we see on their Security Inc it besides is on diminution in the market. Now they have to do a determination either to maintain with their nucleus competence of dismaies production for domestic and commercial intents or they still can seek to reconstitute their security Iraqi National Congress to do it profitable concern in future by pulling competent security staff into this.

2.4 Value Chain

We can do a value concatenation analysis ( Porter 1998 ) for Bentley concern to see how it can make maximal value for its merchandises. Any company can make a better value of its merchandise by acquiring advantage over cost through cost control either in supply of natural stuffs, human resource effectivity, usage of engineering, or by utilizing the economic system of graduated table in alarms production.

It can further cut down the cost and increase the quality by investing efficient work force in its production units. Technology is another option that can convey advantage ( Carr 2004 ) in its value concatenation for its production and besides in its security concern. Bentley should follow new progress engineering to run into the challenges and competitions. That engineering can be used in both primary activities for concern or in back uping activities. Further it can more concentrate on effectual selling scheme and supply to markets on clip.

Bentley can farther seek to redesign dismaies with different forms and qualities. Directors can make up one’s mind about outsourcing, they must cognize the house ‘s strength and failing.

Competitive place of Bentley

Bentley has good concern history as it has been into dismay concern since last 20 five old ages. Its public presentation remained good for many old ages. It has good concern with cost taking place in dismay concern. After its acquisition of Security inc things started bad for company. Company is cost leader in the market, it have strength in dismay concern. They Bentley easy can pull new clients on its just monetary value.

3 Question Two

Is the CEO correct to reason that these actions will take all inducement for another company to take over Bentley?

3 Answer

3.1 Porter Five Analysis of Company

Harvard professor Michael Porter gave the analytical tools of five forces ( Porter, 2008 ) that affect the companies in their concerns. These five forces, give any company ‘s place and future menaces profitableness for its concern.

Menace of Rivalry

Bentley ‘s challengers are companies with new engineering and which have efficient work force in security concern. Competitor competition in this industry is really high for Bentley.

Menace of New Entrants

As Bentley is keeping market place since 25 old ages it has advantages in dismay systems. This advantage is besides due to industry ‘s barrier to entry. In security industry there are ever barriers from authorities modulating bureaus.

Menace of Substitute

As in security concern companies are following new and advanced attacks. Bentley is confronting high menace from replacements. It should set excess attempts and invention in the concern to vie the market.

Bargain power of Buyer

Bentley has just monetary value policy in its merchandises so it has advantage in purchaser ‘s deal power job.

Bargain power of Supplier

Bentley depend less on figure of points as natural stuffs so it can confront easy the deal power of the providers. For Bentley its depression.

4 Question Three

If the squad decides on MBO, how much should they be prepared to pay?

4 Answer

4.1 Bentley ‘s Management Buyouts

A direction buyout is rare phenomena in concerns that average purchase of a concern or its portion by the people in direction squad ( Rick Rickertsen 2001 ) .

When companies are confronting jobs they decide to sell their concern or assets some clip they feel happy to sell these portions to their ain direction. These directors can be good and acute purchasers as they are cognizant with the all inside informations of concern its strength and failing. When they are acquiring portions so chief investor which is current proprietor can anticipate an excess input from those new portion holders.

Bentley can besides do direction purchase out for its security Inc that is non executing good. For a successful direction buyout, Bentley squad may necessitate sitting and discus their hereafter programs. They should take their direction into full assurance so they can set up a successful agreement. They non must look merely to procure their investing ; they should maintain the vision and proper accomplishments to modify their concern and to convey improved consequences. Further necessity is their acuteness and confidence to promote the direction which will go future stockholders in Bentley concern, to work more passionately. There will be following actions that necessary to be followed for successful direction buyout.

Decision of continuing

Directors of the Bentley as new investors will be enthusiastic to set their money in Bentley with marks for deriving net incomes. Their likely net incomes in future can be high than present net incomes since directors in new apparatus will attempt more for themselves. By understanding these factors which will be traveling Bentley frontward they can put foundations for better hereafter.

Business programs

Bentley requires being able to make money and growing in its concern for short term before they go into this sort of buyout. They need to follow tactics that are utile in the long tally ; decidedly it will be a slippery concern to vouch your ain direction squad which will come frontward for buyout about the growing.

Management squad position

An of import portion for a successful direction buyout is arrangement of your direction squad such manner that it could make high-quality consequences. As they are the investors they must be cognizant with the alterations being done at organisation and their point of position must hold importance in all procedure. Bentley should set a clear purposeful program in favour of the company.

Arranging for the financess

Measuring the value of any concern like Bentley Company is hard matter and there are no defined regulations for traveling for appraisal. Investors vision will be relate to different facets of the company. These can be some balance sheets and current net income records. It will besides necessitate to ab initio seting some money into current assets of the company either to raise its capital or to hike its public presentation by utilizing different schemes that certainly need some excess support. This support can be arranged by bing investors or by seek some loan for short footings.

Agring footings for concern

The funding for any investing ever depends upon the equity and debt state of affairs. Different investors among direction will be looking for diverse gaining consequences from the trade, base on the assessed hazard they will be ciphering. There is of import for both side to put some agreeable regulations for all the concern and procedure in future, they should minimise the ambiguity in the concern.

Deal agreement

We ca n’t put good defined regulations for the direction buyout. Bentley needs to guarantee the direction squad that at terminal they will be acquire benefits in this trade. They must reciprocally set up all fiscal and legal footings for finalisation of the trade.

Completion of the procedure

Keeping any negotiations for a buyout will non ever be a simple undertaking ; there must be piece of concern as there are ever some deficient current dealingss that seting jobs on company net incomes and direction. It will be a multipart activity ever and there will be great trial for the current Sellerss of Bentley portions. Hence they can get down a new beginning together for best consequences seting accomplishments and money together.

5 Decision

Bentley has good record in dismay concern unluckily they were unable to pull off the new acquisition of security personals concern. Second they were non good at version of new engineering as they had less budget reserved for research and development. Headquarter had excess disbursement on staffing comparing to over all human resource costs. Now it is the clip for Bentley to take of import stairss for its hereafter concern. It ‘s good if they are traveling into direction buyout for security inc. further they need to concentrate more on their staff public presentation which in past screening hapless consequences. Bentley have nucleus competence in dismay concern they can make more growing and net incomes in that concern. For any future determination they need to look the current environment of the industry which is safe in many ways from new challengers. But still they need to be advanced and updated in their attack.