College-level course work begins 2012-2013

*Space is limited in these career classes.  Students enrolling as a 9th grader signing up for this career area are guaranteed a seat when college course work begins in the 11th grade.

  • Learn the basic technical aspects of black and white photography (camera controls, light, optics, flash, film exposure, and processing.)
  • Emphasis is placed on the mechanical principles of camera design, subjects and images, and hands-on experience in a darkroom.  Image production, dry mounting, matting, and retouching techniques learned also.
  • Emphasis on studio lighting techniques so that students are able to select, set up, and apply lighting application for a variety of photographic subjects.
  • Introduction to digital photo imaging, use of hardware/software, image capture, and aesthetics.
  • Students who continue their education in this field of study could learn to produce professional quality images under a variety conditions.
  • Students who continue their education in this field of study could venture into many different directions:
    • business ownership, photojournalism, controlled environments such as studio photography, areas of specialization such as food, aerial, furniture, police, medical or scientific photography.
    • Another avenue might be in the area of digital imagery for use on the internet–including licensing the use of photographs through stock photo agencies.